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Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel

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Brand: Cowshed / & Shower Gel / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Contents: 500ml / What it does: Lifts,

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    2 Reviews
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      01.02.2013 10:45
      Very helpful



      a shower gel to wake this Grumpy Cow up in the morning!

      I always receive a tonne of gorgeous fragranced gifts at Christmas, and this year was no exception. One of the gifts that I received was this Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel. I received it as part of a gorgeous gift from three very close friends, that consisted of three Cowshed Grumpy Cow products; Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel, Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion and Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Body Oil.

      Cowshed products are not especially cheap, the Grumpy Cow body products range in price from £16.00 to £20.00, but they are definitely indulgent and luxury products. They make a gorgeous gift for someone, or a luxurious treat for yourself.
      The Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel retails for £16.00, and comes in a 300ml bottle.

      The Grumpy Cow Bath & Shower Gel is really thick and gloopy in consistency, and a little bit of this really does go a long way, whether I'm using it as a shower gel, or as a bath gel.

      When I use this as a bath gel then I just pour a very small amount under the warm running water. This doesn't create lots of bubbles, just a small smattering of bubbles, but it does make the bath water divinely scented and wonderfully soft. When I step out of the bath I can instantly feel that my skin is super soft and it smells absolutely gorgeous. This also leaves the bathroom smelling absolutely wonderful as well.

      When I use this as a shower gel then it does feel like a very moisturising shower gel, and it doesn't dry my skin out at all. This leaves my skin feeling moisturised, refreshed and clean, and smelling divine. It lathers up well enough in the shower, not tonnes of lather, but enough to feel that it's getting me clean, and it feels really soothing and refreshing on my skin when I'm rubbing it in. It rinses off easily, and it leaves behind quite a strong fragrance.

      I especially love the absolutely divine fragrance of the Grumpy Cow products. Cowshed state that this is ''a citrus blend that leaves you feeling energised with essential oils of red mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit. Red mandarin invigorates the senses whilst petitgrain purifies the mind.''

      I would say that this is an accurate description, this does indeed have a very strong citrussy fragrance. I can't say that I can pinpoint the mandarin or the grapefruit exactly, and I have no idea what petitgrain smells like anyway! But I can say that it's a divine sweet and yet somehow sharp citrussy fragrance, and that it's a really uplifting and refreshing fragrance. For me this is definitely a morning fragrance, and it really does seem to wake me up and to actually put me in a much better mood in the mornings. I'm actually a real grumpy cow in the mornings, and I suspect that's why my friends chose the Grumpy Cow products for me!

      I always layer the Grumpy Cow products, and so I always use the shower gel along with the body lotion, and sometimes even with the oil as well. I find that because the fragrance in these is so intense if I layer two or especially three of the products then I don't actually need to use any perfume as well. I can catch the divine citrus fragrance wafting off my skin for the majority of the day. Even late in the evening when the fragrance has mainly worn off I can still smell it if I actually sniff my skin.
      I would say that because the fragrance is so intense in these then you may find that it will clash or overpower your perfume, and so maybe it's best to just use the Grumpy Cow products alone as I do.

      I thought that this was a gorgeous Christmas gift, and I did actually love the 'Grumpy Cow' connotations! I would definitely repurchase this again for myself in the future, and I'll also keep it in mind for a birthday gift for another 'Grumpy Cow' that I know!


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        07.08.2011 10:52
        Very helpful



        Nice but pricey

        Last year, I found out that one of the women's magazines (I think it was either In Style or Marie Claire, but I'm not precisely sure) was giving away a free bottle of Cowshed bath and shower gel. Never one to turn down a freebie, I purchased a copy of the magazine but as I had so much soap and shower gel anyway, I ended up putting my bottle to one side until this year!

        ***The Cowshed brand***
        I investigated the Cowshed website at http://www.cowshedonline.com/ and found that the brand is named after the old cowshed at Babington House, Somerset, where the first Cowshed spa was established and the first products created in 1998. Cowshed is a stylish range of natural, therapeutic products for the bath and home and the range is free from parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates and contains no artificial fragrances or colours, as well as no animal ingredients except organic beeswax and wildflower honey. I was very impressed to learn this as it's near impossible to find products that don't contain parabens or sodium laureth sulphate. Even Lush, which markets itself as natural, uses these ingredients. Parabens have been potentially linked to cancer and SLS to skin conditions: although I must say these ingredients don't bother me personally, I know that a lot of people would prefer to avoid them.

        ***Price and Availability***
        Cowshed products seem to be available in larger Boots stores and to an extent at asos.com. I'm not sure where else they can be obtained, as I haven't really seen them around and they don't appear to be as widely available as brands such as Dove, Nivea and Soap & Glory. They seem to be incredibly pricey: I was shocked to learn that a 300ml bottle of this bath and shower gel costs £16, which makes my little 100ml bottle worth over £5!

        ***What's the Grumpy Cow bath and shower gel?***
        This particular product is presumably meant to uplift and rejuvenate, and basically stop you being grumpy! The gel contains essential oils of red mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit. The narrow clear bottle, in which the pale yellow gel can be easily seen, states that red mandarin invigorates the senses while petitgrain purifies the mind. The bottle itself has a sophisticated appearance with its black lid and white label with a black floral design. I get the feeling that the product is aimed at middle-aged middle-class women - basically the same market that Marie Claire and In Style are aimed at. The packaging seems a little too sophisticated for me - I prefer the bright pink of Soap and Glory, for example. Still, the design's hardly unpleasant. The bottle is a 100ml size, meaning it is ideal for taking on holiday or for a weekend away, though I chose to just use it at home.

        The scent is refreshing, citrusy and pleasant. It didn't wow me at all, but it was nice enough. The scent was slightly herbal and it did smell very natural and not artificial in the slightest.

        As this product is described as both a bath and shower gel, I tried using it both ways. Firstly, as a bath gel one afternoon when I wanted to have a bath but wanted it to refresh rather than relax me. I poured some of the reasonably thick, gloopy, yellow liquid into the bath and swirled it around. Bubbles began to form immediately. Once my bath was completely run, I got in, noticing that there were quite a lot of bubbles - not as many as I get with Lush bath products, but a good amount.

        The water didn't change colour at all (which shouldn't surprise me really - I've just been spoilt by my Lush baths!). However, I was impressed to notice that the scent was fairly strong and I could smell the herbally citrus aroma which wafted around the bath, refreshing me.

        After my bath, I noticed that my skin, while it didn't feel actively moisturised, certainly hadn't dried out because of my bathing experience, and it wasn't irritated at all.

        I did have to use quite a lot of this product for my bath - around a third of the bottle - meaning that my one bath cost £1-£2. In all honesty I would rather pay this price for a Lush bubble bar which would make the water change colour and probably moisturise my skin as well. The product was pleasant to use in the bath but not amazing, I thought.

        After my experience using this in the bath, I've been using it as a shower gel. I do find this slightly tricky in all honesty - I prefer shower gel bottles with flip top lids or bottoms, but this product has a small screwtop lid which is tricky to use especially with wet hands. I wouldn't need to use a lot of this product, as it does lather up well with my shower puff, but because it is so gloopy I find more of it comes out of the bottle than I really need - which naturally means I am using it up more quickly.

        Again, while the gel doesn't moisturise my skin, it doesn't irritate it and in fact I've noticed some eczema on my elbows seems to have lessened to a certain extent, which is a big plus.

        Whether I use the gel in the bath or the shower, I don't find that the scent stays on my skin. However, I always apply scented body lotion and/or perfume anyway, so this isn't a big deal for me.

        This is a pretty decent bath and shower gel that seems to be good for sensitive skin and is free from nasty chemicals. The negatives for me are the smell (it's pleasant but nothing amazing) and the sense I get that it is aimed at older, more sophisticated women! The worst thing, however, is the price. I don't mind paying a bit more for luxurious toiletries but £16 for a 300ml bottle of shower gel is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. For this reason I can't really give the product more than three stars and I won't be purchasing it myself.


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      • Product Details

        Wash away the night before with this energising body wash. Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel is a citrus blend with essential oils of red mandarin, petitgrain and grapefruit to invigorate the senses whilst petitgrain purifies the mind / Leaves you feeling energised.

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