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Burt's Bees Vitamin E Body & Bath Oil

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2011 15:53
      Very helpful




      Burts Bees lemon and vitamin E oil

      After having been on holiday, my skin was quite dehydrated and because I wanted a little more than a moisturiser, I bought this so that I could add it to my bath.

      **What is it?**
      The product is advertised as an all natural indulgent bath oil which combines Lemon Oil (energising) to refresh the skin , Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil to soothe and nourish. Promising soft and supple skin, this seems to be just what my skin needs.

      **Product and Packaging...**

      The product comes in a plastic bottle containing 115ml of the stuff. All of the information and instructions are on the back of the bottle. The oil itself when I look at it through the clear bottle looks yellow, which is fitting enough given that the oil comes complete with lemon. When I flip down the lid I see that it is dispensed through a small hole, which doesn't impede the oil at all- it does come out easily. The oil itself smells nice and lemony, and when I add it to the bath, it does leave the bathroom smelling fresh and lemony.

      Being an oil, it is oily! I say this because it does make the bottom of the bath slippery so care must be taken when standing up and getting out of the bath.

      **How to Use It...**

      Add one or two tablespoons of the oil to warm bath water, or apply directly to damp skin to moisturise after showering. I like to use it in the bath, when it makes my skin feel fresh and moisturised without feeling greasy. When I apply it to damp skin, I personally don't like the feeling because then I feel as though I am having to just let myself air dry with the oil and water on my skin. However, if used on damp skin, my skin feels nicely moisturised and I find the faint lemon smell quite pleasant.


      The RRP is £9.99 for quite a small bottle but a little bit goes a long way and this lasted me ages. It is widely available online and in larger department stores- I bought mine from Debenhams.


      A good quality product which went a long way to rehydrating my skin. I also added it to the bath when Little Miss was bathing and it seems it's also gentle enough for her young skin.

      Smells good, and moisturises; I would recommend this for anyone wanting a little extra moisture for their skin

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      23.10.2008 16:34
      Very helpful



      A lemon smelling bath oil from Burt's Bee's

      I have spent a lot of time reading reviews here lately and it became apparent that there are various trends of beauty products which rapidly become popular. The one range which caught my eye was Burt's Bee's because I had seen their stock for sale in my local chemist which seemed to have a whole shelf dedicated to the products and because I had yet to read a bad review about them I decided to treat myself on payday.

      Now I am not a big fan of Lush, that might be shocking to some of you but although I have never used any of their products I simple cannot abide the smell of the shop when walking past, it really is too strong and with that in mind I decided that I should try with something straightforward and plumped for the Burt's Bees Vitamin E Body and Bath Oil, not the type of product I would usually buy because I am a big fan of the relaxing Radox or Original Source products, but not wanting to miss out on the fun I bought it. Now we are entering the cold months, I feel my skin is in need of something extra to keep it soft and smooth, as the harsh weather really does dry my skin out quite terribly.

      The Burt's Bees Vitamin E Body and Bath Oil is sold in a plastic bottle which reminds me of the bottle that the Snapple drink that you can buy from your local shop is sold in. It is very round and fat in shape with a black screw top lid and clearly upon the bottles label are the words The Burt's Bees Vitamin E Body and Bath Oil. Within the bottle which is completely see through is some yellow coloured looking lotion of some kind which actually reminded me of Olive Oil and also to be found on the label are some of the ingredients which include lemon oil and sweet almond oil.

      This product comes with a long list of ingredients which are clear to read on the back of the bottle. As I found out later, Burt's Bees products contain a lot of natural ingredients and essential oils because it is believed that they are better for the skin. So although I already know that this product contains Lemon and Sweet Almond Oil I also learn that there is Wheatgerm oil and some rosemary. Lemon Oil and Sweet Almond Oil I have had experience off in many other products and I know that Sweet Almond oil helps to soothe, condition and seal in the skin's moisture which makes it appear and feel much softer to touch. Lemon Oil is an uplifting scent and it is used in bath and body products because of its ability to really clean the skin particularly if it is greasy. I had never in my experience come across Wheatgerm Oil and I did Google it to find that it is very high in Vitamin E and I am told Vitamin E is used within creams and lotions because it is not only an antioxidant but it also helps to keep the skin looking younger and helps to reduce the signs of aging.

      So now I am armed with that information, I am ready for my bath and once my bath taps were running on full I tipped in a few capfuls of the bath oil I noticed it was quite similar to Olive Oil and was thick in texture and it plopped out of the bottle rather than run smoothly. As the oil mixed with the water I was surprised not to find a greasy film floating on the top of the bath, although my bath did now look like someone had taken a wee in it due to the colour, the one thing I noticed was how fragrant the lemon had become. As this is an oil, I didn't expect to have any bubbles, so I wasn't disappointed on that front, I was actually rather taken aback by the lovely smell it created and how relaxing I found my bath to be. As you sit in the bath surrounded by this product you can, if you touch your skin, actually feel the oil and I did rub it gently into my skin to ensure the product would work and that I would have super soft skin.

      After my bath and once I had dried myself my skin did feel really nice and soft and smelled beautiful of lemons and almonds and was very soft to touch and in myself I felt incredibly relaxed and stress free. Since buying this product I have used it as I would use baby oil and when I have found dry patches of skin, using a cotton wool pad or ball I have dabbed the oil onto my skin directly to treat that particular area and it is great having a product in the house which is so versatile.

      Since buying this product I have become quite a fan of Burt's Bees products and this is one product that I will definitely be again and in the meantime I may find myself wandering past the chemist to purchase one or two other products I had my eye on. With Burt's Bees products you do have to pay quite a lot more for them than your usual high street brand and this bath oil alone cost me just under £10 because it was on offer at £9.99, so that is something to bare in mind. I have had my bottle for just over 2 weeks now and I haven't used a third of the bottle yet and it has been used 6 times in total. The one thing to remember is that you really don't need to use very much of the oil when having a bath.


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        21.10.2008 18:53
        Very helpful



        a different way to enjoy a bath

        After my long relationship with Lush products, I have had to adjust somewhat to using oil in my bath instead of a foaming substance.
        Part of my Burts Bees range consisted of a bath oil which can be used in the bath or directly on your skin after a bath or shower. I chose to add some to my bath the first time I used this.

        Packaged in dark plastic bottle with a screw lid, this bath oil is a citrus flavour as well as containing vitamin E.
        As you open the bottle a lovely strong scent of citrus, in this case, lemon hits you. It's a really refreshing fragrance and makes me want to inhale very deeply, but I resist of course.
        To add this to your bath the bottle recommends you add two table spoons. I never use measures and add a glug which I think would be about the right amount. This oil is added after your bath has been run. The oil glistens as it sits on the surface of the bath congregating together in little bubbles. It looks very inviting as I sink into the water, but I do wonder where all this oil is going to gather around me.

        After a soak of about fifteen minutes, I can feel the oil as it is sitting on my skin. It is making my skin feel soft and the aromas coming from the water are divine.
        I notice I have to adjust my body to make sure I get a good coating of oil all over. I wouldn't want any part of my body to miss out on this experience.

        Obviously the oil won't go anywhere else apart form into your skin as it sits on the water's surface. I would recommend you stay in the bath for as long as possible to enjoy the experience, but if you can't spend too long, then I would gather up as much of the surface oil you can see and rub into your skin.

        The one main thing to remember when using this product is that as it is oil, then you will need to take care when getting out of the bath as it will be very slippery.
        When you dry yourself, you will feel the oil still on your skin and you shouldn't rub too much of it off as it will still carry on absorbing into you after you have gotten out of the bath.

        My skin smelled wonderful and it really did do a good job of becoming soft a couple of hours after my first bath with this product.

        This bath oil will cost you £10 for an 18ml bottle. This will last you longer if you apply directly to your skin rather than adding to the bath, but I don't always have time for this and I prefer to use it in the bath.
        It's an expensive product but not more so than a Lush product is when you consider how many uses you are going to get out of each.


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    • Product Details

      Contains sweet almond oil and lemon oil that helps to restore moisture to your skin /

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