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Boots Aromatic' Lavender Bath Crystals

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bath Product / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2008 14:46
      Very helpful



      Not awful but they don't do anything to be awful at lol

      I love my baths so it goes without saying I want something nice to put in it. I make no secret of the fact that I don't like using Radox or Imperial Leather and the likes because I consider them to be more of an every day run of the mill type of product and me having a bath isn't! I like showers for quickness, especially in this cold weather so if I have a bath I want it to be super dooper and to look after my skin and relax me!

      I love the fragrance of Lavender. My friends make fun of me liking it and call me Granny Grunt! I have no idea where my fondness for that fragrance came from suddenly it just sort of happened when I hit 30 lol

      I like to use the lavender fragrance any way that I can in my life but I concede I do have to be very careful when using anything containing Lavender fragranced because it can be a rather intoxicating smell and at 34 I don't want to smell like a Granny as well as being called one by my peers! So with anything Lavender scented I tend to use it when I'm alone, not going out and just having a nice relaxing pampering evening and that way I don't get called names !No I don't use the stuff when I've got a hot date or I'm going pubbing or clubbing or owt!

      I'm a huge fan of Boots as anyone who regularly reads my reviews will now know by now I'm sure. I do like alot of Boots own products and Boots do a line of French Lavender products so guess who has bought the entire range?! Yep. Me lol

      I first came across these bath crystals last Christmas and bought myself some as a wee treat. Then they weren't on sale throughout the year but they are back this Christmas. They are £3.00 per packet or they are on offer in the current 3 for the price of 2 items that Boots tends to do every year. Now only in this fragrance, the crystals are also available in magnolia as well.

      The Packaging....

      The crystals come in an opaque (almost see through) plastic long, fattish oblong shaped but tapered to the top 'packet' (though it is stiff and it does stand up). You pull it open at the top and when your done there is a bit of plastic that slides back to an underneath hole to do it back up again.There is a little goldish 'spade' type of thing that unattaches to use to put your crystals in the bath with tied on at the top by a lilac, velvet ribbon. On the front there is a gold label and on that I'm told it's a Boots product and that it's Lavender Aromatic Bath Crystals and there is a picture of a sprig of Lavender. On the same label it goes round the the base of the product and I'm told the product contains Lavender Fragranced bath crystals, warned the product isn't food (lol), the size of the product is stated (300g), told not to store the product in direct sunlight, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, I'm told the product is made in China, contact details or Boots are given, the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a slim bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging and plenty of product is within there and would be a nice gift to someone in it's appearance.

      Directions For Use...

      Pour a generous amount amount of the crystals and swirl under warm running water. Allow to dissolve.

      My Experience....

      Well I open up the outer container to be met with the product which is within a sealed see through plastic bag. I already knew the colour of the crystals were a lilac colour as I could already see them through the outer packaging but when out of that they really are a lovely rich lilac colour.

      The first thing you notice without even opening the bag up is the aroma. They have a really lovely but subtle smell of Lavender. In fact before opening the bag up they remind of the smell of Johnson's baby powder really. Just really clean, fresh and warm smelling. Then when you open the bag...bam your then hit with the real smell of Lavender. It's very distinctive but remains quite sweet and not one bit harsh or too strong. Put it this way if you know the smell of Lavender you'll know what this is.

      Now on the directions for use I'm told to stick in a good and decent amount. So why a mini shovel is given I'm not sure. Although it's deep it's really tiny and no way big enough to put in the right amount and I feel it simply must be there for decoration so i don't use it.

      So I take a good handful of the crystals. They are not too small, not powdery in the bag but very hard in texture and sort of a lilac translucent type of thing. I whack them in the bath and fill me tub up to the brim.

      When I get back my water looks like water with no bubbles. I can see a few hard crystals sat at the bottom of my bath and the only way apart from seeing a few lumps sat there I know that I have anything in the bath is the smell of Lavender. Now the more you put it the more the fragrance you get of course. However you get more of these lumps which is a negative lol. I give the bath a good swirl with my hand to try melt the things but I'd have to wait a long time so I always jump in and they do eventually melt away after about half an hour of waiting and putting up with them grating my bum lol.

      Sitting in the bath is ok. As I say eventually those lumps to evaporate but you do end up sitting on them and waiting for a while before that happens which doesn't feel all that comfortable really but it's bearable. The smell is nice but eventually you become immune to it though when you've finished your bath if you go back to the bathroom you can of course smell it and other people can smell it in the house though it isn't overpowering or anything or still, too strong.

      My bath water still feels like water though. Maybe there is a tiny bit of softness added to the water but it's so slight you'd have to search for it. There are no bubbles, no greasy or drying out feeling and basically apart from the smell we're back to feeling like we haven't added anything to the water. I bath in it, which is ok. I get out the bath dry off and my skin feels no better or worse for it. I'm lightly fragranced but not overly so and I could even use this before going pubbing and/or clubbing as it really isn't intoxicating smell wise.


      Worth £3.00? No not really. These are nothing special. They take too long to melt into the water and they don't seem to do anything (good or bad) to my skin. I do like the smell but then as I said earlier I do like the aroma of Lavender and you can't knock Boots for the blend as it's ever so smooth and sweet and above all natural smelling but I'd like something more from these. Maybe some bubbles or some oil in the water, I'd just like to feel it or something! Did my bath relax me and chill me out. Not particularly it was like having a rather plain bath. It's like drinking wine that smells of it and it's take no effect after drinking three bottles lol Not a great product but certainly not harmful in any way but nor really recommended for the price!


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