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Boots Essential Aromatherapy Sleep Easy Bath Float

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2009 16:45
      Very helpful



      Like any other average bubble bath

      Sleep Easy is the third of the Boots Aromatherapy bath floats I have tried. As mentioned in previous reviews I got these when they were on sale in Boots for about 58p each.

      Now in the beginning, I thought since these products are called bath floats, that they would actually float in the water and be a little bit special. I soon found out that the name bath float means very little and in fact it does not float and is just like any other bubble bath. Disappointing, and I still don't know why it's called bath float!

      This particular product is called sleep easy and they claim it will 'aid restful sleep'. Now, I work a combination of day and night shifts which means my sleeping pattern is pretty erratic. Anything that will help me sleep is very welcome, however having spent almost five years working nights, I have tried lots of different things, and unfortunately find on the whole natural remedies and products such as this do not work for me.

      Oddly this products main ingredients are peppermint and nutmeg. I had never heard of either of these products aiding sleep, and peppermint is something I would have actually thought would have the opposite effect. A quick google search however, indicates that both of them are used as herbal remedies to relieve insomnia.

      The bath float comes in a clear tub through which you can see the reddish-pink product and has a silver lid. Although the tub looks pretty good, I've found that it is not hugely practical, as the bath float is like a very thick cream and it's hard to pour a measured amount out of the tub. I often end up slopping in more than I intended!

      I did find that this product had a slightly different consistency to the other two bath floats I bought - it was much thicker, and almost jelly like. When I poured it into my bath it sunk in big pink jelly-like blobs to the bottom, and produced no foam until I swished the water about with my hand.

      Once I did this it actually began to produce quite a decent foam, and made enough bubbles to cover the surface of the water.

      The product has a pleasant enough scent, which is predominantly peppermint, with a bit of a musty undertone which I'm assuming comes from the nutmeg. It's OK, but to me smells quite masculine and it's not my favourite scent, but at the same time it's not totally awful.

      Although the product doesn't seem to have much of an effect on the feel of the water I have found that the bubbles are long lasting and will usually last the full duration of my bath. The scent of the product is quite noticeable when I first get into the bath, but after a while I stop noticing it.

      As for aiding sleep? Well it didn't work for me at all, in fact I'd say it had no effect on me at all, which was disappointing, but not particularly surprising.

      A 350ml tub costs £2.29 from Boots.

      Overall, I found this to be another average products. As a bubble bath it provided lots of long lasting bubbles, however didn't seem to improve the feel of my skin and didn't help me sleep, so I wont be buying it again.


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