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Bomb Cosmetics Good Night Honey Bath Blaster

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2 Reviews
  • not tested on animals
  • Pretty product
  • small for the price
  • doesn't smell much in the bath
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    2 Reviews
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      16.11.2014 16:47
      Very helpful


      • "softens bath water"
      • "not tested on animals"
      • "smells lovely when unused"
      • "natural ingredients"
      • "ethical company"
      • "Pretty product"


      • "small for the price"
      • "doesn't smell much in the bath"

      A pretty bath treat but disappointingly subtle smell when in the bath

      This little bath bomb is a lot smaller than those you buy from Lush and so you need to use the whole one in a bath and at around £2 a bath I think that is quite expensive.

      This looks cute with its bit of honey comb in the top and Bomb cosmetics are very good at the design and creativity for their products I think. They make perfect gifts as they are so pretty.

      They are all hand made and finished hence the unique look to these.They are all natural ingredients and they are not tested on animals nor are any of the ingredients either.

      Bomb Cosmetic not only do not test on animals they also are proud of the fact that all their ingredients are natural, eco friendly and biodegradability.

      This turned the bath water slightly cloudy and very pale yellowy colour as soon as it started to fizz in the water I could detect the toffee honey scent . Once it had finished fizzing the scent was barely noticeable which was disappointing.

      The water felt silky because of the bicarb in the bomb. I don't like that despite saying all the ingredients are natural Bomb Cosmetics do not list the ingredients on any website for any of their products in their entirety which always makes me a little suspicious.

      This was an okay product, pretty and did a good job of making my drawers smell nice when I stored it in one but as a bath treat it was a bit underwhelming. The water was silky and soft but the scent just didn't do it at all and I wished I had just kept it in my drawer to scent that rather than use it in the bath.

      It didn't cause me any allergic reaction not make my skin feel dry but I would like a bit more scnet to my bath bombs than this


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      15.11.2009 21:44
      Very helpful



      I Can't Wait To Try More Of My Bomb Cosmetics Goodies!

      I was given a selection of Bomb Cosmetics bath products when my mate developed a reaction to them, she had been given a massive box by an ex boyfriend for her birthday and knew I'd love them when she realised she couldn't use them.

      Their products are smaller than the same things you buy in Lush but they are crammed with just as many delish smelling ingredients, this one has got a wicked smell. It's called a bath blaster and is a bath bomb, it's weird because you'd have thought a company called Bomb they'd stick with the name bath bomb! lol

      Because it's so small it doesn't take long to fizz into the water and the smells that come out are gorgeous. The main smell is a honey and toffee smell but underneath that there is a smooth flowery smell that goes so good with the sweet honey smell.

      The steam that fills the bathroom is proper sweet and the honey smell fades a bit but it still leaves the room smelling sweet with the same flowery smell under it.

      I don't think this bath blaster is as moisturising as the ballistics I usually buy from Lush. My skin didn't feel as soft or smooth as it usually does after a bath and I had to use a body lotion afterwards, Goodnight Honey didn't dry my skin out at all but I think it should have made the water a bit more moisturising than it did.

      These small bath bombs are only £1.99 and that's a lot cheaper than most of them in Lush, it makes them a lot more affordable to buy. The smell lingered on my skin for ages and I thought the bath was very relaxing and soothing so for me it was worth the money. If you've got madly dry skin though you might want a bath product that will moisturised your body a bit more than this though.


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