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Calvin Klein Beauty Bath & Shower Creme

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2 Reviews

Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Shower Gel / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2012 22:26
      Very helpful



      One of the best shower gels I have used, it's just a shame about the price!

      I received a bottle of the Calvin Klein Beauty bath and shower creme for Christmas as it was in with the perfume gift set. I had never used or even smelt the fragrance before until then. I loved the fragrance although it isn't what I would usually go for - it was quite a strong heavy scent and I kept it for special occasions.

      The Perfume Shop describe this as a feminine, sophisticated fragrance that opens with top notes of Ambrette Seeds, middle notes of Jasmine and dries down to base notes of Cedarwood. The scent is quite floral and I would agree it does make me feel quite sophisticated! The shower cream smells exactly the same as the perfume and is just as strong, I was actually quite shocked by this as I have used many shower gels/cremes in the past that have came included with a perfume I love, but they have never been as good as what you'd expect considering the price tag if bought separately!

      When I first used this I was in the bath and the smell seemed to linger in the room for quite some time after. I usually use Lush bath products and so it takes a very good shower gel to overpower the smell of them! Not only did the smell make the bathroom smell lovely, but also my skin for a while after use too. I did not actually notice this myself but my boyfriend did as he asked what I had used as I smelt lovely! I think I must have just gotten used to the scent whilst in the bath to not notice it on my skin when I got out.

      I also used this bath and shower creme for bubbles when I ran out of bubble bath once too and it was good at creating a decent amount of bubbles and it made my bath smell lovely, but I wouldn't recommend using this as a bubble bath as the effects are much better on the skin when it is used to actually wash yourself. A little goes a long way with this product too. When squeezing the creme out of the bottle a small amount comes out so that you don't end up wasting any of the product. My 100ml lasted me around 3 months and I used it a few times a week (I like to alternate between shower gels a lot).

      I received a 100ml bottle of this in my gift set but to buy separately a 200ml costs £18.99 and is available from the Perfume Shop. I would never dream of paying that much for a shower gel, even if it is really good as this one - but I would purchase if it comes in a Calvin Klein Beauty gift set as I like the fragrance too. The gift sets tend to be priced the same as what you would pay if buying the perfume by itself too - meaning you get the shower creme for free. If you like this fragrance then I would highly recommend the shower creme to you as it smells exactly the same and the scent of it really lasts on your skin for ages. I received a lot of compliments after using it!


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      05.01.2011 08:09
      Very helpful



      A perfect way to layer your Beauty fragrance with Calvin Klein

      I recently reviewed a new addition to the gorgeous range of Calvin Klein fragrances, namely Beauty; a fragrance that most certainly lives up to its' name with its' very contemporary and sophisticated bottle and classy and chic aroma. As I absolutely adore beautiful toiletries I love to be able to team them up with matching products, such as shower gels, soaps and body lotions, but as this is not something that finances will allow me to do on a daily basis, it is a wonderful treat for every so often.

      Over the years, Calvin Klein fragrances have grown on me with my initial purchase being CK One, a unisex fragrance, which led me to the stunning and adorable Eternity, then Euphoria and now the latest creation, Beauty, which was launched during the Autumn of 2010. In my experience when my fragrances have been layered I feel extremely feminine and that little extra special and this review discusses my experience of using Beauty Luminous Bath and Shower Crème. Whilst the photograph I provided to Dooyoo shows the product in what appears to be a bottle, my crème is contained within a 100ml tube, which was accompanied by a 30ml fragrance in a gift set.


      As I have previously reviewed the fragrance I do not wish to be copying and pasting chunks of my previous review, as I do not feel it appropriate. However, I would state that I find it rather strange that Calvin Klein markets the Beauty fragrance at the more mature woman, which they define as a female in her 40's. Although I am several years into my 40's, I cannot quite understand why they would attempt to limit their target audience, particularly as I am of the opinion that Beauty is suited to women of all ages.


      Although the bath and shower crème is contained within a rigid plastic tube, which neatly sits on a gorgeous shiny chrome coloured screw top lid, its' appearance is just as sophisticated and refined as the bottle of fragrance itself. Calvin Klein seems to hit the nail on the head every time with the appearance of their products, as they always look very contemporary and that extra bit special. As I stated in my review for the fragrance the inspiration for the fragrance contained within Beauty is that it reflects the internal beauty of a woman, including her strength and spirit, which in my opinion, is simply adorable. I have since learned that Beauty is intended for "the refined, sophisticated, confident and independent lady".

      The appearance of the white tube is very minimalist with simply the name of Calvin Klein together with the word "Beauty" situated in the upper section in slightly raised black lettering. In fairly small lettering and located on the lowest part of the tube we are informed in both English and French that this is a luminous bath and shower crème. The tube looks absolutely beautiful and very luxurious stored in your bathroom and in my opinion represents sheer indulgence.


      If you are familiar with the notes contained within the Beauty fragrance you will be aware of the spice and warmth created by ambrette seeds, which are an essential oil with a sweet floral fragrance similar to that of musk. Although the description of the bath and shower crème does not provide us with details of the identical notes to that of the fragrance I learned that it in addition to the ambrette seeds it contains the essence of neo-lily, jasmine and cedarwood. Consequently, as far as I am aware, its' beautiful aroma perfectly mirrors the floral/musky fragrance, which makes this product an absolute delight to use for when you want to feel that little extra special.


      The beautiful chrome coloured shiny lid easily unscrews to provide us with a small opening where only a slight squeeze is required to dispense the good consistency pearly white crème. I always favour using a net body polisher in both the bath and shower, as this allows my beauty products to last much longer and as a result, you are not faced with a soggy sponge after only a couple of weeks' use. Whilst the fragrance is most definitely floral, it is light and offers a slight hint of musk and a little goes a long way because as soon as my body polisher makes contact with my dampened skin only a few strokes are necessary to create a plentiful lather. The crème is beautifully soft and thoroughly cleanses the skin leaving it silky soft and smooth and after rinsing and towel drying I am able to witness the beautiful fragrance on my skin for several hours. The crème is also very moisturising and I suffered no adverse effects, such as dry or irritated skin after use.


      As you have probably guessed by now, I absolutely adore this product and have been alternating it with a few of my other shower and bath gels. My experience of this product is that you can use it in either the bath or shower and choose to witness a very light and floral aroma on your skin or you can opt to add a few sprays of the matching fragrance, which allows you to layer your skin with Beauty. In doing so, you will allow your fragrance to stay with you for your entire day, thus enveloping yourself with Beauty. As I stated in my review for the fragrance the few words I would use to describe the aroma are "luxurious, heavenly and simply adorable". I have used my crème on many occasions when I want to feel that bit extra special and as I use it fairly sparingly I am pleased to note that I still have a good amount remaining.


      Once opened, the crème should be used within 30 months and the tube can be recycled once empty. As the list of ingredients is extremely lengthy I do not intend copying them into this review.


      I have checked online to provide you with an up-to-date price and at the time of writing (5 January 2011) a 200ml bottle will cost you approximately £20, but obviously the price varies dependent upon the stockist. However, if you are fortunate enough to be able to locate any of the Beauty gift packs remaining from Christmas stock, you can purchase a presentation box containing a 30ml glass bottle of fragrance, together with a 100ml tube of luminous bath and shower crème for around £15.99 from stores such as Superdrug.

      As this is such a beautiful fragrance it receives a full 5 stars together with my huge recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

      This review also appears on Ciao under the same user name.


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