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Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate

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    7 Reviews
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      27.03.2015 15:24
      Very helpful


      • "Smells great"
      • "All natural products"
      • "Prevents skin slacking"
      • "Improved elasticity "
      • Smooths
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      • Tones


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      Aroma Phyto body care at its finest!!

      I am a big fan of all Clarins products and have worked with them in my time however this by no means makes me bias purely for that reason.

      I am a strong believer that clarins have lasted as long as they have because of the time and effort that they put into all their products. The Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate is no different.


      Quite self explanatory, the bath and shower concentrate is a very concentrated gel that can be used in the bath or directly onto the body in the shower. Concentrate means you need a tiny amount so this product is going to last you a lot longer than your standard body washes.


      When the concentrate comes into contact with warm water it activates, releasing the beautiful aromas of the essential oils packed into the concentrate. These oils will help to give an immediate feeling of vitality and well being while its rich texture will work into a generous lather to cleans and removes impurities while leaving the skin satin smooth. The skin will appear visibly tonned and firmer.


      Aroma Phyto body care Is something Clarins are very good at, a combination between phytotherapy and aromatherapy clarins use plant extracts to care for the skin while treating conditions of the skin using the aroma of the plant extracts.


      The main ingredients in this product are:
      Geranium - helps with the stimulation of the mind and the body
      Mint - also helps with the stimulation of the mind and body
      Rosemary - this too also helps stimulate the mind and body through their essential aromas.
      Witch Hazel - helps tone and revitalise the epidermis of the skin.
      Gentian - also used for its toning and firming properties.


      Okay so let me explain why, after me telling you how fantastic this product is that I have included some disadvantages.
      Disadvantage number 1. Smell. I have put this in the advantages as well as half of this products effectiveness is based on the aromatic benefits. However while I love the smell of the Tonic range my partner doesn't share the same love (this doesn't mean that he doesn't use it, he does. A lot)

      Disadvantage number 2. Price. I do not personally feel that this is a big disadvantage as I feel this product is totally deserving of £20 as it lasts a lifetime, but I do understand that to some people this price is a bit out of budget. That being said you should definitely treat yourself too this as you will fall in love.


      I recommend this to everyone I know, male and female as it's fantastic. I can not rate it highly enough. Clarins are truly deserving of their high profile status as Number one prestigus Skin Care Brand which they have worked hard for. If I could give it 6 hearts I would!


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      07.03.2015 16:55
      Very helpful



      An effective product.

      Wow! This product has stood the test of time and fads that come and go.

      This is an intense concentrate of products that WILL firm and tone your skin.

      The scent is powerful but in a lovely way especially coupled with warm water and lathered up.

      The ingredients are as follows:

      The powerful combination will work together to restore vitality to your skin if used on a regular basis.
      The shower gel is more gel-like than others I have used but it lather up very well and you don't need to overuse this. I thought more would bring better results but the old saying of 'less is more' works here.
      I would recommend that when you use this, take your time. Work the product into your skin and massage well into troubled areas. It particularly helps when your toning up exercise wise as well, the two combinations really help.
      I felt a noticeable difference within two weeks and I didn't use the oil or cream that you can purchase separately although that greatly helped when I did. My skin didn't feel dry at all, which sometimes can happen with toners, but this leaves your skin soft and supple.

      This is an invigorating scent and uplifting one for the morning for me. It refreshes and uplifts tired skin.

      The prices can vary online but I purchased this from DEBENHAMS Clarins counter and the lovely staff there always gives free samples with your purchase, which helps for future purchases.
      This retails at £20 in DEBENHAMS for 100ml.


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      28.05.2012 14:51
      Very helpful



      A lovely product to use if you ignore first impressions

      I was given a bottle as part of a duo for my birthday (the other was Bain aux Plantes "Relax", which I have also reviewed) and have loved it - another top shower product from the clever bodies at Clarins!

      The classic Clarins shaped bottle (like a squashed cylinder with a transparent body and a white lid) looks good in the bathroom (especially as a set with the Relax' bottle) and fits easily onto my shower caddy. It has a flat top so when I get to the bottom I'll be able to balance it on the lid to get the last bit out. The bottle squeezes easily, and but this formula seems to be thicker than the Relax one so it can take a minute to get enough out for a decent wash. It's worth the effort as it gives a lovely lather. In the bath it gives plenty of bubbles and is refreshing (great on days like today when the weather is hot).

      Again, Clarins have created a product of a wierd colour - it's a yellow shade that reminds me of dog piddle! However, if you can get past that image, it's got a lovely scent although it can be a bit over-powering when you first open the bottle. The smell mellows when you add water into a lovely aroma. I don't find it particularly invigorating, but is certainly is lovely afer a day of being too hot.

      The main ingredients are: essential oils (Rosewood, Geranium, Mint, Rosemary), Coconut, extracts of Juniper, Balm, Pine, St. John's Wort, Arnica, Gentian and Witch Hazel.

      One word of warning - it does say on the bottle that it's for adult use only. According to an aromatherapist I spoke to, this is because some essential oils are not good for kids.


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      09.09.2011 15:10
      Very helpful



      An expensive shower, but a very good shower at that!

      As much as I like Clarins products, I left this one until last to try. I was not that interested in the colour of it and it just did not look at that appealing. I received it in a set at Christmas time and put it at the back of the cupboard until recently. After running out of shower gel, I rummaged in the cupboard and found this product. I decided to give it a go.

      There is nothing special about the packaging, but it is labelled up as a bath and shower concentrate. It is not often I have baths and only really use it for showering with. The bottle gives directions of how to use it; pour a small amount on a hot wet flannel and smooth over the body. Only a small amount is needed for it to really lather up and I was really surprised at how much foam such a small amount created! I like to give myself a really good lather up and this product certainly helped me do this!

      *Delicious yellow liquid*

      The colour of the product is not appealing at all, it is thick and very dark yellow! Clarins do another two products similar to this; a relax one which is blue and a contour one which is green. This one; the tonic, is designed to awaken and freshen. The tonic is not as appealing looking but it certainly is my favourite. The scent of the product is so invigorating and refreshing. You can really smell some of the delicious plant extracts that not only comfort the skin and cleanse it, but they seem to clear the mind and awaken the senses. The scent is not floral and is not a female only type of aroma. My boyfriend uses this too and he still smells masculine after using it. It is very unusual and I have never encountered a product that smells like it. I do wonder if some people would dislike the scent though as it is very distinctive.

      The plant extracts used in this product are:
      * Arnica - This a decongestive, anti-dehydrating, toning and invigorating extract.

      * Big Black root - This has stimulating and healing properties.

      * Geranium - This has a soothing and astringent effect on skin.

      * Hops - This has calming properties and used to treat depression and anxiety.

      * Mint -This cools the skin and invigorates the senses.

      * Rosemary - De stresses and relaxes the mind.

      * Witch hazel - This has astringent qualities and is healing for the skin.

      *Bath or shower*

      As this product is quite expensive; £14.00 for 200ml bottle, I do not like using it in the bath and to be honest I do not often take baths. However, I decided to give it a go and try this product out as a bath essence. I filled the cap full and poured two decent measures into the hot water. The steamy bath immediately filled the room with the delicious aroma and I felt so relaxed stepping into a hot bath with mountains of fluffy bubbles.
      After using the product, whether in the bath or shower, I feel so clean and soft. It is gentle on the skin and leaves it smooth and moisturised. I love using this product so much that when this bottle has run out; I will have to replace it. Unfortunately, the bottle does not seem to be lasting very long as it is just so good I tend to keep using it and using it! Perhaps I should just keep it for special occasions!


      I would recommend this product. If you are struggling for a gift for someone this would make a perfect present.


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      22.06.2011 13:27
      Very helpful



      5/5 it's expensive but it's worth it for a treat.

      I love a good bath, I'm a huge fan of Lush's bubble bars but they are expensive when you work it out they cost about £2 a bath. I do use 'normal' bubble bath but I do like to use something with an added touch of luxury sometimes. My mum's a big buyer when it comes to products like Clarins, Clinique and MD Formulations and if she sees something she likes she usually convinces me that I like it too, then she'll buy it 'for me', I think it makes her feel better about spending all her hard earned money on expensive products.

      We picked up Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate from our local beauty salon and it cost about £17, it is available cheaper online but I do like to support smaller one of a kind shops when possible. It's advertised underneath this review for under £13 on cheapsmells.com which is a very good price.

      The Bath and Shower Concentrate is packaged initially in a white card box, it white with gold writing and very simple but classy. Inside the concentrate is in a strong, clear plastic bottle which we can see through to the dark orange liquid inside. Again, it's very simple but classy with the Clarins logo and product name on the front, the lid is white with a gold trim and screws on/off, it's very sturdy and I would be happy to travel somewhere with this in my bag without worrying about it coming open and coming everywhere. Although it does contribute to the high end feel of the product I do feel that so much packaging is a bit unnecessary, there is rather a lot and the bottle is strong so it isn't like it needs keeping in a box. It does make the product feel a bit more special though which I do like if I'm paying a high price.

      The concentrate can be used as a bubble bath or it can be used on a sponge in the shower, effectively like a shower gel. I have used it once or twice in the shower but I have found the relaxing, de- stressing properties of the concentrate do lend this product to the bath.

      It's recommended that in the bath this is added under a warm running tap, about a capful is plenty, I do tend to use the cap as a guide because it's expensive I don't want to be pouring a large amount in by mistake. The concentrate creates a good amount of bubbles in the bath, this does depend on how much you use I suppose but from the smallish amount I added I was pleased.

      The bathroom becomes filled with a very subtle, feminine, almost floral scent; it's very pleasant and fresh. I presume this scent comes from the geranium which is used in the concentrate, rosemary; rosewood and mint are also used, mixing together for a lovely scent. As this particular concentrate is Tonic its aromatic properties are said to invigorate body and mind, I find it lovely after a busy day or when I've been doing a lot of uni work, it relaxes and calms my mind and body without sending me to sleep. It gives you a bit of a boost, great for a hangover too.

      Whilst in the bath I tend to just gently wash myself with the foam from the bath as is recommended. I find I always leave the bath feel very clean and refreshed with the lovely subtle scent lingering on my skin a little. It's said to tone the skin but I don't use the concentrate enough to appreciate this, it does leave my skin feeling very cleansed though.

      I would recommend any lady looking for a luxurious bath to give Clarins Bath and Shower Concentrate a try; it's a great product even though it's expensive. It's not something to use in the bath every day but it's lovely a little treat and really does make you feel calm and cleansed.


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        12.02.2006 17:14
        Very helpful



        A lovely smelling product which can be used as a shower gel or a bubble bath.

        Clarins make three different “Aroma-Phyto-Soins” products for the bath and shower. Although all their products traditionally have a high concentration of natural plant extracts this particular range has both aromatic and beauty benefits. The range includes Tonic (the yellow one), Relax (the blue one) and Contour (the green one), with each having their own unique properties. This review is on the Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate.

        The Product

        The name is slightly confusing being called a bath and shower concentrate. It basically has a double use being able to be used as either a bubble bath or a shower gel. It comes in a clear bottle with a white flip open cap with the usual Clarins gold rim around the base of the cap. The product is an orangey yellow colour of moderate consistency. On the back of the bottle are some basic instructions and also a huge list of ingredients which takes up about half the bottle.

        The Properties.

        This product is said to have the following properties
        - Invigorates the mind and body through its aromatic properties
        - Gently cleanses the skin through a rich but lightweight foam
        - Tones the skin
        - Neutralises effects of hard water


        This product is packed full of plant extracts each chosen for their individual properties. This includes:-

        Arnica - Known in France as the boo-boo plant! Traditionally used for treating bruises is used in this product as it is a decongestive, anti-dehydrating, toning and invigorating.
        Balm Mint – Used for its essential oils from the leaves which have a sweet smell and a sedative action helping to relax and calm people.
        Big Black root - This is a good plant for healing wounds having been used since the 1st century. It is included in this product for its stimulating properties.
        Gentian – This is a flowering plant used in many cosmetic products for its skin-toning properties.
        Geranium - A common garden flower which contains lots of essential oils and has a soothing and astringent effect on skin.
        Hops – Again rich in essential oils this time having calming properties and used to treat depression and anxiety.
        Juniper – Widely used both in medicine and in alcohol. Has wide uses including disinfectant and diuretic properties (makes you pee!). Not sure why it has been included in this particular product!
        Mint – Used widely in cooking it has also been used for many centuries for its medicinal properties including its soothing and antiseptic properties.
        Rosemary – A fragrant plant which is used in cooking but also has de-stressing and revitalising properties.
        Witch hazel – Named because it looks similar to a hazel tree and has healing properties. Has astringent qualities and also is said to strengthen the blood vessels.


        As mentioned above this product can be used as both a bubble bath or as a shower gel. When using in the bath Clarins recommends pouring a capful under running water. I add a small drop and it foams up really well. You should inhale deeply to experience the aroma of the essential oils and relax for 10-15 minutes.

        When using the product as a shower gel just use a sponge, facecloth or your put some into your hands and wash in your usual way.

        Clarins recommends using this product in the morning this is because of its revitalising properties. I however tend to have a bath at night and have used this and still feel it is good.

        The Smell

        This product has a very unique smell. It’s really quite hard to describe, it’s a combination of all of the above ingredients, it’s quite strong but I really like it. Having read all the ingredients I couldn’t pick out what one thing it smells like but it has a natural smell, not floral, perhaps a little fruity. It’s a scent which either a man or a woman could use. This wonderful aromatherapy smell adds to the products benefits not only does it help your skin but the scent makes you feel good as well.

        The Cost

        It is a Clarins product so it is no big surprise that it’s not cheap. A 200ml bottle retails for around £13.50 in the shops although you can get it cheaper through many sites on the internet. You only use a small amount so it does last longer than ordinary shower gels or bubble baths but it is quite expensive for everyday use. I have a few of the discovery size bottle which are 100ml and are free when Clarins have special offers so you buy 2 skincare products and get two discovery sizes free. This means you can treat yourself without worrying about the cost.

        My Thoughts.

        I really like this product it is a little bit of luxury and a lovely way to treat yourself. I like the Tonic product just as much as I like the Relax one. They have different smells and supposedly different properties but they both smell lovely and make me feel relaxed and pampered.

        You only need to use a small amount under running water and you get a bath full of bubbles. The smell fills the room and is wonderful. Even after washing and drying the scent stays on you skin, many cheaper products don’t have this lasting scent.
        Using it as a shower gel leaves your skin clean and fresh. My skin feel soft but I would still use a moisturiser afterwards. Again the scent stays on your skin even after you have dried yourself.
        It’s not a product I would buy regularly but is nice to receive as a present and use in between my cheaper bubble baths and shower gels.


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          03.02.2006 19:27
          Very helpful



          An indulgence that you can justify!

          Cheap bath and shower products do nothing for my skin. They leave it feeling dry and itchy. Our everyday bath "gelee" is Badedas, but the one I like best is Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower concentrate.

          Let's deal with the question of price straight away, because it is expensive. The recommended retail price is a frightening £13.50 for 200ml, the equivalent of £6.75 per 100ml, nearly five times the price of the Badedas, which isn't exactly a cheap product to start with. You will sometimes get special offers on the Clarins, but the cheapest I've seen it recently is £9.50 plus £1.95 p&p from www.lapreya.com. So, what are you getting for your money?

          Well, the first thing you buy is a lot of excess packaging. The concentrate comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a firm screw cap which incorporates a flip top. It is at least as substantial as the bottles of shower gel, shampoo, etc which you see on supermarket shelves and which seem to travel unscathed. Unfortunately the Clarins product is then packed in a cardboard box, which, in turn, has a separate cardboard stiffener inside it. Add to these two leaflets in more languages than I can readily recognise and you can imagine how much waste there is. It does all recycle, but that's no excuse to force me to buy it and then deal with all the bits and pieces. I've deducted one star for this and complained to Clarins, but to no effect.

          Given that it's expensive and there's a lot of waste packaging why do I think it's the best? Well, what you get is a form of aromatherapy treatment and a good wash. I'll deal with the aromatherapy aspect first.

          There are three products in the Clarins Bath and Shower range: Tonic, Relax and Contour. They're designed to be used for specific purposes. Tonic is the wake-up call, Relax helps you to wind down and Contour helps with body firming. All have essential oils which, when the aroma is inhaled, give a form of aromatherapy. The Tonic scent which predominates for me is geranium, which I've always found uplifting. I can also detect juniper and rosemary which is good for de-stressing. I'm told that there's also arnica, balm mint, big black root, gentian, hops, mint and witch hazel in there. Personally I can't distinguish them but the overall aroma is invigorating.

          I have used this product in the shower, but I really think that it's best enjoyed in a leisurely bath. Clarins recommend a temperature of 37°C, which is warm rather than hot and enhances rather than killing the scent. I like to relax for ten minutes and breathe in the aroma. It leaves me feeling more ready to face the day. I have tried doing the same with the Badedas gelee but the effect is never quite the same.

          The concentrate produces rich lather based on natural coconut, although I do notice that sodium laureth sulphate is up high in the list of ingredients. This chemical is a degreaser. It reduces the surface tension of water and allows foaming. For this reason you should make certain you keep the concentrate well away from your eyes. I did wonder if the fact that sodium laureth sulphate came so high on the list of ingredients would mean that Tonic dried the skin, but I've not found this to be the case. I've used it intermittently over a number of years and occasionally (when finance has permitted) over a long continuous period. I've never found my skin to be dry despite the fact that I tend to be forgetful about applying moisturisers.

          Tonic cleanses well. Even in the bath I apply a very small amount to a sponge and use this to clean my body. I look clean and I feel clean. My skin is lightly perfumed and this lasts for a few hours. It isn't heavy enough to clash with a perfume even straight out of the bath.

          Clarins say that this product helps to tone the skin, but I find that aspect difficult to comment on simply because I'd probably need industrial scaffolding if I really was looking to achieve toned skin. They also say that it neutralises the drying effects of hard water, but one of the benefits of living in the Yorkshire Dales is that the only hard water you get is ice.

          Clarins products are not tested on animals, but it would be a mistake to assume that the individual ingredients had not been so tested.

          If I'm very careful with a bottle of Tonic I can make it last for about three weeks, so it is outrageously expensive. On the other hand it does make me feel good and that's not expensive at 65p a day.


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          Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate tones your body and invigorates your senses / The aromatic effects of the Rosemary, Rosewood, Mint and Geranium essential oils in Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate work together to tone and firm in a gorgeous PH balanced gentle, soft foam / '

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