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Cowshed Wild Cow Evening Body Wash

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Brand: Cowshed / Cleansing / Type: Body Wash / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2008 14:02
      Very helpful



      a fantastic shower gel which is packed full of essential oils

      For the past 6 months or so I have been purchasing a wide range of products from the Cowshed range after discovering a advertisement link to their website on a cosmetics website. I had never seen nor heard of Cowshed products before I discovered their website, now I am totally hooked on their products and have tried and tested quite a lot of them. Cowshed manufacture a wide range of bath and beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners, body lotions, moisturisers and candles all of which are fairly reasonably priced. All of the Cowshed products contain the finest natural ingredients and all of their products are hand made. The best thing about their range of products is the fact that they are not tested on animals and their products are suitable for vegetarians to use as they don't contain any animal products. I love the fact that most of the Cowshed products have really quirky and funny names such as Lazy Cow, Curvy Cow etc, I think that this adds the fun element to their products which makes them more appealing to customers. Whenever I am browsing through their website for yet another one of their products to try out I always seem to pick the ones which have the funnier names, and so far I have been extremely pleased with all of my purchases and I have loved every single product which I have bought and tried out.

      As you can see from the picture at the top of this review the bottle of Cowshed Wild Cow Evening Body Wash is supplied in a tall cylindrical see through plastic bottle which is also recyclable. On the top of the shower gel bottle there is a black plastic lid which you pull up to dispense the shower gel and press down to close the bottle so as the shower gel doesn't leak and spill everywhere. The labelling on the front of the Wild Cow Shower Gel is made up of entirely of black and white shapes which are mainly of leaves and branches; on the side of the label it states that the product is indeed manufactured by cowshed and the product in question is named Wild Cow Evening Body Wash, as well as the company name and product name there is also a small list of ingredients which are used to make up the shower gel. Most of the ingredients used to make the shower gel are recognisable ones as they are mainly essential oils and vitamins. There is also a little blurb on the side of the bottle which states "Perfect for the girl who parties until the cows come home. Wind down with a fabulously relaxing, rehydrating shower gel"

      I really like the packaging and the design which is on the label because it has a really simplistic yet elegant look to it. I also like the fact that the bottle is made from a clear plastic; I prefer to purchase beauty and cleaning products which are sold in see through packaging or bottles because at a glance I can easily see how much of the product is remaining inside the bottles, and you can also see how much of the product you are using at any one given time. Most of the time when I am trying out a new shampoo, body lotion or shower gel I am really disappointed by the actual consistency of the product because some of them are too thin and runny or they don't smell nice. But with Wild Cow Evening Body Wash I was really pleased with everything about it because it did smell nice, and it wasn't too think nor runny.

      The shower gel inside the bottle has a rather thick and gel like consistency, I would say that the consistency of the shower gel is fairly similar to that of Fairy Liquid or Herbal Essences Shampoo. I really like the thick consistency of the shower gel because you only need to use a small amount at any one given time as a little of the shower gel seems to go a very long way. When I am using the shower gel I find that two blobs the size of twenty pence pieces are an adequate amount for me to use to get fully washed with. However if you aren't going to use a sponge or a bath puff then you would need to use a lot more of the shower gel because it doesn't seem to lather up as well on your hand as opposed to on a sponge or bath puff. When using the shower gel on a bath puff or sponge it produces a very thick and creamy lather on your skin very quickly, the shower gel feels as if it is moisturising as well as cleansing your skin as you are using it as it doesn't feel harsh on the skin. The shower gel also rinses off of your skin very easily as well and it doesn't leave a sticky or tacky residue in and around the bath like some gel like shower gels tend to do. When the shower gel is fully rinsed off of your skin you will notice that your skin is also highly fragranced, the scent from the shower gel tends to linger on my skin for a good three to four hours after bathing before it completely fades away and can no longer be smelt. My skin also feels as if it has been moisturised after bathing as it dies have a silky smooth and soft feel to it and most of the time I don't feel the need to apply a moisturiser after bathing as I feel the shower gel has moisturised my skin enough.

      The scent from the shower gel is gorgeous and it has a really sweet rose scent which is accompanied with the ever so slight hint of Lavender which seems to add a little depth and richness to the fragrance of the shower gel. Most of the time I hate using any beauty product or perfume etc which contains either Jasmine or Lavender because I find that these two fragrances can be too overpowering and cloying if too much of it is used. But in this instance the Lavender is really faint and subtle and it compliments and blends in with the rose aroma wonderfully creating a relaxing fragrance. The rose and lavender scent from the shower gel lingers in the bathroom for a good hour or so after bating so as well as fragrance my skin it also somewhat fragrances the bathroom as well.

      The Essential Oils in the Shower Gel are really good for your skin as well as your mind as they help to relax and sooth you. The Essential Oils in the Cowshed Wild Cow Evening Body Wash have the following properties. ~

      Rose ~ Rose Essential Oil has a really sweet and floral aroma, which is good for balancing your mood as it creates a sense of well being and relaxation. As for skin benefit's the rose essential oil is said to have cooling and soothing effects on the skin.

      ''Lavender ~'''Lavender essential oil is most probably best known for its relaxing, soothing and calming properties which helps to ease tired and aching muscles. Lavender essential oil also has some antiseptic properties as well.

      '''Aloe Vera ~'''naturally soothes and cools skin and helps healing, has excellent moisturising properties. Aloe also has a calming effect on inflamed skin (such as sunburn).

      Like all of the other Cowshed products I have tested and reviewed I cant pick out any faults whatsoever with the Cowshed Wild Cow Evening Body Wash, packaging or the condition which it leaves my skin. There is one thing which may pose as a problem for some people, and that is in-fact the price of the shower gel as a 300ml bottle will set you back between £17-18 dependant on where you purchase it from; but for me I don't mind paying the £17 for the Shower Gel as I feel that paying a little more for a quality product is worth it especially as the Shower gel contains natural ingredients which aren't tested on animals.

      If you like the sound of the Cowshed Wild Cow Evening Body Wash then you can purchase it in store or on line from John Lewis, Debenhams or Harvey Nichols or alternatively direct from the Cowshed Website which is www.cowshedonline.com. There are various other online retailers which sell the Cowshed range of products although the price may differ depending on where you decide to purchase it from, so looking around for the cheapest offer is always a good idea.

      There are also various Cowshed stockists in the UK which stock a wide range of the Cowshed products. To see if there is a Cowshed Store or Stockist in your area have a look at the following list which can be found here

      More information regarding Cowshed or any of their products can be obtained by visiting their website or alternatively by ~

      Telephone ~ 020 7534 0871 (Phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm)

      Address ~

      31 Foubert's Place
      W1F 7QG

      All of the products in the Cowshed range all contain natural essential oils, none of their products or ingredients have been tested on animals and they are suitable for people who are vegetarian and have sensitive skin types. There is also a children's Cowshed range of products available to purchase and this range is entitled Baby Cow and all of the Baby Cow products can be found on there website

      © Butterfly_Wings

      ~~~~review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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        20.08.2008 15:48
        Very helpful



        A delightfully frangranced body wash from Cowshed

        Is someone was to give you a gift called "Wild Cow" you would more than likely be offended. Not me, one of my new favourite skin ranges. The products were originally created for the Cowshed spa at Babington House which is situated in Somerset and hence where the cheekily thought up names come from. Each gift or product is handmade with natural ingredients.

        The one thing I really like about these products are the unqiue packaging which to me is very chic and look very impressive within anyones bathroom, oh and having a black and white bathroom, these look even better on my shelf. Wild Cow Evening Body Wash, my current product of the month which I favour over anything else is sold in a 300ml bottle which has a black and white pattern which to me resembles thistles and it is very attractive to look at. However, some people may be shocked at the £16 price tag which accompanies the body wash.

        The first thing I noticed about this product is the lid, it is a clear see through lid which is easy to remove, but does look a little out of place being so plain on such a decorative bottle, however, being easy to remove is one of the plus points because whether in the bath or the shower, having wet hands can often make opening a bottle quite difficult, but this is easy to grip and remove. Once the lid has been removed, inside you will be treated to a lovely Lavender smelling body wash and it does smell really beautiful and very relaxing.

        The tagline with this product to see it is "Perfect for the girl who parties until the cows come home." Which for me is definitley true. But once I have partied hard all weekend, I like nothing more than to come home to a nice hot shower, or bath and relax and wind down. Having tried quite a lot of the highstreet brands which are available, as good as they were, I wanted something a little different which made me stand out and gave me what I was paying for, after all you do get what you pay for.

        The body wash itself is a very creamy texture, not too thick and not too watery and it is a lovely lilac shade. The lavender small is the most obvious when you use this cream and Lavender isnt a smell which is popular with some people, I find it terribly relaxing and use different Lavender products around my home to make me feel relaxed and that is exactly what this product does, as you wash your body you instantly feel your life stress wash away. Another ingredient in this product is Rose Oil which works well with the Lavender Oil to soothe the mind and ease away stress and tension and all of this information you can find with the product as it describes to you what it does.

        When it came to using this bodywash, which incidentally you can use in the bath or the shower, you only need to use a small amount, because it is quite a creamy texture it spreads very easily and over a much bigger area of the body than many products. I was really impressed with the lather I got from this bodywash in comparison to other high street brands which I always felt did lather really well, but not in comparison to this. I also found with this product that I didn't have to put too much effort in to use it and I found that two applications or a palm full of this lotion was enough to wash my entire body from tip to toe. When I am using any sort of body cream, body wash and so on I always rub the cream between my palms before applying it to my body and then in circular motions I massage my skin. By doing this I am also giving my legs, thighs and other body parts a good massage to encourage good circulation. Once you have finished and are all lathered up you simply wash yourself with warm water. Once you have done you the Lavender smell is definitely still very noticeable and once you have patted yourself dry you will still notice that smell lingering on your soft smooth skin.

        This bodywash left my skin feeling very refreshed and by that I mean I felt relaxed in my person and my skin was soft and smooth everywhere and it smelt clean. I also have highly sensitive skin, so I am drawn to products which use only natural ingredients and to date I have not had any sign of irritation from the product or any others in the range.

        I love the Cowshed products and I would promote them to anyone who wants to find a nice gift for a friend or a little treat for themselves. The website address can easily be found online where you can get further information on the products available.


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