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Boots Botanics Rough Skin Scrub

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Brand: Boots / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2008 13:03
      Very helpful



      A good body scrub

      I have been on a hunt for a body scrub to sort out my red blotchy arms. Having scoured the shelves of Tesco and not been impressed with what I had found (see Original Source review) I turned next to Boots. After a bit of a hunt (our Boots is huge) I happened upon the Botanics section, which was on offer (yay). I was about to settle up on their Cleansing Body Scrub when I noticed this tube and was drawn to the word 'Rough'. Brilliant I thought just what I am after and promptly went off to the check out. It should have cost £3.49 for 100 ml (rather expensive) but was half price so only cost £1.74.

      What is it?

      Body scrubs are used to exfoliate and remove dead skin, leaving the skin softer and smoother. They also help improve circulation. This one from Botanics contains ginger to invigorate and crushed apricot and walnut shells to exfoliate. Botanics by Boots are all about using active plant extracts at levels that really work (according to them). The extracts are even authenticated by the Royal Botanics Gardens at Kew. The packaging claims that ginger boosts and energises tired skin. The blend of finely crushed apricot stones and walnut shells are to remove hard, over-dry skin allowing the skin to easily absorb moisturiser afterwards.

      The scrub comes in a clear upside down tube. Due to the size of the tube (100ml) it looks more like a facial scrub than a body scrub. The actual scrub inside the tube is a creamy colour with lots of grainy bits in it. Imaging porridge in a tube and you will have a pretty good idea of what it looks like. As the flip top cap is at the bottom it makes getting the scrub out easier. The cap is easy to open, even with wet hands.

      Using It

      Unsurprisingly I used this whilst having a shower. The directions on the back of the tube say to gently massage onto areas of hard skin, such as the feet, knees and elbows. This scrub is not recommended for use on the face, and shouldn't be used on irritated or damaged skin. I first applied it to my problem left arm. The scrub has a creamy, sort of milky consistency, albeit a gritty one and doesn't really smell of anything. This scrub doesn't produce a lather like gel based ones so I used shower gel afterwards to wash myself.

      You can feel the particles in the scrub, but this is not a harsh scrub and my skin didn't feel tender afterwards. The creamy nature of the scrub meant that it felt really moisturising and gentle on my skin whilst still getting rid of my dry skin. I was expecting something grittier from this scrub as it is called a Rough Skin Scrub and was ever so slightly disappointed. The scrub washes off easily and after my shower my skin did feel softer and smoother. It really helped the dry skin on my elbows. Having tried it on my arm I then used it on the rest of my body. My skin sometimes reacts badly to some body products, but I didn't have any adverse reaction to this.


      This is a good body scrub, but it didn't manage to sort out my blotchy arms, something much stronger is needed for that. I think the Rough title is a bit misleading as I think this is a moderately gentle body scrub. I feel this scrub would be suited to people with dry skin who want to remove dry hard patched from the elbows and feet, and the creamy nature of the scrub means it is moisturising and not drying on the skin. I am not a fan of milky products and would prefer a gel based scrub so I probably wont buy this product again, but it is a good scrub and does work.


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    • Product Details

      For removal of hard, overdry skin use this blend of finely crushed apricot stones and walnut shells to let your skin breathe again /

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