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Bomb Cosmetics Santa Baby Bath Blaster

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath melt / bomb / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2011 11:50
      Very helpful



      A fairly average to poor bath blaster

      Bomb Cosmetics - Mistletoe Kisses - Santa Baby Bath Blaster

      Bomb Cosmetics is a company that sells on the internet, through Amazon and also in shops such as Past Times on the high street. I first came across them as I was given a couple of sets by my children for my birthday. I believe I have written reviews on two of the sets and although both were very nice I think from choice I would go back to Lush as their stuff has a stronger aroma and also I can really feel the benefits of their bath products which I struggle to really enjoy with Bomb Cosmetics products. This was a special Christmas gift box produced by this company for the festive season. I treated myself to this using some Amazon vouchers when the box was reduced early in the year. I read some reviews about the products enclosed and thought that I'd give them a try.

      The presentation of the products, like Lush is very different. One set I received had three cup cakes, another was bath creamers and bombs as small balls and the third had a variety of items form soap through to a rose bath oil which I did like with tiny rose buds floating around in the oil.

      This gift set is no different. It came beautifully gift wrapped in a white with olive green leaves thick wrapping paper and tied around the parcel was a Bomb Cosmetics red ribbon with the gift tag attached. Once I had unwrapped the paper I found a cardboard box sealed with sticky tape which I had to cut through. On opening the box I was hit by a lovely fresh smell of bath goodies which were buried in curling wood shavings. It was a bit like a lucky dip hunting out the various goodies hidden within but I am reviewing each item individually so you don't get overwhelmed with too much excitement as l take you through each item individually and give you my person verdict on each.

      The product I have been using in my bath on the last couple of night Is the 'Santa Baby Bath Blaster'. This is quite a weird looking tennis ball sized ball weighing iin at 5.5oz or 160g. The ball is mainly pink/red with a face in white on one side. The face is all white embossed with eyes and eye brows, a round nose and a huge grin with wide lips or a beard, hard to say as it is all white. A rather disturbing white face is enclosed in the pink/red and the3 effect is more like a ghostly weirdo than a happy santa in my personal opinion.

      I know I am frugal but as this was quite large and as I am always able to get at least 3 baths from a Lush bath bomb I decided that one third of this would be ample for one bath. My method is to put the bomb in a plastic bag and drop it on our ceramic tiles. Usually the bomb breaks into pieces which I then pick out about one third of and add to my bath. I used this method which worked and I made sure I got some white bits and some pink bits in each bath.

      The bath blaster is designed to do the same job as a bath bomb. The main ingredient in both is bicarbonate of soda which makes it fizz and also does the job of softening the water. So apart from the scent these fizzy beasts are to soften the water and give a bit of fun by fizzing to release the aromas held within.

      This blaster according to the gift tag on my box is 'sharing a bath with Santa...let him work his magic with this festive blend of frankincense and myrrh essential oils, to help energise and restore.' Never having shared a bath with Santa I am not sure how this compares! But I will share with you my experience of this blaster in my bath.

      The blaster fizzed well and as it was fizzing I noticed a sweet aroma coming from the bath, I really don't think it was much like my frankincense and myrrh that I brought back from Muscat and use in my incense burner. It is supposed to contain essential oils of both of these but they must be in such small quantity that they are almost undetectable.

      When I did a course in aromatherapy I got very into essential oils and used to add a few drops to my bath, blending the different notes to create different types of bath. I have never actually owned either of these essential oils so cannot comment on how they would smell in a bath when pure but they must be well diluted in this as they barely smelled at all.

      I often burn the frankincense and myrrh resins I bought in Muscat in the incense burner and the smell that comes from them is quite strongly heady and deep so I was expecting something like that. Anyway there was a slight sweet smell as the blaster was fizzing and my bath turned a lovely shade of pink, a bit like a rose wine.

      I hopped into the lovely rose coloured bath and sniffed deeply. In my view there was no detectable smell at all. The water felt nice and soft and was a very pretty colour but that was the extent of the excitement. I had to use some shower cream to wash with and chose my 'Soap and Glory' 'Clean on Me' as I thought this would complement the lovely pink colour of the bath and give me the clean fresh feminine smell I wanted. I then had to moisturize my body after the bath so there was no smell benefit nor any moisturizing benefit so all I got was a lovely pink water softened bath.
      So would I recommend? No, I think I'll not bother buying this one a second time. Lush, have no fear I am not abandoning you in favour of Bomb Cosmetics as so far everything I have tried has been less exciting in terms of smell and body moisturizing benefits too.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name


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        09.01.2011 16:02
        Very helpful



        My Santa Baby bath blaster from Bomb Cosmetics - a total let down.

        Well here I am on to my last but one bath blaster from my Bomb Cosmetics set from Dooyoo, so far I've had mixed feelings on this set as some have been quite nice others a little disappointing. But on the hold I have liked Bomb Cosmetics for a long time now but I do think their festive range is somewhat mediocre in comparison to their every day products.

        Bomb Cosmetics - Santa Baby Bath Blaster 160g:

        'Share a bath with Santa this Christmas and let him work his magic with this festive blend of frankincense and myrrh essentials oils to help energise and restore'

        My Findings:

        Reading on the Bomb Cosmetic web site they describe this blaster to be 'a mildly woody, balsamic fragrance with warming tones of cedar wood and resinous olibanum' and personally I found this very untrue. When smelling the bath blaster before putting it into the water is does have a rather strong festive like aroma of cinnamon and quite warming; however this soon disappears once melting.

        When placing it into my bath with the hot tap still pouring the blaster does melt rather fast, normally at this point you start to smell the oils/fragrances of the blaster but in this case there was hardly anything. Which was the first disappointment to come I love laying back in the bath and smelling the aromas as I find this to be rather relaxing; but this case this was next to no aroma!

        One of reasons for like bath blaster/bombs/creamers is that is turns the water silky soft and smooth, with then leaves my skin feeling already moisturised when leaving the bath. In this case it made no difference to the feel of the water nor did it leave me skin feeling soft, there was just no change. My only change was to the colour of the water which was a dark pink almost red colour; more like I had slaughtered Santa rather than bathing with him!

        Though my bath water had turned into dark pink water, I was thinking to myself I hope this doesn't stain the bath. As I pulled the plug on my bath I watched the water drain out and lucky there was no colour stains. Another thing I also noticed is that with most blasters you can see the oil's glisten over the top of the water but in this case I didn't see this?

        Really let down my this blaster and would go as far to say it was the worse one I have ever tried, and I have tried hundreds over then years.

        How to use:

        Most people will know how to use a bath blaster just pop it into your bath wait for it to melt, then sit back and relax. Normally will take a few minutes for it to fully disintegrate.

        Price and Availability:

        This bath blaster can be purchased from the Bomb Cosmetics web site on sale for £1.49, normal price being £2.49 which for this I think is over priced considering the poor results.

        It can also be purchased as part of a gift set which is how I received mine, the gift set is called Mistletoe Kisses for £11.99 and contains -

        Santa Baby Bath Blaster 160g
        Chilly Willy Bath Blaster 160g
        Ho Ho Holly Bath Blaster 160g
        Snow Time Like the Present Soap 100g
        Christmas Wonderland Soap 100g
        We Three Kings Bath Creamer 30g


        Which as I have found out makes a wonderful gift for all bath lovers out there, and can also be purchased from other online stores such as Amazon.

        Right now this can be purchased for a bargain price of £4.80 for the gift set from Amazon!


        Can't say I'm impressed with this bath blaster it sounded and looked nice to the results were incredibly poor indeed. It didn't make the water feel any different, the aroma had gone, didn't transfer to my skin and my skin didn't feel moisturised at all.

        I would not recommend Santa Baby purely for it lack of results and staying power, it's a shame it comes in this lovely set of 'Mistletoe Kisses' as it really lets the box down for a gift set.

        Additional Information:

        Though this product is vegetarian friendly it does state that it is not suitable for vegans due to traces of egg in the sugar decoration.

        Bomb Cosmetics are environment friendly with there cards and glasses can all be recycled, none of their products are tested on animals.

        Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics
        Unit 4, Wallisdown Industrial Estate,
        502 Wallisdown Road,
        BH11 8PT

        Tel: ++44 (0) 1202 859059


        Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Oil, CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 17200 (Red 33).


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