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Bomb Cosmetics Strawberry Popsickle Bath Blaster

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath Melt

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2008 13:18
      Very helpful



      Strawberry smelling Bath Blaster

      Still trying to wean me away from Lush my beloved Husband surprised me by buying me a surprise gift of Bomb Cosmetics products. I personally had never heard of Bomb Cosmetics before if I am totally honest but the products arrived neatly packaged in a cardboard box with film lid to protect them when being delivered by Royal Mail (or Royal Fail as we commonly call them).

      Bomb Cosmetics state that their aim is to "design products that make you feel special every time you use them. We combine fragrances that make your mouth water, or remind you of special times, or simply make you smell divine, with the finest, carefully selected essential oils." Which already for me had me invariably excited because I am always looking for new products to try which contain natural products, essential oils and are unique. So within this lovely presented box I found four pink coloured products and with pink being my favourite colour I was a very happy bunny.

      So who are Bomb Cosmetics? Bomb Cosmetics are a cosmetic company who make all of their products by hand and are based in Bournemouth. As a company they have been making their aromatherapy bath products and toiletries, by hand in the UK for 10 years. Many of their products are titled with eye catching names such as 'Foameo & Juliet' and 'Choc Around the Clock Brulee' to name a few.

      The Strawberry Popsickle as this product is called is a lovely candy pink colour is a bath bomb or in this case it is called a bath blaster, like the ones I am fond of from Lush. In size it resembles a slightly larger in shape tennis ball and although from Lush there is usually some kind of shape or pattern attached to the bath ballistic this one is plain looking but smells absolutely amazing. The first initial smell is a sweet strawberry smell which is really fruity and similarly to Lush it contains essential oils especially picked to give it not only a divine smell but also a nice relaxing bath.

      In this case the Strawberry Popsickle contains Ylang Ylang oil whose properties are one of the most relaxing fragrances to both the mind and to the body and it is used in many aromatherapy oils. The second essential oil is Geranium oil and it isn't an oil I have come across before in any product I have purchased and upon further investigation the oil is extremely versatile and is used to fight stress, easing pain, as a cicatrizing, for PMS, relieving fatigue and nervous exhaustion and if that isn't enough it is also used for its ability to soothe the skin and act as an antibacterial and antiseptic. Also found within the ingredients of this bath bomb is Citronella and Limonene for their fruity smells. So combining all of these ingredients together, along with many more that I haven't mentioned you get the combined Strawberry fruity smell.

      To use this bath blaster you decide firstly whether you want to use it all at once or chop it in half, if you choose the latter then be warned that it does get messy when you do try to half it. Anyway, once you have made your decision you begin running your lovely hot bath and once there is a few inches of water in the bottom on the bath place the bath blaster in the bath and because it contains Sodium Bicarbonate this acts as a fizzing agent which gives bath bombs the energy to fizz around your bath, bicarbonate soda also softens the water, so if like me you live in a hard water this is really helpful because I find hard water dries out my skin. So as this Bath Blaster is whizzing around the bath the smell which develops as it melts away is amazing and it lingers through the house as the bath is running. With most Bath Bombs there are no bubbles, which are disappointing because I do like bubbles in my bath, but with this product there was evidence of some bubbles and even though there are essential oils you will find no slick greasy look to the bath water. Once you have emptied out your bath water there is also no hint of any traces of the products left clinging to the bath as I have previously experienced.

      Once I've had my lovely strawberry smelling bath, my skin did feel completely moisturised and soft as well as smelling fruity. I also have extremely sensitive skin and often find that I am limited in which products I can use, because I am allergic to them, so once I find a product I am happy with I tend to stick with them as a brand, so is one of the main reasons I stick to using Lush products.

      Bathing for me is an absolute must, it is one of the best ways that I know of to relax and it is gives me some much needed me time to escape from the stresses of the real world and to really unwind.

      So would I recommend this product? I absolutely would without a shadow of a doubt. For those people who enjoy baths as much as I do to relax I feel you need a product which makes you feel relaxed and de-stressed and for me it is ensuring I have that right product. I adore my Lush products and they will always remain my one little luxury but Bomb Cosmetics are a viable alternative and they a little different.

      If you want to purchase one of these products they are available online through their website which is www.bombcosmetics.co.uk where you will find a whole host of products which range from Bath Blasters, soaps, bath tonics and creams, massage bars, shampoo bars, aromatherapy oils, gift sets and much more. The Bath Blaster that I have reviews retails at £1.85 and it weighs 0.20kg. Also on this website you can find a list of ingredients for each product listed, so if like me you suffer from sensitive skin you are able to check beforehand whether or not you are able to use a particular product.

      ** Extra Information **

      Bomb Cosmetics also make a strong case for their ethical policy and go to great lengths to inform their customers that they do not test any of their products on animals, nor do they buy their supplies from companies who are known to test on animals and when it comes to packaging wherever possible they use materials which are easily recycled and that have been previously recycled. Again their policy can be found on their website.

      Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics
      Unit 4, Wallisdown Industrial Estate,
      502 Wallisdown Road,
      BH11 8PT

      Tel: ++44 (0) 1202 859059
      Fax: ++44 (0) 1202 859259


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    • Product Details

      Contains a fruity Strawberry fragrance and Ylang Ylang and geranium essential oils /

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