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Bomb Cosmetics Strawberries & Dreams Melt

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath Melt / What it does: Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2011 09:59
      Very helpful



      a sweet alternative to Lush

      I treated myself to two Bomb Cosmetics gift sets several months ago and am still using up all the products even now. The latest one I have used is the Strawberries and Dreams Bath Brulee.

      The product is really just a bath bomb with a fancy name if you ask me! Rather than the common ball shape, this is designed to look like a little pink cupcake with two dried rose buds on the top (it used to be a sugar flower, but it's been updated). It's very pretty and obviously aimed at girls and I do think the presentation would make it great for a gift or little stocking filler.

      The 'brulee' is described by Bomb Cosmetics as containing a blackberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, apple and pear fragrance. So a whole fruit bowl full there! The smell was absolutely gorgeous - I thought I could smell strawberries quite clearly, but it was very sweet and sugary on the whole and smelled a little bit like love heart sweets to me!

      Before use, you will need to peel off the paper cupcake wrapper. I also tried to remove the rose buds as I hate things floating in the bath with me, but they're really wedged in there, so removing them did take a bit of doing!

      When I put this in the bath it fizzed very slowly. In fact, I'd been in the bath for about ten minutes before the whole thing dissolved. The product has a high cocoa butter content and I did find that it left a sort of creamy froth on the top of the water. I don't normally like it when bath products feel so buttery like this, but because it felt more creamy than it did greasy, I didn't mind too much. The smell stayed true to how it had been when solid and was strong without being too OTT or sickly.

      When I got out of the bath, I found that my skin felt lovely and soft and the beautiful fragrance lingered on my skin. On the downside it did leave lots of powdery residue in the base of the bath and there was a sort of buttery scum mark around the edge, so it did take quite some cleaning to get rid of it all - not what you want to be doing immediately after a relaxing soak.

      Strawberries and Dreams costs £2.99 from Bomb Cosmetics. You can buy online at www.bombcosmetics.com.uk and I would recommend checking out local independent gift shops as they often seem to stock Bomb products. I do think £2.99 is quite a lot to pay for one bath, but this is still a nice little product to give (or receive!) as a gift.

      Overall, I was quite pleased with this product. I wouldn't necessarily say that it was the best Bomb Cosmetics product I've ever used, but it certainly wasn't the worst and I'd quite like Santa to bring me another one this Christmas!


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        15.11.2009 22:18
        Very helpful
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        A Gorgeous Bath Melt That's Better Than Anything From Lush, I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say That

        Bomb Cosmetics call this the Strawberries And Dreams Bath Brulee now and the design has also been changed, it's still pink but has a rougher look like it's a cupcake that has been iced with that thick icing frosting on the top. There are also 3 small rosebuds pushed into the top of the bath melt.

        You can drop this in the bath and then rescue it after some of it has melted away so that you can use the rest of it another time. I was greedy and used the whole thing all in one go though and I'm glad I did because it left my skin lovely and soft and smelled gorgeous.

        When it melts in the bath it leaves a creamy lather on top of the bath water and you can wash with this lather. It's proper cleansing and left my skin smelling gorgeous, it's a very fruity smell and you can definatly smell the strawberries in it even though there are loads of other fruit smells jostling to be smelt as you lie in the bath.

        It makes the water proper soft and even when I was still in the bath I could feel how moisturising this product was, the lather it leaves is gorgeous because it's so soft and thick and loads better than a bubble bath.

        When I got out of the bath and dried myself I was madly shocked at how soft and smooth my skin felt. I didn't use a body lotion and the bath melt had plumped my skin out to make it feel smoother than it has for a long time.

        There must be a load of cocoa butter in this bath melt because I can smell it a bit under the fruit smell and also it's this that makes my skin feel so soft and gorgeous.

        I'm fast getting addicted to Bomb Cosmetics and love this one more than any of the other products I've tried. The fruity smell lasts for ages on my skin and I can't get enough of that creamy lather, I wish I hadn't wasted the whole melt on one bath because I fancy another Strawberries And Dreams bath right now!


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          25.01.2008 14:55
          Very helpful



          A Cocoa Butter smelling bath Butter melt

          The second product in my Bomb Cosmetics gift comes in the shape of a cupcake with the indentations as though it has been in a cake case with a decorative flower on the top. The cup cake is actually not a cup cake at all it is a Butter Melt and they are similar again to the Lush Bath melt.

          With Bomb Cosmetics, Butter Melts come in all different shapes and sizes, some the shape of cupcakes and some the spherical shape of a bath blaster, again it depends on the fragrance you are looking for ultimately to decide which product you should choose. The choice for me was pretty simple, my husband made it on my behalf and it is bright pink, again my favourite colour. The underlying ingredient in all of the Butter Melts however is Cocoa butter, so if you are not a fan of the smell then this wouldn't be a product for you.

          As I have said in a previous review, Bomb Cosmetics are a cosmetic company who make all of their products by hand and are based in Bournemouth. As a company they have been making their aromatherapy bath products and toiletries, by hand in the UK for 10 years. Many of their products are titled with eye catching names such as 'Darling Buds' and 'Foam Alone' to name a few.

          The Strawberries and Dream as this product is called is a lovely candy pink colour very similar to the Bath Blaster and again it smells absolutely amazing, the second the box container was open the aroma within hits the nostril immediately. The first initial smell is the smell of Cocoa butter which I happen to adore, it always reminds me of those delicious Caramac bars *yum* and the reason why Cocoa Butter is used if many products these days is simply for the benefits it has upon the skin. Cocoa butter is high in Vitamin E and it helps to soften and lubricate the skin. Then we have Chamomile Oil which to me brings about a fruity aroma similar to apples and again it is used for the lubricating benefits it has upon the skin and as an essential oil it promotes relaxation and soothing. The final oil is Cardomon Oil which I haven't come across before and because it is refreshing oil it promotes an uplifting affect and makes you feel refreshed. Now the one thing I found slightly odd about the ingredient combination with this product is that it contained Sodium Chloride, yes that's right the stuff commonly known as table salt to you and I, not dead sea salt which I am used to featuring within my products. Apparently Sodium Chloride is used r for its natural cleansing, toning, refreshing proprieties whilst at the same time it hosts moisture absorption properties. So combining all of these ingredients together, along with many more that I haven't mentioned you get the combined Chocolate fruity smell.

          To use this Butter Melt you decide firstly whether you want to use it all at once or you could chop it in half, however be warned that if you choose the latter it can be very messy when you do try to half it.

          Anyway, once you have made your decision you begin running your lovely hot bath and once there is a few inches of water in the bottom on the bath place the Butter Melt into the bath water and once again because it contains Sodium Bicarbonate (which Lush Bath ,melts don't) it acts as a fizzing agent which gives these products the energy to fizz around your bath, bicarbonate soda also softens the water, so if like me you live in quite a hard water this is really helpful because I find hard water dries out my skin. So as this Butter Melt is whizzing around the bath the smell which develops is amazing and it lingers through the house as the bath is running.

          With bath melts there are no bubbles, which are disappointing because I do like bubbles in my bath and although there are essential oils contained within this product you will find no greasy film running across the top of the bath water which I have previously experienced. Once you have emptied out your bath water again there is also no traces of the products left behind.

          Once I've had my lovely Cocoa butter smelling bath, my skin felt wonderfully moisturised and was very soft as well as smelling fruity, usually after any sort of bath I usually grab my bottle of cocoa butter or my preferred moisturising cream of the time and cover myself in it, but having used this product I actually didn't feel the needs for it at all, I simply patted my skin dry and reveled in the fact I had lovely soft skin. I also suffer from having extremely sensitive skin and often find that I am limited in which products I can use, because I am allergic to them or they leave behind a nasty itchy rash, so once I find a product I am happy with I tend to stick with them as a brand, this being one of the main reasons I stick to using Lush.

          So would I recommend this product? I absolutely would without a shadow of a doubt. For those people who enjoy baths as much as I do to relax I feel you need a product which makes you feel relaxed and de-stressed and for me it is ensuring I have that right product. I also look for something within my bath products which are kind to my skin and leave it feeling moisturised and soft.

          I adore my Lush products and they will always remain my one little luxury but Bomb Cosmetics are a viable alternative and they a little different.

          If you are looking to purchase one of these products or something similar then they are available online through their website which is www.bombcosmetics.co.uk and here you will find a whole host of products which range from Bath Blasters, massage bars, shampoo bars, aromatherapy oils, gift sets and much more. The Butter Melt that I have reviewed retails at £2.45 and it weighs 0.16kg. Also on this website you can find a list of ingredients for each product listed, so if like me you suffer from sensitive skin you are able to check beforehand whether or not you are able to use a particular product.

          ** Extra Information **

          Bomb Cosmetics also make a strong case for their ethical policy and go to great lengths to inform their customers that they do not test any of their products on animals, nor do they buy their supplies from companies who are known to test on animals and when it comes to packaging wherever possible they use materials which are easily recycled and that have been previously recycled. Again their policy can be found on their website.

          Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics
          Unit 4, Wallisdown Industrial Estate,
          502 Wallisdown Road,
          BH11 8PT

          Tel: ++44 (0) 1202 859059
          Fax: ++44 (0) 1202 859259



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          Skin nourishing cocoa butters blended with essential oils and minerals help liberate your senses /

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