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Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Bath Cream

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bath Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: destresses,

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2009 03:13
      Very helpful



      Not worth a fiver

      The Boots Mediterranean Range is a relatively recent range which includes all sorts of toiletries, from body scrubs to hand creams. I bought the Bergamot, Orange and Olive Bath Cream a year or so ago. It was part of a 3 for 2 offer which spanned various ranges, so I didn't have to pay full price for it, but it should cost £4.99. This is quite a lot to pay for a bath cream in my book, so I was expecting it to be good!

      The cream comes in a clear plastic bottle with a black screw top lid. The packaging is pretty basic and not very special looking, but it's not unattractive. Inside there is a slightly pearlescent looking cream, which is cream coloured. A cream cream, if you like! The bottle has a couple of labels on, the front one with the name of the product and some fruit sitting on a beach underneath a lovely blue sky, which really gives a Mediterranean vibe, and the back one with the ingredients and information on.

      The product information states that the cream has been designed to 'capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of organic and wholesome ingredients to produce a simple, healthy beauty recipe: uplifting bergamot oil, refreshing and revitalising orange oil, and softening and calming olive oil'. Whilst these three ingredients may be organic and wholesome, there is a long list of chemical sounding ingredients which are also present, so I doubt the whole cream has been produced organically. There is also no mention of it not being tested on animals.

      When I open the bottle, the smell of the cream hits me. It is really pleasant and quite unusual. I think the bergamot and the olive are the strongest flavours, with the orange adding a bit of citrusy kick. When the cream is poured under warm running water some of the aroma does transfer to the bath water and to the air, but it is not as strong as I would like, and certainly nothing akin to Lush products, for example.

      The cream makes the water quite soft and silky, though it doesn't seem to have any moisturising effects after I get out of the bath. The bubbles it provides are also minimal, and to get a decent amount you would have to add two or three decent sized dollops of cream.

      I found this cream alright, it did its job and I had no problems with it, but I don't think I would recommend anyone pay £4.99 for a cream that only has a slight aroma when used and doesn't really add much to the bathing experience. I'd use the product again if I got it as a gift, but otherwise I think I will stick to other bath creams that are half the price and just as good.


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      05.11.2008 23:03
      Very helpful



      Wouldn't bother!

      I absolutely love my baths. For me it's a time to just indulge myself, lock the door and chill out for a while with no interruptions. Nothing better to me than being in the bath with a lovely steaming cup of tea and a good magazine and to take a couple of hours just to relax on my own. I love it and I'm a bath person more than a shower one in all honesty.

      The one thing I love to buy are bath products and I always try to buy the more indulgent products. I wouldn't dream of buying run of the mill Radox or Imperial Leather it's just my personal preference. I love Lush stuff and as I love shopping in Boots alot I do like to sample their higher end of the market bathing products. This in my view is one of them type of products and I bought it as a little treat for myself.

      I bought the mini size of this priced at £3.00 a bottle. I think the large size is normally around a £6.00 a bottle. I'm not a hundred per cent sure of prices to be truthful but of course I do know it's bought in Boots and is currently on sale so you need to look for it if interested lol

      The Packaging....

      Well mine is a 75ml recyclable, clear plastic bottle with a screw on/off plastic lid that is situated at the top of the bottle. On the front there is a white sticky label that tells me on the top right hand corner that's it's a Boots product an then I'm told it's Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Bath Cream 'With Organic Extracts Of Uplifting Bergamot Oil And Softening Olive Oil'. There is a photograph of three green olives on there and and finally the size is stated at the bottom of said label. On the back there is another white sticky label where I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warnings, ingredients, the recycle symbol is displayed on there, contact details for Boots are listed and finally there is a bar code. The packaging is ok but does possess a rather practical approach to bathing and doesn't feel luxurious from holding the bottle alone. Close inspection makes the product actually feel rather cheap. So I feel your paying at the point of buying for a treatment of a product rather than a dab of luxury.

      A Bit About The Product....

      Capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of Organic and wholesome ingredients to produce a simple, healthy beauty recipe.

      Uplifting Bergamot Oil
      Refreshing and revitalising Orange Oil
      Softening and calming Olive Oil

      Directions For Use....

      Pour under warm running water to release aroma.

      My Experience Of Using The Product....

      Well I squeezed my bottle under my running taps as directed. The liquid poured out slowly and was white pearlescent in colour. It wasn't runny as such but poured out steadily so I had control of how much I put in. Even though I felt like I emptied rather alot into my bath when I tipped my bottle upright and put it back on my shelf I really had barely used any product at all. When I finished running my bath there were two things that struck me and I don't know which to mention here first to you!

      Ok first bubbles. Barely any. Sure a couple tap end but not lovely rich thick white bubbles that I had expected. Just a splatter which vanished when I got in anyway. They just didn't stick around for long.

      Second the smell. Awful.

      It's like this.... If your a nature princess loving greenery and the outdoor life this could be right up your street I bet. For me it smells raw and rough rather than natural which I know is the aim and I guess it is quite a natural product to be fair. Yes it's heavily fragranced this I couldn't work out while I was in the bath whether I smelt like a clean Eco Warrior or I'd been rolling around in some hay with farmer Giles!

      I didn't get the feeling I was bathing in a Mediterranean treat at all. Aside from the ingredients listed I felt like I was bathing in freshly cut grass. Sure when you read the ingredients that this contains you may nod ya head and get it but if you didn't know then you wouldn't guess the ingredients type of thing. I felt the smell was rather nauseating and rather than relaxing I actually wanted the experience to be over. I smelt no Bergamot, or Oranges. Certainly no zesty fragrance put in an appearance but I guess the olives did in a rather green way. Overall the smell isn't/wasn't for me but would be suitable (if you liked it of course) for men or for women.

      So the only reason I tolerated this was in the vain hope it would do my skin some benefit. Did it? Well in short no. I really don't believe it did anything at all. On the positive it never made my greasy skin greasier which is amazing for a product containing olive oil and it never dried me out either. My skin didn't feel smoother than before I had a bath but felt no rougher either. It was all very straight forward to use.

      The Results....

      Well after using my other usual products with this in the bath I felt clean and fresh to be fair. Luckily the smell only lasted on my skin a couple of hours and I got no comments from people so it couldn't have been that strong though I could smell it wafting about on me! I could cope with that but my bathroom smelt odd for a few hours after. It never upset my skin and I got on with my day, simple as that really.

      Sadly there is nothing special about this and I did expect there to be for the price. I guess if you were someone who needed to bath everyday then this could be relegated to a everyday bath foam type of thing but on the smell front I wouldn't be able to manage with it and it wasn't all that kind to my skin. I like big bubbles and soft water and of course a wonderful fragrance. This actually gave me... nothing at all! The only positive thing I can really say is although my small size cost me £3.00 I could get about 20 baths out of it maybe more but the negative is I don't want to sobbbbbbbb lol


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      Enjoy a warm, relaxing bath with extracts of uplifting bergamot oil, refreshing orange oil and softening olive oil /

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