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Carex Kids Splash Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Cussons / Type: Soap / Texture: Gel / Splash / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    4 Reviews
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      05.02.2012 23:29
      Very helpful



      Small convenient little bottles of sanitiser to carry with you

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I have always been a fussy sort of person and try and have some sort of sanitiser or wipes around the house in case someone is down with a bug of some sort.
      Recently when husband was in hospital for a few times I stocked up on sanitiser so that I could use it as soon as coming out of the hospital - I know they have bottles on the wards but I like to use it as soon as I get in the car.
      I order online with Tesco and was able to pick up the Kids version of sanitiser for a bargain price of about 50p each.
      I did not buy this version especially for 'Kids' but figured that the sanitiser was pretty much the same whichever sort I bought.

      ---The Product---

      These sanitisers come in small 50 ml plastic bottles.
      The bottles are just over 4.5 inches and lightweight so you can easily slip them into your handbag or pocket.
      The smooth rounded edge plastic bottles are clear with a clear cap and pump action dispenser.
      The gel inside is quite thick and is a light aqua blue colour.
      This gel is aimed at 'Kids' and the front label has a smiling dolphin, beachball and two starfish on the front.
      The gel is to be used with no water and is antibacterial and moisturising.
      The back label states it is not to be used unsupervised by children, must be kept away from eyes and also naked flames.
      You are advised to use within 36 months of opening.
      Dispense onto hands and spread over palms, backs of hands and fingertips.
      The website claims it kills 99.9% of bacteria.


      As well as the Splash Gel (for kids) Carex have similar products in the same size 50 ml bottles:
      * Aloe Vera
      * Sensitive
      * Relaxing
      * Refreshing
      * Moisturising
      * Protect+

      ---The Cost---

      £1.41 for a 50 ml bottle at Tesco online.

      ---My Opinion---

      The Carex sanitisers come is small little bottles that you can easier have with you in either your bag, pocket or kept in the car - so there is no excuse for not having one close at hand.
      The product is easy to use - you just need a small blob of the gel and spread it all over your hands and rub between your fingers.
      The gel has a vaguely antiseptic, clinical smell and dries/evaporates quickly so your hands are not left feeling sticky - it also does not make them dry.
      One bottle lasts absolutely ages.
      With so many bugs doing the rounds in the winter months this is a useful aid to have.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely - great to have with you at all times.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.



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      10.03.2010 18:01
      Very helpful



      A great, inexpensive way to keep yourself clean and therefore healthy

      My job involves being out on the road a lot and meeting and therefore shaking hands with lots of people. Although I would not say I am obsessive about clean hands I do become preoccupied with their cleanliness in winter when people have colds and also just before I eat. Carex hand gels are a regular in my car and drawer in work and my latest addition, aimed at children is the subject of this review...

      **Why is having clean hands important?**
      Ok I know you might think that's a bit patronising, we all know good hygiene helps with good health but I though to cajole you all into washing your hands a bit more regularly I would deliver some hand facts!
      *Hands are the biggest spreader of germs in the home
      *Up to half of all men and a quarter of all women do not wash their hands after being the toilet (think how many of these you then shake hands with!)
      *Germs can stay alive on your hands for three hours
      *Salmonella, MRSA, flu, diarrhoea and sickness, and the common cold are just some of the viruses and infections passed on your hands.
      Basically it is in your interests to ensure yourself and your family have clean hands and fingers and this gel makes that even easier.

      **The Bottle**
      The gel comes in a handy, handbag sized 50ml bottle. It features a comical penguin and happy looking goldfish presumably to attract the children but it also attracted me! Nothing wrong with a grinning penguin! The gel itself is a distinct blue colour, again I imagine this is to target it at the children's market but it also works well with the penguin design as it looks like sea water and the bubbles in it add to this effect.

      **Using the gel**
      It really could not be simpler. The bottle has a pump and a cap, the cap I normally lose within the space of a week, which does complicate keeping it in my bag. The pump is easy to use and you can operate it easily with one hand. I will pop three squirts into my hand and the gel looks clear. It looks very much like jelly but almost as soon as it makes contact with the skin loses this quality slightly and becomes more watery. The smell of the alcohol hits you immediately, the base for all these hand gels, but quickly evaporates. You then rub the gel into your hands and fingers, this is really easy as the gel slides over your skin and is quickly absorbed.
      The smell of the gel is very powerful, the initial whiff of alcohol is very strong and

      **For children**
      As this product is marketed and aimed at children I thought I should dedicate a section of the review to how they might find using the product. Obviously children are even more inclined to not wash their hands and put them places they shouldn't then adults. There is no doubt they would like the design of the bottle and the pump has no resistance so even little fingers would be able to squirt it out however the bottle states they should not use it unsupervised, presumably in case the gel itself gets put in
      mouths, eyes or lunches. This seems to be a hole in the marketing, surely if parents or guardians have to supervise its application anyway it doesn't need to be a specific child gel they can just use their parents?

      **How it works**
      -Thanks to the Carex website-
      The gel contains ethanol (that explains the smell of alcohol), ethanol is known to kill 99.9% of germs in less than 15 seconds and is also easily evaporated. The gel also contains glycerine which is a widely used skin conditioner.
      The ethanol will also mean that should you have an unacknowledged paper cut you will be in for a few seconds of agony, application to broken skin is not recommended.

      **Why I like this gel**
      As I explained being out on the road means that I don't always have access to a sink and running water, not really something I think about it until it comes to lunchtime and I am about to put my now germ ridden hands onto my lunch. The great thing about these gels is that you can apply them straight onto your hands, the product is easily absorbed and you have some peace of mind about your hands cleanliness. The size of the bottle is ideal to carry around and price means I do not resent having a few on the go at the same time. It is also staggeringly quick taking merely seconds and all from the comfort of your office chair.
      It also does not dry out my hands, although I would not say its moisturising it does seem to be less abrasive than most soaps I have used. I have sensitive skin but even with the ethanol experience no irritation.
      Carex is a reputable brand and the product is widely available, I paid 99p for my bottle in Morrisons.

      **What could be improved?**
      The only thing for me would be a bottle that doesn't have a cap, maybe one where I could lock the pump. I also feel it is a stretch calling this a 'specifically for kids' product when the only difference is the addition of a penguin and the blue colour, maybe a wipe with the gel on it would be more suitable for unsupervised little ones.
      Carex have the opportunity to create a diverse range of these products, maybe ones geared more to my age group that smell more like perfume or even designer hand gel bottles! I think the swine flu non-epidemic has focused our minds more to the bacteria on our hands and Carex have been in the right place at the right time.


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      07.02.2010 13:45
      Very helpful



      Perfect for big and little hands everytime.

      Found this little gem at my local Pound World. Only costing £1 was a bonus as I have seen it retailing between £1.30 - £2 a bottle. At the time of purchase I never noticed that it had been designed to be used by kids, I was just enticed by the trusted brand (Carex) and the adorable little penguin on the front of the bottom, Im a sucker for cuteness!
      Now that we have been made more aware than ever of the spreading and passing of germs, these little bottles are invaluable. I work with young children during the week and with the public at weekends so I am constantly coming into contact with others and any germ-fighting protection is good for me! I also have quite sensitive skin, my hands usually dry out when I use something they disapprove of, but after several months of use my hands are very happy.

      You get 50ml of product in this bottle, but I have noticed that when you have just under a quarter of it left, it's pump action becomes less affective and you have to really pump it a good few times before you get anything out. This is annoying. The pump is screwed in so it can be removed and you can simply 'paste' the gel onto your hands but that is not as convenient. What I do love about the screw pump is it means once the product it finished up, I can clean out and re-use the bottle. Usually I buy a large generic hang gel or if there are any trusted brand names on offer at the time, and use this to refill the bottle. Depending on how much the larger one costs you and how many refills you can get out of it, you will save a pretty penny or two along the well.

      It comes capped, and the cap will click when it is securely on. My only problem here is even though you have heard the click; the cap does have a habit of popping off in my bag or pocket. Its a good job you have to give the pump a full press down to get the gel out otherwise Id have lost a lot of this product in the bottom of my bag!

      The gel is a lovely light blue colour with a very light antiseptic smell, to be expected really, considering the job is has to do. I have very small hands so one pump, sometimes two, is enough to cover my hands all over and wrists. It is not sticky and dries in very quickly, leaving you hands feeling and smelling very clean and refreshing. It is moisturizing, as well as antibacterial, so it leaves your hands feeling quite soft too after application.

      I have had this little bottle for quite a few months now, using it regularly and sharing it with friends and colleges and it is only just struggling to relinquish the gel inside. It has definatly been a worthwhile buy and I would definatly buy it again and recommended it to everyone. Even though it says it is for children, the only difference I have found between this and the 'adult' versions is that if you have little cuts on your hands, it does not seem to sting as much, but there is still a sting there. Other than that, Im not quite so sure what makes it specially formulated for kids.


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      19.11.2009 09:58
      Very helpful



      Ideal For Little & Big Hands When There Is No Soap & Water Around.

      As I work in an environment where we handle food I always ensure I wash my hands regularly and then use some form of hand sanitizer afterwards just to try and offer me some additional protection.

      Carex Splash Gel was the one that we were provided with recently and it is available in a 50ml bottle from Sainsburys stores for £1.33 and this is an ideal size for popping in your handbag for those times when you need something fast.

      This Splash Gel is designed for use when you can't get to soap & water and is specifically formulated for childrens delicate hands. There is a small dispenser pump on the top which has a cap over it to keep it clean and germ free. To use this gel simply press down the dispenser and a very small amount will be dispensed in to your hand. Then just rub your hands together and get the gel in between your fingers, around your nails etc and if necessary use another squirt to ensure you have covered everything.

      The gel does not really have a scent to it that I can put my finger on. It is lightly scented and just makes me feel that my hands are clean and I am protected a little more. The gel dries in just a few seconds and does not leave me with sticky hands. It works very well and is ideal for little children as it has a little aquarium style background which may keep them entertained for just long enough for you to get them to use it.

      Overall I would say that this splash gel works very well as it is easy to use, handbag sized for convenience and dries in just a matter of seconds. There is nothing bad to say about this gel and although we are now trying a different gel out this is still my firm favourite just because it doesn't have an unpleasant smell (unlike some of the cucumber smelling ones we have tried!). I would definitely recommend this and I am going to rate this splash gel 5/5 just for being so great!


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