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Boots No7 Cleansing Body Polish

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Brand: Boots / Type: Body Wash/Cleanser / Subcategory: Polish / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses,

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    5 Reviews
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      25.08.2012 15:59
      Very helpful



      A underwhelming and overpriced product from Boots No7

      I recieved a large Boots No7 bath and body gift set for Christmas. Amongst the items inside was a full size tube of the Cleansing Body Polish, which retails at £9.50 when bought seperately. [200ml.] I was looking forward to trying this as I use exfoliating products on a regular basis but I have yet to try a Boots brand one.

      Boots describe the polish as a "softening, radiance-boosting exfoliator" that will leave your skin smoother, brighter and younger looking. It is said to be gentle enough for daily use. I prefer to use an exfoliator less often than this, for conveniences sake, but I was willing to give this one a go.

      The polish comes in a soft peach coloured tube, graced with a silvery swirl pattern and the No7 logo. It looks a smart and grown up design. I like the fact the tube is squeezy, as I find these by far the easiest to use, especially once you have used quite a lot of the product. The lid is flip top in style and has a decent sized hole beneath, allowing you to dispense the polish easily.

      The first thing that struck me was the scent. I tend to prefer most body products that I use to be lightly scented, or very natural and I wouldn't describe this as either. It is vaguely floral, with soapy undertones. I can't say I especially like it, which is unfortunate as it really does linger on the skin. I can clearly smell it for hours after rinsing, both on me and in the bathroom. I certainly didn't want to mix it with any other perfumes or body sprays as I think it would have made too heady a mix for me. I didn't hate the scent enough to stop using it, but it is a factor in my deciding not to purchase a replacement once this is empty.

      Apart from the scent, my first impressions were good. The polish is a pretty golden peachy colour, and the exfoliating grains are clearly visible. It looks like a thick hand soap to me, with added "bits". Most importantly, it feels gentle on the skin. I have found some exfoliants to be a liitle rough and abrasive feeling but this feels pleasant to use. You can feel the grains though, amongst the soft and creamy lotion. I found that you really do not need to use much at a time, as the polish spreads easily over damp skin. A pea size amount does one arm for example! I found it comfortable to use all over my body but I concentrated on the areas where my skin tends to get goose bumpy if I don't exfoliate often, such as the back of my arms. I found that I had to spend a long time rinsing the polish off, due to fact it left a soapy feel to my skin initially. This is another reason why I was especially surprised at how long the scent lasted on my skin.

      The immediate results for my skin were mostly apparent to touch, rather than being visible. Even after one use, my skin did feel very soft and smooth. It was not, however, any softer than when I use cheaper products, such as those from St Ives. There was no obvious difference to the appearance of my skin. It did look clean, but after all the rinsing I did, I am not surprised! Boots say that I would see the effects of the polish after just a few encounters. Therefore I persisted in using the product daily for a 10 days. I think this is more than "a few" uses, and so I should have been experiencing both younger looking and glowing skin. Sadly neither is true. My skin does not look brighter or more radiant either. If anything, I thought it looked duller than usual, which is something I have never encountered before. I have continued to use the polish, although not every day, to use it up but I have been far from impressed. My skin continued to feel very soft after use, but I still felt the need to use a moisturising lotion to improve the general appearance of my skin.

      Overall, I think this product does not produce amazing results, and I feel it is very overpriced. I achieve better things with the use of a St Ives Apricot scrub at half the price, and I only need to use that a couple of times a week. I would not recommend it as a exfoliator that will give you radiance but it does good job at softening the skin. I have body lotions for that though. The scent doesn't appeal to me, but that is a very personal thing, and if you like it, no doubt it's longevity would be a distinct bonus. Overall, I have been very underwhelmed by this product and I won't buy it myself.

      [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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      18.08.2009 14:19
      Very helpful



      Great product!

      I had a voucher for £5 off Boots No7 so I decided to give this product a try. It would usually cost £8.75 without the voucher.

      I think that the body & bath range of Boots No7 is the most attractively packaged part of the No7 range. This product has a peach coloured tube with goldy/silvery writing and a pearlescent flip top lid.

      Unlike most No7 products, the body polish has a smell! I like my body products to have a smell, so I was really pleased when I opened this. I don't know what the actual scent is, but it is a very light and relaxing smell. As I used it I found myself thinking that this would be lovely for a bath product.

      The product was a lot grainier than I had expected, it was quite a thick consistency. My body felt really smooth and well cleaned after I had used it. I was very impressed with the results, I've often thought that body polishes weren't as good as a body scrub but this has certainly changed my mind about that!

      A word of warning - this product had a seal over the tube entrance which had to be peeled off, I didn't realise this until I was in the shower and squeezing the tube to no avail! It wasn't very easy to get the seal off with wet hands so try and remember to remove it before you get in the shower!

      This was a fantastic product, one I will definitely be buying again and I would highly recommend it!


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      04.08.2009 12:00
      Very helpful




      No 7 Cleansing Body Polish

      I buy lots of Boots no 7 products and always seem to be given free gifts; so many in fact that the number of samples I get make a whole "big" product, so i have plenty of opportunities to test them and if I like them buy more and get more free samples. Great marketing on the part of Boots!
      This one promises that after a few uses, my skin will gleam. The gentle exfoliators are ok to use every day and dull cells will be smoothed away to reveal brighter younger skin underneath. If only the claims were true...


      I am of course commenting on my very small 25ml tube, but the full size one is almost the same, only a bit ( a lot) bigger. The tube is a kind of peachy pinky colour with instructions and promises all fitting on the small back- a miracle! It's easily opened with a screw on/off lid, and once i get this opened, i can test the product.

      There is of course one of those irritating little bits of plastic to peel off the top before I get to the product, but once there i am able to squeeze some out. The product itself is clear with a very faint floral smell but nothing over powering and nothing that lasts once you have done your scrubbing. The exfoliating bits are tiny and although I can feel them when I rub them into my skin, they are so small and gentle that they do no damage - no red raw skin for me! They do however do a good enough job of removing dead skin, so i can feel all clean without any soreness.

      HOW TO USE IT...

      I find this is best used in the shower because if used in the bath, there are definitely small exfoliating bits to contend with- far better to just shower them away. Simply squeeze a small amount of the product onto your hand and work it into your skin in small circles. Rinse and dry. Very very simple, especially for one who hates prolonged beauty regimes.

      As ever, there have to be warnings, and these are fairly simple- don't use on irritated or damaged skin and don't get it into your eyes. In fact, i would suggest not to use it on your face, because it is a body polish and in the realms of beauty speak I think face and body are different


      Costing £8.60 for 100ml this is available in store or at www.boots.com

      I have found this product to be a really good exfoliator. It is easy to use and gentle on the skin. After use my skin feels soft and clean but thankfully not sore. It is especially good before holidays when I frantically try to get rid of all that dry skin!! The only thing I would advise is not to use it too often as it can be quite drying as it scrubs away the dead cells. I tend to find that once a week is sufficient.

      I will be buying the full product version when i have worked my way through all the samples, and would recommend this product to anyone who wants a gentle exfoliator.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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        18.04.2009 17:04
        Very helpful



        Works, but isn't worth it!

        Ooh, Cleansing Body Polish! Sounds fancy doesn't it?

        I did wonder what it could be at first. I imagined some thick, waxy potion that you rubbed in with a muslin cloth to buff up your skin, lol!

        I wish it was actually, because the truth is rather disappointing.

        'Cleansing Body Polish' is actually an exfoliator with a built in moisturiser.

        Must be something really special though to be called a Body Polish, and to cost £8.60 a bottle?

        No, not really.

        It comes in a large peach coloured tube with gold detail and a white flip top lid. It is 200ml in size and can be used for up to 24 months after opening. It is Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.

        It is enriched with pomegranate Oil to moisturise, and Almond Oil to promote a healthy look to your skin. Sounds good!

        No 7 claims that it is an: 'everyday solution for dull skin. This gentle body polish smoothes away surface cells revealing beautiful glowing skin'.

        I thought I'd better put that to the test!

        So off I went to pamper myself with my pile of goodies. I ran a lovely hot bath but didn't put anything in it so I could see the true effects of this magical polish.

        I dampened my skin then squeezed a little 'polish' out of the tube. It is a thick, clear gel with lots of shiny white particles. The first thing you notice is the smell. It is a lovely, warm scent. I can't put my finger on a particular fragrance but it reminds me of a lot of the other No 7 products and is a pleasant, clean smell.

        I started rubbing it in to my upper arms as they can sometimes get a little dry. When you rub it in you notice that those little white particles are a lot sharper than they look! They are not rough as such, just on the same level as any good exfoliator. You also work up a thick white lather, not a lot but it is noticeable and this really lets that lovely smell float around the bathroom.

        Once I had finished, I washed it off and repeated on my legs and knees. When I got out of the bath I didn't put any moisturiser on (I usually forget anyway!) so any effects will be purely from this body polish.

        Upon inspection, my skin does feel smoother and does seem to look a little healthier. Only slightly but there is an improvement. My skin does feel very dry though. The Pomegranate Oil does need a little help in that department so you would need to use a moisturiser as well to get good results.

        It is a good product and I am happy with the results but it does not live up to its expectations and, in my opinion, is definitely not worth £8.60. There are a lot of good exfoliators that I have tried that do the job just as well and cost less than half the price of this one.

        I wouldn't recommend this product; if you were looking for an exfoliator I'd recommend No 7's Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Body Exfoliator. It does the job a lot better, which in turn does help to brighten your skin. You definitely need to moisturise afterwards, but then you would with this product as well. It costs £9.80 for 150ml so is not much more expensive but it goes a lot further so will last longer anyway.

        Overall- It doesn't do exactly what it promises but is still a good product. I really don't think it's worth £8.60 though. It is a three star product but the excessive price tag means that it loses a star overall.

        If you would like to try either of these proucts, then head down to your nearest Boots ASAP as they currently have 3 for 2 on most of the No 7 range. And don't forget your advantage card!

        They are also risk free investments, as unlike most other beauty/cosmetics companies, if you are at all unhappy with any No7 product you can return it for a full refund, as long as you have your receipt of course.


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        29.08.2008 19:11
        Very helpful



        Give your Body a Polish......

        I bought my No 7 Cleansing Body Polish, a few weeks ago, when it was on offer at Boots Limited. If I bought three products from this range I got the cheapest one for free.

        This body polish come in a pale peach coloured tube, and it has a white, plastic, flip top lid. It says No 7 Cleansing Body Polish on the front of the tube. It also tells me that the product is hypo-allergenic.

        I used my cleansing body polish for the first time last week and I must admit I was delighted with the results.

        The contents of the tube have a lovely, delicate, floral, fragrance. It is the same fragrance as the bath soak in this range.

        I squeezed a small amount, from the tube, onto my hand and carefully started to apply it to my skin. The instructions advised that I should apply it to my skin in small circles, and this is what I did.

        I found it simple to apply and it spread very easily.

        The body polish is clear in colour and the consistancy is quite thick. As I applied it to my skin it did feel slightly gritty, and this gave me the impression that it was working really well.

        After I had applied it to my skin, I then went under the shower and washed it all off. It came off very easily and I have to say that my skin felt really soft. My elbows and knees, which usually feel slightly rough, also felt very soft and smooth.

        The aim of the body polish is to smooth away dead and dull skin cells. This in turn should reveal smoother and brighter skin.

        As far as I am concerned this body polish works very well. I have now used it several times and have been very happy with the results each time. It also makes me feel as if I am giving my skin a treat.

        The ingredients are all listed on the back of the tube. There is also a product promise which claims that No 7 only use ingredients that they know and trust.

        This Body Polish comes in a 200ml tube. As I said, I have used this product several times and there is not really much out of the tube. A little does go a long way.

        Cleansing Body Polish costs £8.75. I got this free with my other two purchases. I can say honestly, that I would willingly pay the full price for the product, if I couldn't get it on offer.

        This is a product that I would highly recommend.


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        Moisturises and softens the skin to promote a healthy look /