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Boots Royal Jelly Bath Trio

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Brand: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2010 09:36
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      Worth giving these products a try.

      I love the smell of Royal Jelly, it is often at a good price in Boots (both this gift set and the individual 500 ml bottles) and it is certainly not just for old people. However, it is the moturising creme bath that you want to buy - I found the rest of this gift set a little normal!

      For those who don't know Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion (as seen in a large scale on Futurama!), which over hundreds of years has thought to have had healing properties, particularly for the skin. It is produced in very small quanties in the hive, and so is rare/expensive. The product does not exactly how much Royal Jelly is in it, it is probably very little, which has been mixed together with honey. Quote from bottle "This luxurious crème bath is rich in ingredients beneficial to the skin. Contains natural Royal Jelly and honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties."

      There are three products in this set, which can also be found in the large bottles in Boots (I usually buy the large bottles and have only bought this gift set once). This set contains Moisturising Crème Bath, Body Lotion, and Body Wash, and bath puff. From what I remember the box was quite classy, but I generally avoid giving Boots branded products as gifts, as most of them are quite cheap - and giving Royal Jelly does seem to insinuate a need to moturise the skin!

      The bottles themselves are square and clear with brown labels, and brown bottle caps, the large ones are round, clear with gold caps. They look quite old fashioned, but classy.

      The Moisturising Crème Bath is my absolute favourite, it a peach coloured, pearly, cream liquid, which smell absolutely delicious. The instructions denote to pour it under running water, then relax in moturising creme bath, which will reduce drying effects of bathing as well as cleanse the skin. The fragrance from the bath was intense, I felt like I was stepping into a spa (much better than Radox, Imperial Leather etc), moreover the creme bath hovered on the surface rather like essential oil. My skin felt fantastic on stepping on, perfectly moturised.

      The body lotion in my opinion was nothing special but complimented the other products. This did smell a little old ladyish. Not recommended for the young. However, it was a nice consistency, came out of the bottle easilly, and did moturise the skin. I just prefer a young scent !

      The body wash is also not particularly special (although still better than the normal body washes!), again it smells amazing, it a peach coloured liquid. Perhaps this is just me, for body washes I prefer a fresh scent, as I use them when I get up, and the Royal Jelly just isn't the right candidate for this job!

      There is another product worth a mention which isn't included in this set, which is the foaming bath essence, this is also fantastic. I usually a combination of the foaming bath essence and moturising bath essence for the perfect bath.

      I recommend you get a couple of these products in the 2 for £3.50 offer which is often going on in stores, the products in the gift set are not worth it!


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        27.02.2009 17:17
        Very helpful



        Would make a lovely small gift or stocking filler

        I like a bargain, and I like having nice smellies to use in the bathroom, so when I came across this Royal Jelly Bath and body trio in Boots at half the normal price, I thought I would give it a go.

        Royal Jelly is substance that through the ages has been thought to have magical properties, and has been used for all sorts of health problems, including skin problems. Some people even believe it to be good for wrinkles. What Royal jelly is, according to Wikipedia, is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. Contrary to popular opinion, it is used for all the larvae, not just the queens, but when new queens are needed they are fed upon only royal jelly in large quantities, and so this triggers the development of the queen. Because only small amounts of royal jelly are made by the hive it is viewed as a rare product.

        The product to be reviewed is called Royal Jelly Bath Trio, but I was unable to find out how much Royal jelly is in the product. It is in there together with honey, but I couldn't find any mention of amounts.

        The boxed set contains Moisturising Crème Bath, Body Lotion, and Body Wash, and is packaged with a cream coloured scrunchy bathing puff. The box is a rich dark brown colour, with a honeycomb design all over it, and a clear section at the front so that you can see the bottles inside. The rear of the package gives you the ingredients of the products, in several languages.

        The three bottles are attached to a plastic base which holds them in position in the box, and this was quite difficult to remove. There was some kind of sticky pad on the base of each bottle holding them in place into the rigid plastic holder, and this was so effective it made if very difficult to get the three 100 ml bottles out of the packaging. Once you've fought with it, and won though, you have three clear plastic bottles each with a dark brown screw cap, and a dark brown label, with gold writing, proclaiming that these are Boots Royal Jelly, and telling you what the product is.

        Moisturising Crème Bath

        This is a thick and creamy liquid, a sort of peachy orange colour, with a pearlised finish. The rear of the bottle tells you that "This Luxurious crème bath is rich in ingredients beneficial to the skin. Contains natural Royal Jelly and honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties."

        Instructions for use

        "Simply pour under warm running water and step into a world of luxury. With added moisturisers, to help reduce the drying effects of bathing, as well as gently cleansing the skin."

        My thoughts.

        When I poured the product into the bath, there was a sweet pleasing, honey fragrance, with a hint of amber, and it dispersed quickly, and easily, making plenty of bubbles. The fragrance filled the whole bathroom, and was very soothing. It's sweet but not cloying, and nothing too overpowering, just a pleasant gentle fragrance. The water felt silky as I stepped into it, and the bubbles were plentiful. I enjoyed lying in the warm water with the fragrance surrounding me. I used the bath puff to whisk the bubbles over my skin, and really enjoyed my bathing experience. When I dried my skin, it felt fairly soft, but not so soft that I didn't feel I needed to use the body lotion.

        Body Lotion

        This is a very pale creamy liquid, which has a similar fragrance to the crème bath, so that it would compliment it, but lishgtly different. It reminded me a little of the calamine lotion we used to put on chicken pox to stop you from itching when I was a child, both in scent and in colour, but it wasn't unpleasant, it is sweet and light. The rear of the bottle tells us "This lightly textured nourishing body lotion helps to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. Contains matural Royal jelly and honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties.

        Instructions for use

        "Massage gently onto your skin to leave your body feeling smooth and soft."

        My thoughts

        The liquid flowed easily out of the bottle, always a plus to me, especially when you get to the end of the bottle, I hate not being able to get the last drops out because the product is too thick! It smoothed over the skin easily and lightly, without feeling greasy, and was easily absorbed into the skin. It soon dried, so that it didn't rub off onto clothing when you wanted to get dressed. My skin felt soft and smooth, and lightly fragranced, not overpoweringly so.

        Body Wash

        The clear plastic bottle contains a thick gloopy clear liquid, a slightly peachy gold. The rear of the bottle tells us "This luxurious bodywash is rich in ingredients beneficial to the skin. Contains natural Royal Jelly and honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties"

        Instructions for use

        "Apply to moist skin, and massage gently to create a rich creamy lather. Rinse off with warm water."

        My thoughts

        I had to squeeze the bottle slightly to get the thick liquid out of the bottle. Two squeezes onto the body puff was plenty to wash my body in the shower, and using the body puff made plenty of lather, which was rich and with the same sweet amber, honey fragrance as the crème bath. It lathered up well, and left me feeling clean and fresh, and sweetly fragranced. When I dried my skin, it felt soft, but I still felt that I needed to use the body lotion, for it to be properly moisturized.


        I have really enjoyed using these products, and I think they would make a very nice filler sort of gift for someone, especially if you can pick up the set, as I did for half price. At the moment at Boots online, it is £5.87. which still isn't overly expensive for the three items. Admittedly, the bottles are all only 100mls, but if you're like me, and like to try different things in your bath and shower, then these sizes are fine. It's especially good value if you can find it in your local store at half price.

        The products are made in China. It is recommended that you keep the products out of your eyes, and it is also recommended that you keep the bath crème and the body wash out of direct sunlight.


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        Bath and body essentials in a classic royal jelly scent /

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