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Bomb Cosmetics Fresh Berry Bath Blaster

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / What it does: Refreshes,

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2013 13:08
      Very helpful



      A nice smelling Bath Blaster from Bomb Cosmetics

      Long hot steamy bath, glass of chilled white wine and my Kindle makes for a perfect end to the weekend ready for my alarm clock to shock me out of sleep on Monday morning at 7am. That is how I tend to spend most of my Sunday evenings once dinner is done and dusted; pots are washed, dried and put away.

      Bomb Cosmetics provided me with relaxation last night in my nice hot bath and this time with a Bath Blaster called Fresh Berry. A Bath Blaster is shaped like a tennis ball and similar to Lush's versions which are called Bath Ballistics. Fresh Berry is a lovely bright pink colour (similar to Think Pink) and the one thing on this Blaster which stands out is that on the top, there is a hole which has been cleverly scooped out and inside it, it looks as though someone has squirted some whipped cream into it and added some hundreds and thousand sprinkles and it definitely looked good enough to eat and perhaps one that should be kept out of reach and sight from children who might want to eat it, I had to look twice. It retails for £2.29 from Bomb Cosmetics and smells totally wonderful and is described as follows: "A deliciously wonderful explosion with ripples of sweetness, erupting and encapsulating your every sensation leaving you feeling sweetly scented". So at least I am going to smell nice.

      To use this or any bath blaster you need to decide firstly whether you want to use it all at once or chop it in half or quarters. If you choose the latter then be warned that it does get messy when you do try to half it and I tend to use a knife and a fork, with a towel underneath to saw it in half when I am feeling not as generous, or should you find this to all be a bit of a faff, which I usually do, I just chuck the whole lot into the bath but which ever option you choose you will have plenty of fragrance and in some cases bubbles. So, once you have made your decision and your lovely hot bath is running, it is best to ensure there is at least a few inches of water in the bottom of the bath and then place the bath blaster into the bath water and because it contains Sodium Bicarbonate this acts as a fizzing agent which gives bath bombs the energy to fizz around your bath, bicarbonate soda also softens the water, so if like me you live in a hard water this is really helpful because I find hard water dries out my skin.

      Once this Bath Blaster begins whizzing around the bath the smell which develops as it melts away is absolutely amazing and it really lingers through the house as the bath is running and it also turns your water into a nicely subtle pink colour. The one thing to note is that with most Bath Bombs there are no bubbles, which I always find disappointing because I do love to have bubbles in my bath, however with this product there was some slight evidence of some bubbles beginning to appear and even though there are essential oils as the main ingredients you will find no greasy film floating on the top of the bath water. Once you have enjoyed your long soak and for me it has to be a long soak to totally enjoy the experience and expense of buying these product you will notice that once the water is emptied out there is also no hint or trace of the Bath Blaster left clinging to the bath which I am thankful for because the last thing I want to be doing now I am all relaxed is cleaning the bath.

      Once the Blaster has melted into the water, which it does leaving behind no bits floating around other than a few strands of the hundreds and thousands, the aroma that surrounds you is wonderful. Similar to Lush, these products are packed full of essential oils and this one starts with Cocoa Butter which you can smell immediately, even before it hits the water and Cocoa Butter does have wonderful moisturising properties for the skin which leaves it feeling moisturised, soft and smooth. Ylang-Ylang comes next and it helps the skin to correct the production of sebum, so for those people who suffer from greasy skin, this is useful to you as well as those with dry skin. It also helps combat and relieve stress and tension. There are many more ingredients to look at out and in some cases figure out what they are, but for me those are the main two and the scent they achieve between them is really lovely sweet but floral at the same time, not quite the powerful blast of vanilla it claims to give, but for that I am thankful because I don't like the smell of vanilla.

      On my skin, well I found my skin to be soft and smooth and feeling moisturised when I finally got out of the bath and I did smell a lovely and sweet scent on my skin. The one thing that confused me about this Blaster was the name being Fresh Berry and I didn't pick up a hint of anything Berry related about it. I liked the smell of Cocoa Butter and Ylang-Ylang together though.

      Whilst I did like this Bath Blaster, it wouldn't be in my top ten to pick and use or try again. It simply is just 'nice' nothing special about it by way of using it, it certainly looks lovely and catches your eye, but for me there are nicer Bath Blasters to use, in my opinion.


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