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Bomb Cosmetics Fields of Joy Bath Mallow

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath melt / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 16:50
      Very helpful



      A very average offering from Bomb Cosmetics

      I recently reviewed the Shea Bliss bath mallow which I got in a gift set, and if you didn't read the review, I should tell you that I hated it! Given that fact, I wasn't really in the mood to try another one, however the Fields of Joy bath mallow was one of the only ones from my set not wrapped in cellophane, and I worried moisture would get to it and ruin it Therefore I reluctantly decided to use it.

      ~What's a Bath Mallow?~

      Well a bath mallow is, according to the Bomb Cosmetics website, 'a decadent little creamy delight filled to the brim with moisturising cocoa butter.' I suppose it's a bit like a mini bath bomb in a way and could be described as being a similar idea to Lush's bath melts.


      This actually looks quite similar to the Shea Bliss bath mallow in many ways. It has a green base, which if you look close enough, you can see is filled with coconut. I think the green strands of coconut are supposed to look like grass, hence the name 'Fields of Joy'. It's fairly small at around an inch or two high and about the diameter of a 50p piece.

      The top of the mallow is white and has three flowers embedded into it. Mine was slightly different to the one on the Bomb Cosmetics website and had two pink flowers and one green flower on top. It's a very pretty looking thing, but as I had found with Shea Bliss, looks can be deceiving!


      For me, one of the best things about this when it was in the box was the scent. I found it difficult to pick out one particular scent, but the overall fragrance is very soft, feminine and luxurious. It was strong enough so that I could smell it when I picked the product up, but it's not a powerful, 'in your face' scent.

      It does have coconut in the base, and I do think I can pick up on the tiniest hint of that, but at the same time I wouldn't describe it as a coconut scented product. It actually contains ginger root oil and mandarin peel oil too, but again I cannot smell either of those in it individually.

      ~My Experience~

      I ran a bath, hopped in and dropped this into the water. My first observation was simply that it took a very long time to do anything. As these have a high cocoa butter content and a not so high bicarbonate of soda content, they fizz very very slowly. The whole thing only weighs 30g but took around seven or eight minutes to dissolve fully.

      The coconut in the mallow floats to the surface of the water, and it seemed to gather round the edges of the bath and cling on for dear life! One of the things I had hated so much about the Shea Bliss mallow from the same range is that it made my bath water feel incredibly thick and greasy. Whilst I could feel the oils in the water with this one, it did not feel as greasy and horrible as Shea Bliss had, which I was thankful for.

      The scent of the product seemed to change once it was in the bath. Gone was the luxurious scent I talked about earlier, and in its place was the unmistakable aroma of Imperial Leather soap! Now, let's get this straight I have nothing against Imperial Leather soap, but had I wanted to smell like it, I would have bought a bar, rather than one of these!

      Once I got out of the bath, I could feel a slight greasiness to my skin as I got dried. Once fully dry though, my skin felt beautifully soft and moisturised. The soapy scent lingered on my skin too which, if nothing else, made me smell clean!

      ~Clean up~

      Given the fact it contained desiccated coconut, there was a bit of cleaning involved after using this. The coconut had stuck all round the edges of the bath and wiped away relatively easily, but one of the pink flowers didn't dissolve fully, and went mushy when I tried to wipe it away.

      ~Price and Availability~

      A Fields of Joy bath mallow will set you back £2.49. For one bath I do think that's quite a lot and unfortunately it's not really one you can cut into pieces to get more uses from as it's so small in the first place.

      You can buy these online directly from www.bombcosmetics.co.uk. I have started to notice Bomb Cosmetics products in the shops more and more, and a lot of gift shops (especially the independent ones) stock these.


      Overall I would have to say that I have not been particularly impressed by this one. It was definitely an improvement on Shea Bliss, but whilst it left my skin feeling nice, I was disappointed that the smell went soapy and generic whilst in the water. It wasn't really special enough to justify the price tag, and whilst I don't think it was necessarily a bad product, it is not one I would be going out of my way to use again.


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