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Boots Botanics Enlivening Body Polish

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Body Scrub / Subcategory: Polish / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Energises

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    4 Reviews
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      10.05.2013 07:58
      Very helpful



      Nice smell, poor result

      After doing some reviews on other Botanics body/face products it reminded me that I had bought some ages ago ( and I mean AGES ago ) as I had put them down for potential gifts, and they had never been given or used. Rather than wasting them I thought I would use rather than go out and buy any more products for myself. Especially a body scrub, as mine ran out weeks ago!

      When I bought this set it was on sale for around £3-£4.00. It included this product and 2 others from the range, all being travel sized. This Body Polish is 75ml in size.

      How is it packaged?

      It comes in a 75ml clear tube, with a flip top lid to get product out, at the bottom. Labelling is mostly green with cream coloured stripe on top. On the front it tells you what the product is , ' Enlivening Body Polish ', it contains Apricot Seed and Centella and it gives you the impression overall this product contains active plant extracts.

      On the back it gives directions for use, warnings ( the usual ) e.g avoid eye area, don't use of skin is irritated etc. It mentions you have 24months use once opened.

      I dont think this product is available anymore.

      How to use?

      Apply to damp skin using circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly.


      This isn't full size and does not mention the ingredients, just the fact that the exfoliating element is the Apricot Seeds and Centella.

      Whats the point of a body polish/scrub?

      Products like this help to remove dead skin cells. The immediate effect should be a bright and smoother looking and feeling skin which will allow products to go into the skin alittle easier and also skin will benefit from this treatment more because products will soak into new skin cells rather than the old so not wasting product. This is an essential treatment for anyone who self tans, as it allows tan to be more even ( less patchy ) and helps tan last longer.

      How did I find it?

      Firstly, I loved the smell. Now that I have used some of this range before, they all tend to smell the same, so it made a nice change that this didn't. It smelt fruity, quite invigorating. Sweet but not sickly. More exotic fruit smelling rather than citrus based or berry based.

      The colour was alittle odd, a creamy pale yellow, but didn't put me off. The texture was a major let down. Far too runny and fluid for me. It had a similar texture to a shower gel, which meant the product failed to stay put on the body and you really had to work quickly to ensure it stayed where it needed to. It wasn't easy or enjoyable to work with. Needed to be thicker for a true exfoliating feel.

      I didn't actually feel when using and after, that my skin had experienced a 'polish '. There was no change in texture or look. The grains in the polish for me needed to change in either two ways: either more grains so it would be more compact and give more of an exfoliating action, or make the grains alittle bigger. I could see the grains but not feel them. Probably would be more suited for the face.

      Would I buy again? No. I normally enjoy the exfoliating process and this felt like a waste of time.


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        18.10.2011 21:32
        Very helpful



        Deliciously scented body scrub, great credentials, but not quite as satisfying as a polish should be

        I received this as a gift back in the summer as part of a Botanics, Kew Garden approved set, as the plant extracts in this body polish and the rest of the gift set components are authenticated by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. This gives it a nice little point of different, and immediately makes it feel like a lovely natural product!

        The package has the usual, natural colours of the botanics range. The label is green and white, the product a pale minty/pea green. As is most usual with body scrubs/shower and bath products, this comes in a large plastic squeezy tube, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom where the product is dispensed. It's really in keeping with the nature-lover/gardener/Kew Gardens theme which makes it a great gift for those that way inclined too!

        The product is a good consistency, not runny or too thick. The exfoliating grains are quite substantial, rather than the fine beads that you get in some body polishes. The scent is where it really excels - the label lists crushed apricot seeds and Centella as the extracts but the scent to me was more leaves, grass and fresh green things. Absolutely delicious but not too sweet.


        The product is applied as usual - for use in the shower or bath in place or alongside a shower gel. Whilst the scent of the scrub is wonderful, the use wasn't quite as satisfying. I realise that body scrubs aren't designed or able to work up a lather like your average shower gel, but this one did feel a bit lacklustre.
        I tended to apply with hands or with shower golves or a sponge, but whenever I used with gloves or a sponge the product tended to get lost - it doesn't work up a later and isn't quite substantial or astringent enough for you to feel the affects without one.

        Provenance/contents-wise the promise of active plant extracts is vouched for and verified by Kew - a tough one to argue with.

        The label also promises soft and radiant skin. However the product did not feel quite effective enough on application for that to ring true to me. The gritty element of the scrub provided by the apricot seed was not quite harsh enough for me to feel truly exfoliated/polished after use. As a shower gel with added friction I loved it, but it didn't feel quite up to the job as a polish.

        I suppose the main promise is in the name - but I wouldn't go so far as to say the experience is enlivening - though the smell certainly is.

        My body polish came in a 75ml tube as part of a gift set, but this product is available singly, full size. Priced at £3.83 for 200ml on the Boots website this is good value, but perhaps a false economy as I found myself applying quite a large amount on each use to get a satisfying result.


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        23.06.2011 16:47
        Very helpful



        I like body exfoliators to be rougher

        I bought this in Boots a while ago when i was looking for a body exfoliator. It caught my eye because the label says: 'The Power of Plants' and the packaging is the colour green as is the product inside, and so i thought it looked a natural product which appealed to me.

        I can't remember the price but according to the Boots website it is £3.83 for a 200ml tube.

        Also on the Boots website is a description which says: 'Crushed apricot seed lifts away dirt and dead skin, while cocoa butter smoothes and nourishes the radiant skin revealed.'

        I first applied this while i was in the shower and i massaged into my skin. As I have previously mentioned the product is a green colour and it has little bits of brown in it which I assume are the crushed apricot seeds.
        It has a fresh scent which smells quite similar to aloe vera, which I really liked.

        This didn't feel harsh or rough on my skin and there lies the problem. I want a body exfoliator to be rough because then i know it is doing its job and working. If you have really sensitive skin then this product might be right up your street but i didn't feel that it was doing anything except make my skin smell quite nice. It feels more like something you would use to exfoliate your face.

        The apricot seeds are too small and i didn't feel there were enough of them in the product to make a difference. Rubbing this into my skin it felt quite grainy but that was it, i didn't feel that it was lifting away dead skin which is surely what an exfoliator is meant to do right? But maybe i should have paid more attention to the title - body POLISH not exfoliator.

        My skin didn't feel that much smoother after and it certainly didn't look radiant.

        I have used up the bottle because I don't like wasting things and i noticed that when it was nearly running out it became hard to squeeze out the last bits of the product and it became quite messy. I prefer exfoliators to be in a tub or pot.

        Ok for the price but i doubt i would purchase again.


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        18.03.2010 20:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A measly attempt at a decent body scrub, a disappointment in the Botanics range.

        -- The Botanics Range --
        Christmas 2008 and my Mum bought me a huge box from Boots containing tons of products from the Boots Botanics range. I'm STILL working my way through them now, and to date I have always been quite impressed with the majority of this range, only ever coming across a couple of products I haven't really liked. The Boots Botanics range is focused around planets, and tries to come across as a more natural range. They do a skin care range which includes facial products, a hair care range (of which I praise the intensive conditioning treatment!), and they do a bathing range with everything from scrubs to moisturisers. However the range must not be considered as an organic range. Only quite recently have they released an Organic range within the Boots Botanics name, and you will find this in the facial products section, where most of the ingredients used are certified organic. For the majority of the Botanics range however, they use 'extracts authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.'

        -- Enlivening Body Polish --
        The Enlivening Body Polish was one of the products in the large box, and I recently got around to using this. It sounds rather promising on the packaging, stating that it will give me soft and radiant skin and it contains crushed apricot seed to scrub away dead skin, but also containing white cocoa butter to smoothen the skin. It also contains extracts of Centella, a plant which has traditionally been used both as food and to treat a range of skin conditions. The extract contains ingredients which stimulate skin circulation. It all sounds rather nice to be honest!

        It comes in a 200ml tube, which is mostly see-through. The scrub itself is a pale green/yellow colour and you can visibly see the crushed apricot seed, and from the outside, it looks like a rather nice scrub. Onto the scent of the product and well, to be honest it reminds me a lot of the rest of the Botanics range, which often seems to have the same scent throughout its products. In fact when I smell it I'm often reminded of the Botanics Heat Protection Spray I used, which wasn't very good actually, but it does seem strange to me as I was expecting a different scent for the bathing range. The smell, if I'm honest, isn't the best smell in the world. I'm not very good at describing smells but this one does come across as a plant smell, and I would probably prefer a nice floral or fruity smell really.

        -- Does it scrub up well? Well, no actually... --
        So, the main purpose of the product is to give skin a good scrubbing. I love harsh scrubs, anything too feeble and not harsh enough just doesn't do the job in my opinion, as you can tell I don't have sensitive skin! This Enlivening Body Polish however was rather a disappointment for me. I used this in the shower and it comes out the tube easily enough, probably too runny really, and when I rub it into my skin, it feels more like a flimsy moisturiser with a few crushed bits thrown in as an after through. I never feel as if it's scrubbing away at my skin, and it's really not thick enough for my liking. I used huge amounts of this in one go just to get some sort of desired effect, but it's too runny to be any use really. This means after showering I am constantly dismayed that I don't have that radiant skin they promise, and as for skin circulation.... well, I don't believe a word of it! It's a shame as I love some of the products in the Botanics range, so this came as a huge let down for me, and I had high hopes for a very good body scrub.

        -- Price --
        The 200ml tube costs £3.49 and is available from Boots, although there are often special offers. This not a product I would recommend however, and I believe you are better off spending your money elsewhere if you are looking for a good scrubber. My favourite body scrub to date is the Soap & Glory Spa Sugar Scrub, it smells great and it really does scrub.


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