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Bomb Cosmetics Pink Bath Gem Melt

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath Melt / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2008 23:37
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      Pink Bath Gem

      The latest Bomb Cosmetics product I have tried, is their pink bath gem. The bath gems are sort of like a mini bath bomb, but are packed with cocoa butter to soften the skin.

      I must say, the picture above (which is taken from the Bomb Cosmetics website), is not really a fair representation of what the product looks like - in fact the thing on that picture just looks weird! The bath gems are made by piping the baby pink mixture into cake cases. The result is something that looks like the top of an iced gem - very pretty and sweet. It might be worth noting its size too - like the other Bomb Cosmetics products I have reviewed - it is only 35g, making it fairly small, maybe 2 inches in diameter at the most.

      As well as containing cocoa butter, the product also contains cranberry seed oil (which has antioxidant properties) and ylang ylang oil (which has balancing properties, so great for oily skin). Initially I was quite surprised to find that this contained cranberry, but once I knew what was in it, and took a sniff of the bath gem, I realised straight away that the scent I could detect was most definitely cranberry.

      Although you might normally associate cranberry with Christmas, the combination of ylang ylang and cocoa butter in their with it, give it a slightly softer, powdery smell, which although really nice, I would not say makes it stand out as product only suitable for the winter months.

      So after a tiring and headache-inducing morning sorting through the big pile of papers that were starting to cover my desk, and trying to file them into some sort of order, I felt that I needed to relax!

      I ran a bath and dropped the bath gem into the water, watching it bob around on the surface, whilst slowly fizzing away. My previous experience told me that these products (unlike Lush) do not add any colour to your bath water, merely make it cloudy, and this was no exception.

      After the gem had been in the water for around a minute, I started to see tiny brown dots on the surface of the water. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, and I was more tired than I had originally thought! As more and more of these browny-red dots started appearing before me, I fished the bath gem out of the water and to my surprise found that inside it were hundreds of tiny cranberry seeds.

      I can't say I was too pleased about this revelation, as the whole reason I had chosen to use this one was because it didn't have bits in it (or at least not that I was aware of), unlike the petal-filled marigold creamer still waiting in its box.

      Even before it was completely dissolved, the bathroom was filled with a beautiful cranberry scent, and this alone was enough to make me eager to get into the water, and push aside my disappointment of the mass of cranberry seeds now floating about my bath.

      As soon as I stepped into the water, I could feel the oils and butters in the water. Often these products will leave the water feeling a little bit oily, but with this one I actually felt that it made the water feel very greasy, which was not a particularly nice feeling to be honest. The cranberry seeds also seemed to come towards me like a magnet, sticking to my skin, and when I finally got out of the bath, it was a bit of a nightmare trying to brush them all off!

      My skin felt soft after using this and also fairly moisturised. The sweet cranberry smell lingered for a while too, but was quite gentle and not too overpowering.

      The bath gem costs £1.79 and can be purchased from www.bombcosmetics.co.uk

      Overall, this is another product I have mixed feelings about. I loved the smell and it did make my skin feel lovely and soft. It loses a few stars though because of the oiliness of the water and the surprise cranberry seeds!


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