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Boots The Pink Cow Strawberry Sundae

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Brand: Boots / Bath and Shower Gel. / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2010 19:27
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      A gorgeous bath and shower gel from The Pink Cow range

      If you regularly follow my reviews you will be aware that I absolutely adore my toiletries. I have very fond memories of Christmas when I was a child whereby I couldn't wait to get into a hot bath and use some of my gorgeous new multi-coloured bottles of bubble baths and talcs, which was subsequently followed by snuggling up on the sofa in my new PJ's and slippers! It seems I was quite easily pleased back then! I still love beautiful toiletries and simply cannot resist anything that looks that little bit different; the bottles of which somehow always manage to find their way into my trolley or basket! The product I am discussing today was one of my most recent discoveries, so after several weeks of use I made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to enable me to tell you all about it and its' name is The Pink Cow Strawberry Sundae.


      The appearance is what initially attracted me to this product and whilst I'm not particularly fond of girly pinks the bottle is simply beautiful and very appealing to the eye. It is manufactured from a sturdy transparent plastic, which stands at approximately 18 cm in height and allows us to see the vivid pink contents. I attempted to carry out a little research on The Pink Cow, which is a registered trademark of Blue Orange, but unfortunately, I failed miserably, as every other combination of "pink" and "cows" appeared in my research results! Whilst I received considerable information on pink socks, cow socks and cow leg warmers I could not find this company, so I'm unsure if they own a website, which is a real shame. Anyway, back to the appearance of the product ...

      The name "The Pink Cow" is somewhat hidden above the striking bold lettering, which informs us that this is a Strawberry Sundae fragrance and we are informed this is "a very wild bath and shower gel". I'm not quite sure what this means, so I'll take the manufacturer's word for it! In my experience of using this range of products we are always provided with a rather quirky statement and amongst others we are informed "be silly .... It makes your brain cells giggle!" We are also advised to recycle the product by way of the recycling symbol on the reverse and a small statement on the front of the bottle that informs us that the plastic may return as a yoghurt tub! I cannot help smiling each time I read this, as it gives me the impression that the manufacturer is fun-loving and down-to-earth.


      We are provided with 500ml of a fairly thick consistency gel, which is easily dispensed via the sturdy black flip top lid. A real positive for me is that the lid actually closes tightly, unlike some other products that I've owned where it tends to weaken at the "hinged" area after only a few uses. As this is a bottle the product sits neatly on its' base, so there's no need to balance the gel in between other beauty products. On the first occasion that I dispensed the gel onto my net body polisher wonderful images of ripe strawberries, a large scoop of ice cream and fresh cream popped into my head, as its' fragrance is so delicious and very realistic!

      Only a small amount is needed to create a luxurious and plentiful lather, which swiftly removes all traces of grease and grime. I haven't used either a bath sponge or flannel in years, particularly as I find that net body polishers enable my beauty products to last much longer. Another real positive is that you're not left with that lumpy soggy mess in the middle of your sponge, which is what generally happens after a few weeks of use. Strawberry Sundae is wonderfully rich and can also be used as a bubble bath, which surprised me, particularly as it's marketed as a gel. However, only a small squirt is required into a running bath to create plenty of beautiful swirling bubbles. Unfortunately, as was the case with the Lemon Souffle, the fragrance does not transfer onto the skin, but as far as I'm concerned this is only a minor issue as the positives with this product far outweigh the one negative.


      Whilst there was no evident fragrance on my skin after use in either the bath or shower I have to state that the product left my body feeling silky soft and smooth. My skin also felt extremely hydrated and there were no signs of drying or any adverse reaction. I had been suffering major problems with my hands due to the extreme weather conditions that we have recently experienced and was a little cautious with using fragranced gels, but I need not have worried, as this product was considerably gentle on my skin. In my opinion, the gel can be used during any time of the day and is suited to both men and women. Consequently, I cannot recommend this product highly enough and it receives 4 stars from me, as unfortunately, one has been deducted due to the fragrance not transferring to my skin.


      There is an extremely lengthy list of ingredients on the reverse of the bottle and for obvious reasons I do not intend copying it into this review. However, I can state that Pink Cow Strawberry Sundae has not been tested on animals and is therefore, suitable for vegetarians. We are also informed that the product is allergen free. As with all products of this nature care should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes and if this should occur, rinse immediately with warm water.


      I have only been able to locate this range of product in Boots and I would advise that you can pick up this gorgeous bath and shower gel for £2 for a 500ml bottle.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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