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Burt's Bees Natural Remedies Theraputic Bath Crystals

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Bath Salt / For Vegans: yes

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2010 20:44
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      Therapeutic Bath Crystals Revives and relieves for tension-free muscles.

      I am a huge fan of Burt's Bee's products and usually end up being tempted to buy them when I make a visit to my local pharmacy because when I am in the queue waiting to collect my prescription, right there in front of me are the Burt's Bees products and it has everything from Lip Gloss, Lip Balms, Hand Creams, Body Creams, Bath oils, Cuticle creams and lord knows what else. This time I decided it was time to purchase a product that I had had my eye on for some time now, Burt's Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals and what caught my eye was the packaging and the fact they were being sold for half price, so the Pharmacy was either having a bit of a sale to get rid of the product or it wasn't very popular and they still wanted rid of it, so I bought it.

      Now the packaging which caught my eye was the fact that this product is sold in a tin, it is infact similar to a tin of beans in size and it has a label around its middle in a bright yellow almost canary colour and on the front of the label is a greyish green sketch of an old man with a hat on and he is Mr Burt's Bee. Also on the label are the words Therapeutic Bath Crystals - Revives and relieves for tension-free muscles and it sounds absolutely fabulous if you read the back of the label to find out more about the product. Now admittedly, I bought it because I was intrigued as to what it was and I liked the tin can packaging, however to buy it when it isn't on sale would set you back £10.99 for 454g, like I said, the same sized can as a can of beans or thereabouts, so it is a little pricey at a first glance, however once you get into the swing of using it, then I actually think it is quite good value for money.

      The Therapeutic Bath Crystals are to be used in your bath, now for my regular readers you will all know that I love baths, not only do I love them but I like them to be nice and hot because I an intending to spend more than an hour in one with my book, a chilled glass of wine and a facemask if I have one around. For me a bath is a luxury I look forward to. I have a stressful job and a stressful lifestyle and I do like to kick back and treat myself at least once a week to a self-indulgent bath, now if I haven't been near a Lush shop then I tend to find something else that I like and this time it is a Burt's Bee's product which I am also fond of.

      For those people who haven't heard of Burt's Bee's before, as a company they were born back in 1984 when they began selling beeswax candles fast-forward to 1989 when the company has grown and taken off as a brand, they stepped into the cosmetic industry and began to make cosmetics, starting with soaps and perfumes. Today they sell over 150 plus products around the world and like many companies within this market they use as many natural ingredients as they possibly can and they go one step further by ensuring that most of the packaging of their products is created from recycled materials as far as possible. You can now find products from Burt's Bee's for your lips, face, body, hair, hands and feet, for men and for babies to name but a few, so there is definitely something for everyone. To purchase products from this range you can either buy them online or you are likely to find them in your local pharmacy and sometimes a supermarket.

      Back to the bath, once the water has been running for a few minutes and there are several inches of water in the bottom, you need to open up your tin can, I find it is easier to use a spoon to lift out the lid which is securely placed, once it pops out you will notice inside the can that there is a mass of white crystal looking salt rocks, that is the best description to give to the actual product and you use 1-2 tablespoons, depending on how generous you want to be, I always use 2 and then let your bath finishing running and allow the salt crystals to dissolve into the water for a few minutes afterwards. The instructions with this product is that you need to spend approximately 15minutes in your bath to allow the salt crystals to work on your skin and body and what they do according to the tin is "help release the lactic acid that builds up during physical activity causing muscle ache. The penetrating action of essential oils helps stimulate the elimination of waste products, helping muscles feel as good as new". Once in the bath you can smell of the citrusy aroma of Lemons and it is a nice relaxing aroma which I really like the fragrance of and whilst not all of the salt crystals have totally dissolved as you can feel them crash against your skin within the water, it is extremely relaxing to just lie back and let the stress and tension ease.

      As I mentioned there is a lemony aroma with this product and this comes from the Lemon Oil and it has many benefits particularly for the skin because it helps to decongest the skin and is especially useful for people who have greasy skin. It also helps clear the mind and relieve headaches. Next comes Rosemary which great for stimulating the brain and improving your memory as well as helping to ease mental fatigue, physical tiredness and nervous exhaustion. On the skin Rosemary Oil its benefits mirror those of the lemon oil which have already been mentioned. Soybean oil is also an ingredient and it is used because it is a natural moisturiser which has a nourishing, softening and moisturizing effect on skin. Finally the most important ingredient is Sea Salt and it is one of those ingredients that is becoming more and more popular within bath products because it draws the toxins out of your skin thus leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed as well as soft and supple because it acts as an exfoliator which helps remove dirt and grime from your skin alongside dead skin cells and hard bits of skin which need to be removed. So adding off of these ingredients together, you have quite a product here.

      How did I feel after my bath? Well my skin was most definitely soft and smooth to the touch and well moisturised and in myself I did feel much more relaxed and stress free and the fact I liked the fragrant aroma of this product is an added bonus because it isn't too over the top it is just right and it does also linger on your skin and throughout your home. As I said before to purchase this at full price, it is likely to set you back £10.99 for 454g but you only need to use a maximum of 2 tablespoons of it per bath and depending on how often you use it depends on how long it will last. I have had mine for just over two months and have used less than a third of the tin. I store it on my bathroom shelf but ensure the lid is secured after using to ensure that it remains as fresh as possible and I suspect I have at least another 6 months use out of it. For me this product is a lovely treat for my skin and something I recommend as an alternative to a body scrub or a sea salt treatment because it works just as well.


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      Indulge in a warm bath with the penetrating action of these salt crystals and essential oils / Suitable for vegans /

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