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Bomb Cosmetics Sugar Kiss Bath Blaster

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 12:41
      Very helpful




      I got this Bath Blaster in the box that I got for Christmas from my inlaws. I don't think that this was part of the original box set as it wasn't listed on the card inside the box so looks like I got something extra. It was only after looking on the Bomb website that I spotted what this one was.

      This isn't the prettiest in the Bomb range. It looks just like a Lush Bath Ballistic. I do like the cute things from Bomb which are the Bath Blasters which look like Cakes but then again they just fizz away anyway.

      So how to use this. I know some people who pop these in when the bath is still running, but I prefer to wait until I have ran my bath then add this so I can watch it swirl around. The scent of this is pretty sweet but I would have expected that with a name such as Sugar in the title. There does seem to be some Floral scents through this too and after reading online I see there is Jasmine, Rose and Neroli in here. I do like the scents of Neroli and love the Neroli Jasmine Perfume from The Body Shop. I can't say this is overly Musky of a heavy scented smell but although there is the sweetness there is plenty of deeper scent to this too.

      The water turns a light pink colour and there is quite a few little Hearts which fizz out of the Blaster. So in my view it all looks quite pretty enough. So far I have only used a few of the products from my Box and weren't familiar with the Bomb range before but I do love the shop Lush and these products are quite similar. Although the scent of this smells strong once it is in the Water you can hardly smell this which is a shame. I thought the Water seemed to be a little Oily but I assumed that it was probably moisturising but after drying myself I didn't feel this to be moisturing on my skin.

      This costs £2.29 for the 160g Blaster so an average price for this kind of thing.

      An ok Blaster but I don't feel the need to buy this for myself.


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      13.09.2011 19:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great product

      On the whole so far, I have been incredibly disappointed with Bomb Cosmetics. I had thought that they may be a rival for handmade cosmetics store Lush, however unfortunately I've found their products don't come close to those that Lush make. Still, I purchased two big sets of them at a reduced price in the January sales and nine months later, I'm sick of the sight of them, so am trying to get them used up. The latest one I am to try is the Sugar Kiss Bath Blaster (aka bath bomb).


      I think with products such as bath bombs, appearance is quite an important factor as they're one of the more fun toiletry items on the market and there is scope to play around with designs. This one is relatively plain looking, with the majority of the bath blaster being a sugary pink colour, which is only broken up by a patch of white on the top. What does make it a little more fun, is that this patch of white is embedded with several little pink and red sugar hearts. It's very pretty and sweet, very girly and when purchased comes shrink wrapped with a brown paper label, so would be perfect to give as a gift.

      ~~Scent and ingredients~~

      The scent of this product is lovely. It's a very light and sweet scent - the first thing that hits me about it is that it smells very sugary and almost reminds me of butter cream icing. I remember picking this up and thinking that it smelled a bit like ylang ylang, so I wasn't surprised to learn that this is one of the ingredients.

      The actual official description is 'A sophisticated blend of floral notes, combining rose and jasmine for the fragrance heart and geranium and neroli top notes.' To be honest, I could not smell rose at all, but there was a hint of jasmine in there and I might even say I could detect geranium, but not neroli.

      ~~My experience~~

      I ran a bath and dropped this bath blaster into the water. Immediately it started to release a plume of pink fizz. Originally I thought this pink colour would be diluted by the water and eventually leave the water with just a hint of pink. Not so. After a minute or two of fizzing, the blaster eventually left my water what can only be described as a Barbie pink colour. I was delighted!! The little hearts in the blaster sunk to the bottom and dissolved rather than floating on the surface, but I wasn't too fussed about that.

      What I didn't like was that lots of little globules of what appeared to be dark pink oil came to the surface and stuck to the edge of the bath staining it pink. Even once I got out and drained the bath, these tiny pink splodges were really hard to shift and it took a lot of elbow grease and a huge quantity of Cif to leave my bath looking white again.

      One frequent problem I have found with the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs is that they tend to be quite buttery and can leave the bath water with a thick, greasy feeling. This one in contrast, left the water with a slightly oily feeling, but rather than being greasy and unpleasant, it actually felt pleasant and luxurious to bathe in.

      Another problem I have found with the Bomb products is that the scent often becomes so diluted once in the water, that it can no longer be smelled. Again, that was not the case with this one, although I did feel that the fragrance was much softer than it had been when dry, I could still clearly smell the fragrance for the duration of my bath.

      After using this, my skin felt soft and smooth. I don't think I would describe the product as being moisturising, but my skin certainly did not feel dried out in any way. There was a hint of fragrance left behind on my skin, but unfortunately this did not seem to linger for very long.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      Sugar Kiss weighs 160g and costs 2.29. I do think £2.29 is a lot considering it only lasts one bath, so for me these products are more suited for an occasional treat rather than regular use. I know some people cut these up to get more than one use from them, but having tried this a couple of times in the past, I wouldn't recommend it as you are often left with uneven pieces and they can crumble into powder.

      You can buy the bomb cosmetics products directly from their website http://www.bombcosmetics.co.uk. They are available on the high street, but mostly from independent shops (particularly card shops I find) and I've noticed that although there is a list of stockists on the Bomb Cosmetics website it's not a full list. You can also often get these products from Amazon.


      Up until using this bath blaster there had only really been one or two Bomb products I'd liked. This one though, I loved. It smells amazing and girly and I thought the pink colour this left my bath was adorable, although probably not to everyone's taste! The only negative was that it left dye on my bath, but that would be something I would be willing to put up with now and then for the lovely smell and relaxing experience of using Sugar Kiss! Recommended by me!


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