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Champneys Thai Royale Bubble Float

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2 Reviews

Brand: Champneys / Type: Bath oil / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      08.01.2012 01:43
      Very helpful



      A fantastic bubble bath product from Champneys.

      The product

      This is a bubble bath product from Champneys. This was originally known as bubble float but has now been re=branded slightly, although the purple colour remains the same, and is now known as bubble heaven.

      The packaging

      This bubble float/heaven comes provided in a glass jar. There is a purple and gold theme to the packaging and there is a thick chunky screw top lid. The bottle is made from glass which frankly worries me a little but I have dropped various bottles of this in to the bath about a hundred times over the past few years and so far I have not broken a single bottle or even chipped one, also, my bath, even though sometimes empty, has not been damaged at all.

      How to use

      As this is quite a thick product I tend to just take the lid off, and the thick papery cardboard circle tab, and then I tip it up so the liquid starts to flow down and then once it is a little nearer to the bottom I can put my hand in and remove a nice blob. This allows me to control the amount that is released and also I can place my hand under the running tap to ensure that the bubble heaven is well distributed. If I don't do it this way I find that large amounts tend to slowly fall out of the bottle and then they do not dissolve properly which just annoys me, particularly with this being as pricey as it is.

      The price

      A 400ml bottle is available from Boots for £12.00. I NEVER pay full price for Champneys products either combining special offers or buying in bulk from the website when they have one of their half price sales on (which they do a good few times a year). In 2011 I paid just £6.50 per set from Sainsburys and each gift set had a 400ml bottle of this and one or two other full sized Champneys products too.

      Overall opinion

      I am a huge fan of Champneys! It is the product that I use the most and I own so many Champneys products that I have two sets of drawers in my bathroom and I still do not have enough room for everything! I have loved the Thai Royale products since the beginning of my Champneys love affair, probably because they were the first products that I ever tried and I return back to them time & time again, also, my husband knows that he will never go wrong when buying me a Thai Royale Champneys gift set! That is probably the main reason why I receive them a few times a year!

      I love the packaging of this product. It looks and feels luxurious and I can recycle it after use too which is always good. I do find that the liquid can be quite hard to get out of the bottle but I read a tip on the Boots website of using a teaspoon and when I have been doing this recently it has worked quite well with a couple of teaspoons being enough to give me lots of delightfully scented bubbles. I find that quite a lot of bubbles are produced and the pearlescent liquid gives the water a wonderful shimmer.

      The scent of this bubble heaven is absolutely delicious and when the product was re-branded I cannot see any difference, or smell any difference, in the product which is the main thing for me when they re-brand something. The scent of this is quite hard to explain but I shall try! Some of the ingredients contained in this include fraginpani flowers, lemongrass, coconut milk, ginger, vanilla, tea tree extract and many more. This gives a scent that is strong and long lasting without being over the top. The scent is heady and while something like this would sometimes be a little overpowering for me I absolutely adore this scent and have done since the first day that I smelt it. The scent just ends up being so relaxing and refreshing and as soon as it hits the water there is a large amount of scent released and this lasts for the duration of my bath, even if I have the extractor fan on or the door open, and this is something that I have had problems with in the past so this just pleases me even more. There is a real exotic, relaxing, Thai kind of scent to this and it is clear that this is supposed to be a Thai related product and it just fills my mind with wonderful memories.

      My skin feels amazing after using this, soft, smooth, supple and while the scent does not cling to my skin greatly I do sometimes layer this using the shower gel, body lotions and other Thai Royale products which helps the scent to last longer.

      I appreciate that the price of £12.00 per 400ml bottle will sound incredibly expensive for what is basically a posh bubble bath, however, I have never paid £12.00 for a bottle and even the gift sets, at Christmas time, contain this and usually two other products, and they cost around £20.00 meaning that they are good value, however, they are usually on 3 for 2 in Boots at Christmas time also!

      You can find this on the Champneys website or from Boots and I usually check both websites before stocking up on any because of the fairly frequent special offers. I used to be able to purchase Champneys products in my local Sainsburys store but this is no longer the case, however, maybe you could find them in a different Sainsburys store, I'm not sure.


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        17.04.2011 14:57
        Very helpful
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        A really indulgent bath treat

        Champneys Thai Royale Bubble Float:

        {Now called Thai Royale Bubble Heaven}

        For bath products Champneys is now my absolute favourite company making some of the most scrummy bubble baths I have ever used. I have reviewed two of the other varieties before so I apologise if this review sounds a little similar in places to reviews you have read in the past!

        The Thai Royale Bubble Float comes in a really beautiful purple glass jar with a gold plastic screw lid. It's diameter is a similar size to a gingernut biscuit which means a little care must be taken when pouring so too much doesn't fall out into your bath at once. The bath float itself is very thick so it doesn't pour too quickly and I know several people who use a spoon to scoop it out instead of pouring. I find the packaging on Champneys products very attractive; they are simple but stylish and ooze sophistication even if your bathroom is a cluttered mess!

        {I should note that Champneys have recently "updated" their labels so the bottles look a little different to the picture. I like the new ones but I am waiting to see if the labels peel off as easily as the old type as this will affect the re-usable quality of the glass jars. I'd much rather re-use than recycle any day and these jars look pretty with tea-lights in in the garden or for storing items such as hairbands, cottonwool balls etc. in the bedroom}.

        Thai Royale is scented with coconut milk, frangipani flower and lemongrass which creates the most wonderfully heady, musky scent; there is an element of sweetness but also a hint of spiciness. It smells so exotic and really makes a bath a blissfully relaxing experience. In the bath the fragrance is in no way over-powering yet the scent diffuses around my entire flat and makes the whole place smell amazing for several hours which I love! I think this is definitely an evening bath scent, very sensual and one to enjoy before bed letting you drift off to dream of exotic places.

        The product itself is a joy to look at and I regularly take off the lid and roll around the rich liquid inside to enjoy it's wonderful, shimmery looks; it's just like liquid mother of pearl and can be quite mesmerising. In the bath it makes the water silky smooth and there is a slight shimmer to the water that catches the light and makes it just look amazing. The bubbles you get from this are thick, rich and creamy and last for the whole bath yet don't take much rinsing afterwards to leave the bath clean.

        This really nourishes my skin and leaves me feeling softer than I have since my early teens. I just keep stroking my arms, {and sniffing them too as that incredible smell lingers}, and I don't need to use any body creams at all!

        These retail for £12.00 for 400ml full price but I buy them when they are offer for half price which makes them great value for money and comparable to bath products from Lush which is what I used to mainly use before I found Champneys! My Mum never spends a lot on bath products and thought I was insane for forking out for these until I ran her bath with one after which she was saying things like "you get what you pay for" and "we all deserve a little pampering now and then"! You can buy these at www.champneys.com and from Boots.


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