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Bomb Cosmetics Shea Bliss Bath Mallow

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath melt / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2011 18:01
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      Avoid at all costs!

      Even though I got huge amounts of bath products for Christmas, I ended up buying myself not one but two Bomb Cosmetics gift sets in the January sales, as they were going for bargain prices I just can't resist a good deal! One of the bath products in these sets was the Shea Bliss bath mallow, which I used recently.

      ~The Spiel~

      The following description is taken from the Bomb Cosmetics website...

      'Drop a Bath Mallow in to the bath and it will fizz very softly, while the Cocoa Butter melts out to form a moisturising film on the bath water (not too much to be "oily" - just enough to pamper you).

      The Shea Bliss mallow itself is described as having 'a fruity fragrance with a subtle water lily opening with a twist of ylang ylang and floral accents of lily, peony and tuberose. Leading into a spicy warm base of vanilla, creamy caramel and coconut.'

      This sounded good to me and I was really looking forward to giving it a try.


      There is no doubt this looked very cute. It's quite small being about the same diameter as a 50p coin and an inch and a bit tall. The bottom half is bright blue and speckled, and then the top layer is white and topped with pink candy hearts and a larger heart which looks a lot like it's made from chocolate.


      I thought this smelled really lovely when I took it out of the box. It's very sweet smelling, but it has something very exotic and floral about it which I think makes it smell quite luxurious in an understated kind of way. The fragrance is strong but not overpowering or 'in your face'. I couldn't pick out one particular fragrance, but the overall scent was lovely - feminine and soft.

      ~My experience~

      As I've mentioned a few times I'm trying to save up a bit at the moment, so have been doing a few extra hours overtime on the end of my shifts when I can. So, after a longer than usual day at work recently, I felt that it would be a good idea to unwind with a relaxing bath. I ran the water, and then dropped in my Shea Bliss bath mallow, in anticipation of a half hour soak with a luxurious product. Unfortunately it seemed that was wishful thinking on my part...

      Firstly I had expected this to fizz like a bath bomb, but it thudded to the bottom of the water and seemed to do nothing for a couple of seconds. Then came the seeds. Yes, seeds. Little brown seeds. Loads of them, floating to the surface of my bath water and gathering in groups around the edge of the bath. All I could think at the time was that they looked like dead ants! It's fair to say I wasn't really expecting this seed invasion, although I don't know why as the specks in that blue base all make sense now. Scouring the ingredients list it turns out these are cranberry seeds, and thinking back this isn't the first time I've found cranberry seeds unexpectedly emerging from a Bomb Cosmetics product. Not being one for 'bits' in my bath, I wasn't pleased, but it was something I could put up with.

      Yes, I could put up with the seeds, but what I couldn't put up with was the grease. Now let's just go back to Bomb's description shall we? 'Moisturising film on the bath water (not too much to be oily - just enough to pamper you)'. This, girls and boys, is what I like to call optimism when I'm being in a generous mood, and what I like to call a lie when I'm not in a generous mood. OK, maybe lie is too harsh. After all, it wasn't oily as such. More greasy. It was like dipping my legs in chip fat if I'm honest. Not very nice at all - and it hadn't even finished dissolving at this point. Pampered is definitely not something I felt!

      I've been quite brutal so far, so I feel I should add in a few positives (well two, because that's all I can think of) at this point. Firstly, the smell was lovely. It seemed to take on something of a talcum powder scent when in the water, but it was a fresh, clean scent and still retained that air of luxury that it had when it was dry. The second plus was that the little sugar hearts from the top all floated to the surface and looked really pretty - even when mingling with the seeds!

      Due to the greasy water, I was only in the bath five minutes maximum. I just couldn't stand it any more. Ironically I didn't feel clean bathing in this. When I did get out of the bath I found that I was covered in seeds and they seemed to just stick to me and were a pain to rinse off. They got absolutely everywhere and stuck to the bath, my shower puff (which had to be thrown out because so many had got stuck in the netting) and on my towels.

      I rubbed most of the greasiness off with a towel thankfully, so not much residue was left on my skin. My skin did feel quite soft and slightly moisturised, and the greasiness didn't linger. I could smell the product on my skin for hours afterwards, which was a positive thing since the scent was one of the only things I actually liked about this!

      When it came to washing the bath out, that was a bit of a nightmare, as the seeds were sticking to the sides, and as there were so many my cloth seemed to be moving them around rather than wiping them up. There was also a thick scum where the waterline had been which took a bit of elbow grease to get rid of.


      One of these costs £2.49. You can buy them online at www.bombcosmetics.co.uk and I have found a lot of independent gift shops stock Bomb Cosmetics products these days.


      To sum up I would have to say that apart from the fact this smelled nice it was pretty awful. The thick greasy feeling it gave my bath water was horrible and not something I could relax in at all, and don't get me started on the seeds! Needless to say I wouldn't recommend this and I certainly wont be buying another one!


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