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Bomb Cosmetics Mr Frosty Bath Creamer

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / bomb / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Texture: Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2010 18:30
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      A snowman styled bath Creamer

      All my Christmas are bought, wrapped and posted off to their various recipients and all that was left was my Secret Santa gift to buy. I could have gone for hilarious and funny or I could have gone for something useful and quirky. But with only £5 to spend I could manage to do both. So what do you buy for a woman who turns 55 today that is both funny and well very funny to me? Well, I opted for some sandpaper which comes packaged saying "Over the hill, rub those stress lines and crows feet away" and some smellies, although the smellies that I chose I rather like, but essentially I am saying that she is old and smelly!

      Bomb Cosmetics are a cosmetic company who could be likened to Lush because they also make all of their products by hand and are based in Bournemouth. As a company they have been making their aromatherapy bath products and toiletries, in the UK for ten years, I discovered Bomb Cosmetics just over a year ago when I won some products in a competition and since then I have tried and tested further of their products. Again, like Lush, many of their products are titled with eye catching names such as 'Foameo & Juliet', 'Mint Choc Nips' and 'Foam Alone' to name a few and Bomb Cosmetics state on their website that their aim is to "design products that make you feel special every time you use them. We combine fragrances that make your mouth water, or remind you of special times, or simply make you smell divine, with the finest, carefully selected essential oils." So with that statement alone I was happy enough to use their products and to date I have probably tried around 75 of them and as much as I like them, they won't replace my favourite Lush products, but they are a very good second place.

      So for my secret Santa I purchased, amongst other things, a 30g Christmas Creamer aptly titled Mr. Frosty, oh and one for myself of course. Mr. Frosty is styled to look like Frosty the snowman in so much that his head is a pure white colour and then the details of the product are that he has an orange sticky out nose along with two eyes and a smiley mouth and when I saw it I thought it would be the perfect gift. Priced at £1.99 for the 30g ball, I actually think it is really good value for money because you can break it easily into two so that you can have double the pleasure of sharing your bath with a snowman.

      A Bath Creamer is similar to a Bath Ballistic from Lush and you use it in exactly the same way. All you need to do is place your Bath Creamer into a bath a of running water, in my opinion it works much better if there is an inch or two of water in the bottom of the bath before you place the ball into it, but as soon as you do place it into the bath you simply watch it fizz away on its own, spinning around in the water creating a few bubbles and turning your clear bath water into a slight creamy colour. The fizzing of the bath Creamer, again like a Lush Ballistic, is due to the fact that one of the main ingredients in all Bath Ballistics is Sodium Bicarbonate, this causes the ingredients contained within the creamer to loosen and fizz away into the water. Sodium Bicarbonate also has another use for those of you, whom like me, live in a hard water area because sodium bicarbonate also helps to soften the water.

      Once the Bath Creamer has fizzed away into the water I was ready to get into my very creamy coloured water filled bath to relax, there was as I suspected a distinct lack of bubbles because with a Bath Ballistic they don't create bubbles either, so for any of you who like a lot of bubbles in your bath then I wouldn't suggest a Bath Creamer to you. The best thing about this Creamer for me however is its aroma and that is released as soon as the Creamer hits the water and begins to fizz away because this is when the essential oils which are contained inside it are released. The main aroma that was released from this Creamer was Coconut and it filled the bathroom with its wonderful scent, at the moment the smell Coconut is my favourite smell from a bath product, so I was delighted when it arrived and when it was used in the bath and I simply couldn't wait to get into my bath.

      The smell emanating from this Creamer stems from the three main ingredients - firstly there is Coconut Oil and as an oil it is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth and also moisturised and alongside both Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter they too add to the moisturising of the skin. Rose oil is the final ingredient to mention for me in this product and whilst it is said to produce a fresh aroma, on the skin it is said to have excellent hydrating properties and they help the skin to not only stay soft and moisturised and fight any dryness and dehydration. If you have used a product from Bomb Cosmetics before you'll know that there is a huge long list of ingredients in each and every product and whilst I wont go through them all, you can find them online on the Bomb Cosmetics website should you need to see them.

      After drying my skin not only did it smell wonderfully of Coconuts but it felt lovely and soft and well moisturised to the point where my fingers just glided over the skin. Another fact which I think might be important to some is that I also have extremely sensitive skin and often find that I am limited in which products I can use, for example I am allergic to Avon and The Body Shop shower creams and gels, but as with Lush, when using products from Bomb Cosmetics I haven't had any problems whatsoever and this is why I tend to stick to using products from these companies, as well as a minor addiction maybe.

      So would I recommend this product? I absolutely would I loved the smell of it and the condition it left my skin in, even if it didn't set the world on fire by not being brightly coloured or creating lots of bubbles. So if you haven't tried a Bomb Cosmetic product then you can find them online and if you Google them, some stores across the Country also stock their products.


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