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Bomb Cosmetics Vanilla Bath Creamer

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2 Reviews
  • smells creamy and sweet
  • not tested on animals
  • Can build up in the plug hole - the greasy butters
  • small and so quite expensive
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    2 Reviews
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      16.11.2014 15:25
      Very helpful


      • "not as pretty as some of their other creamers"
      • "moisturising and gentle"
      • "smells creamy and sweet"
      • "natural ingredients"
      • "not tested on animals"
      • "ethical company"


      • "Can build up in the plug hole - the greasy butters"
      • "small and so quite expensive "
      • "leaves bath rather greasy after use"

      Simple creamer from Bomb Cosmetics that moisturises more than it smells

      This was in my chocolate ballotine gift box and I do find the Bomb Cosmetics products a bit disappointing in the scent. The bath creamers are far superior to the ballistics they make which are beautiful but the scent disappears in the bath water.

      This is one of the plainer creamers as it is just a cream ball and mainly cocoa butter. It smells vanillary and creamy and very tasty but I didn't try eating it!

      It fizzes gently as you pop it in the bath and the water goes cloudy and feels nice and gently soft and moisturising. I do find you tend to get a greasy tide mark so I keep washing that back into the bath and onto me as I lie in the water.

      These creamers are very similar to Lush's bath melts but this fizz a bit too. I actually make similar to these using bicarb, cocoa butter and cream of tartar I think - it is a while since have done these. basically they two powders fizz and the cocoa butter gives the moisturising element and you add whatever scent you fancy.

      Once out of the bath and dried my skin felt nicely moisturised and soft but the scent wasn't very evident. I do find if I use these bath creamers a lot I have to put bicar down the plug hole and clean it regularly as it gets quickly built up and could end up blocking it.

      All the ingredients are biodegradable , eco friendly and human friendly but being a butter it is greasy so care needs to be taken not to let it happen.

      Bomb cosmetics do not test any products on animals and their scents are natural too.They also have a commitment to not damage the environment with any of their product ingredients.

      All their bath products are all handmade. They are carefully mixed, then pressed, moulded, rolled and shaped by hand. Their products contain only natural cocoa butter and essential oils or the finest perfume oils. 

      This little bombs are made with moisturising cocoa butter and shea butter which is well known for its skin softening properties. They also all contain bicarbonate of Soda will acts to soften your bath water and make it feel really silky. 

      The creamers from Bomb Cosmetics are far superior to the ballistics so if you want to try any of their products choose the creamers. This is one of the simplest they do and is a very nice moisturising bath treat but don't forget to clean the bath afterwards!


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      17.01.2010 11:29
      Very helpful
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      At Last A Bomb Cosmetics Bath Product That Is As Good As A Lush One!

      I got this bath creamer in a giftbox from Bomb Cosmetics, I haven't been very impressed with a lot of the other products in the box and that put me off using this one but when I used it the other night I realised it was a proper good product.

      A bath creamer is similar to a bath melt from Lush, you put it in the warm bath water and the creamer will dissolve freeing the gorgeous vanilla smell and making the water mega soft in your bath.

      The only smell in this creamer is vanilla, the other sweet ones from Bomb Cosmetics have all got other citrus or floral smells in them but this one is plain vanilla. It's a gorgeous smell actually and not overpoweringly strong but stronger than a lot of vanilla scented bath products I've used. As soon as the creamer starts dissolving you will smell the vanilla in the air and it's sweet and yummy smelling.

      I was happy with how soft and silkie it made the bath water feel, the previous Bomb Cosmetics creamer I'd used had made the water feel mega heavy and greasy but this one is loads better. The vanilla smell made the bath feel very relaxing and even though it looked like I was just sitting in plain water I couldn't stop dipping my hand into it and feeling how soft the water was.

      It's not a very cleansing product but I didn't expect it to be really so I used some body wash while I was in the bath, I made sure I used one that would soften my skin so that it would help the creamer do it's work as a moisturiser and not work against it.

      After I got out of the bath my skin felt very soft and moisturised, it had got a bit of a greasy feel to it that I wasn't mad keen on but that disappeared after a few minutes and I was glad about that. The bath doesn't feel greasy at all, it's just on my skin and I reckon that must be the cocoa butter than is in this creamer.

      The vanilla smell doesn't last as long as I wanted it to, I reckon it lingered on my skin for about half and hour and that's a shame because the smell was that strong in the bath that I thought it would last loads longer than that.

      I got this Vanilla Bath Creamer as part of Bomb's Chocolate Ballotin giftbox, I've no idea if it's available seperately but if you can find it then deffo treat yourself to a couple.



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