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Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow

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3 Reviews

Brand: Champneys / Type: Body Scrub / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      05.01.2014 20:40
      Very helpful



      Nice exfoliator.

      I am writing a review about a product that is undoubtably my favourite ever body scrub. I fell upon this item completely by chance at work where we swap toiletries on a discrete table in exchange for a few coins for our charity, Marie Curie.

      First impressions
      The jar I have is a modest 50ml but I believe it is sold in bigger sizes. It's a blue pot with a gold screw top lid and looks very premium. The product has a lovely exotic smell to it which is indeed like a mediteranean tropical smell.

      In use
      The product is a tightly packed scrub in an oil base. I just scoop out a bit with my fingers and use circular motions on the skin on the area I wish to exfoliate. I really like doing my legs with this as it leaves them nicely moisturised with lasting effects for a few days afterwards, even when I have bathed or showered in between.

      My thoughts
      I just love this scrub. It is easy to use, smells divine and has lasting effects. I just wish I had a bigger tub but whoever donated it to the charity table did me a great favour.

      What's in it?
      In addition to the salt scrub it has olive leaf, fig milk and green tomato which are all great detoxifying products.

      A pot of this in store will be bigger than mine but will cost 10-12 pounds. I find Boots are good for stocking Sanctuary products, particularly with gift sets at Christmas time.

      Final word
      I love this product and am definitely on the lookout for more, despite having lots of pots of skin scrub exfoliators in the house, the excellent quality and consistency puts this far ahead of the other products I have used. Titled a Spa indulgence product, I would deifintely have to agree with this. Highly recommended to try this if you get the chance.


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      24.02.2012 10:26
      Very helpful



      A lovely pampering product

      The Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow is a product I got in a gift set that I purchased as a treat for myself. I was particularly looking forward to trying this product as I had been looking at the full sized version in the shop and toying with buying it.

      The packaging of the product looks incredibly luxurious and that is what drew me to take a closer look and subsequently purchase the gift set. It is a stunning blue-green colour which reminds me of the sea and has a gold lid and gold accents on the tub just to add a touch of luxury.

      The product is part of the Mediterranean Bliss range which Champneys say was developed to celebrate the opening of their first spa in Spain. Like the other products in this collection, the Body Glow has a scent of olive leaf, fig milk and green tomato. It's a rather lovely scent and I adore it - fig is the main scent which comes through but there is quite a sharp tone to it too. I think its lovely and summery, but I will say that it can smell quite 'perfumey' when it use and so is not for those who prefer subtle scents.

      Before going any further, I should clarify, that this product is a body scrub. I actually think the name 'body glow' makes it sound more like it should be a fake tan or something!

      To use, I just scoop out a small amount (around the size of a grape) and massage into damp skin. The product is a pale creamy colour and looks like it is predominantly sugar. It has a putty-like texture and can actually be moulded once out of the tub.

      As this is massaged into the skin it feels quite gritty, but I don't find it uncomfortable or scratchy. A small amount will cover a large area and the product leaves a slight oily trail behind on the skin. It rinses off quite easily too and the grains don't cling to the skin.

      After using this, my skin feels very soft and smooth and the slight oiliness that is left behind feels moisturising rather than greasy. I tend to get dry patches on my elbows and knees and this product buffs them away effectively. The scent of the product is quite strong and it lingers on the skin for an hour or so after use.

      A 200g tub of this product costs £12 from Boots. Although I feel that is on the expensive side, I don't think it's too bad, as I use far less of this per use than I do with other exfoliators. I also think of this more as a luxury product than something I would use on a daily basis, so I would be willing to pay full price, but I would definitely look out for special offers.

      Overall, I would recommend this product. I have been quite disappointed with previous Champneys products I have used, but this is definitely one of the better ones and I would happily buy it again.


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        08.08.2011 22:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        i love it!

        The Price.
        The body scrub is available of Champeys website and the price is £12.00.
        I have never seen this body scrub in any shops before, ( Superdrug, Boots ect..) it could be there but I am just giving my experience with never seeing it in a store.
        I have just done another quick look online and see that Boots do stock Champneys, so maybe I have missed this in their store or maybe it is just available online.
        Personally, I think the price is excellent because of the results which it delivers and also because you are only meant to use this 2 times a week so it will last you ages.

        The Appearance.
        As soon as I seen the body scrub I fell in love, you know some people just have this image in their own mind of what they find attractive, this tub was what I found attractive!
        The main colours are a lovely light teal and gold, the tub looks extremely spa like and very relaxing to look at, I think it looks so expensive and it makes my plain bathroom look amazing!
        The lid is gold and round, over the top of the lid in a darker gold are the words: Professional Spa Formula with a image of something that I think looks like a flower.
        The rest of the tub is plastic which is clear and tinted a lovely light teal which marries the gold.
        Over the tub is the Champneys logo on a gold strip in white writing, over the rest of the tub is lots of detail on the product, along with instructions on how to use ( this mostly wrote in white. )
        On the bottom of the tub ( which you do not see unless you turn it over! ) there is a white big round sticker which more a less covers the bottom with ingredients and barcode and other little bits of information ( like the website, where it was made ect..)
        Well as you probably know, I love this packaging and appearance, it looks so luxurious and its very eye catching!

        My experience.
        I recently entered an online competition and won an amazing expensive goodie bag! This was one of the things which came in it and was probably the thing I was most excited to try ( strange considering there was so much make up in there.. ).
        I rarely use body scrubs, this was probably the first one I had used in years!
        For some reason, I thought this was going to be a lotion ( I read the tub before had but still didn't clock on! ) I was surprised when I opened it in the shower and it was more of a thick grainy feeling paste!
        I decided to read the tub once again, I thought maybe it had dried up and gone all weird!
        Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow is an exfoliating blend with sugar, olive oil, olive stone granules, coconut oil, fig milk, olive leaf, green tomato and shea butter which will help to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised,
        Once I had seen the sugar, I realized why it was so grainy and wasn't so freaked out anymore!
        The body scrub has a lovely smell, the shea butter probably being the strongest which comes through, it also smells very sweet!
        The instructions are to massage into damp skin twice a week, once I was in the shower I moved back so I was out of the water, scooped some up into my hand ( not a lot was needed! ) and rubbed into my upper arms ( I suffer from mild eczema so this is where I usually concentrate on the most. )
        It. Felt. Amazing.
        I dont know why I dont use a body scrub more often!
        The feeling of the scrub on your skin is so good, I have never felt anything on my skin more exfoliating than this scrub, its easy to rub into your skin and as you rub you can really feel the grains cleaning your skin and renewing it! it feels so gritty and grainy rubbing against your skin.
        I really think it does banish your old dead skin cells.
        I usually rub this in for around 2/3 minutes before taking it off.
        ( I also tried to do this with a puff by putting it on my skin and rubbing it with the puff but the same effect was not felt/revealed. )
        When I got out of the shower, my upper arms looked very glowy and also felt the softest they had felt in a very long time, I also noticed another amazing thing! My eczema was 70% better.
        I have tried moisturisers off my doctor but with barely any change, this is the first thing which has made such a visual difference.
        I should tell my doctor to put this on prescription! ( this could just be my skin, so dont get your hopes up, if you have £12.00 to spare then give it a try if you suffer from eczema! )
        The only negative some people may find with this is that if you have extremely sensitive skin this could feel too rough and hurt you so I would avoid.
        I have sensitive skin but luckily my body is not as sensitive as on my face! and the scrub didn't hurt/affect me at all. ( I have only used it on arms and legs! )
        Overall, I love this, its amazing and I wish I could have it all the time! 10/10 and if you have the money BUY some of this!


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