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Cussons Pure Refreshing Shower Gel

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Brand: Cussons / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes,

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2009 14:55
      Very helpful



      Slightly better than recent Imperial Leather shower gels but needs more potency.

      It has been a wonderful hot couple of days here in the West coast of Scotland! Whilst in Glasgow the other day the weather there was much hotter and I knew that we would be in for a treat following the forecast. In my showering duties however when its been so hot outside that the only relief is to sit under a shade and feel the hot air as opposed to being fried under it, I suffer from over sweating possibly due to being slightly hairy and often have an appearance of a drowned ape when seen from a far!

      Ever since I had initial doubts over Imperial Leather shower gels for men I decided to pay a visit to my local pound shop. I'm a massive fan of Imperial Leather original soap and no dodgy shower gel will stand in my way, even though I've had two recent disappointments. One smelt like fly spray, the other like a dodgy 1980's mini-cab; not my idea of freshness. Cussons however have other ideas concerning the "Pure" range because as much as I have looked; I simply can't find Cussons Pure range in the shops. It only seems to be a continental brand that survives in pound shops or "Savers" type pharmacies with marked down products like this product survives. As such I was initially confused because whilst the "Pure" range is marked out in three versions, there's an older brand label, same bottle but appears to be the "Carex," brand label and the one I picked was the same colour bottle with a similar theme to refreshing claims. So there you go, how to confuse buyers even though both sub brands are owned by Cussons! That's not to say however that the older Carex bottles have simply been rebranded even though the name has changed; their moisturising white shower cream doesn't appear in the "Pure," range and the colours of other versions are different.

      The "Pure," range however consists of three to four different versions characterized by differentiated colours. Cream/peach colour identifies the "Moisturising" version, a mild pastel blue/green identifies the "Soothing," version and amongst them at the time of purchase I plucked for the grapes and apples generally because in the summer I like fruity shower gels. Thus the Apple and Grape shower gel under the "Refreshing" tag is a bargain in itself. Forget 250ml, we're talking double the amount here in the form of a Sanex style bottle and at 500ml you're getting quite a lot for a mere £1.

      In terms of the consistency it's quite a thick shower gel and doesn't run out at the bottom of the tube when it's turned upside down although it would be handy here to have a hook to hang it. Despite this the fragrance of apple is one of green apples, quite fresh but more so the scent of grapes is weaker and tends to drown out over the apple scent. The look of the gel is a dark clear green colour but in no way does it look like Swamp green which is often the case with pound shop price mark downs.

      On the sponge or shower puff net I use on occasion, Pure "Refreshing," works itself into a long lasting lather making this product quite frugal on quantity alone. Rub it into your body by hands only and it doesn't lather very well. I find that the scent alone awakens me well even though it has no extra or added cooling sensation that most "awakening" shower gels compose of. It is however a thin and weak formula on its overall strength, obviously so priced so that you get more for your money but less on promise. The promise that Cussons make is one of slight exaggeration; "an invigorating blend...leaving skin clean and soft..."

      So, when applied to my body I noticed that this shower gel gives skin a lovely gleaming sheen to my skin but once it has been rinsed from my body it just feels like a standard shower gel without moisturisation but the feeling of being clean is apparent. Sadly the problem with the fruity and pleasing Apple and Grape is that although it smells lovely by shoving my nose under the bottle, the scent dies away far too quickly aswell and the product leaves my skin feeling slightly dry and not really that smooth as the product promises. Although this is a shower gel alone, I also tried this on my hair and found that the gel leaves an itchy scalp, so there's an early warning not to use this as an all over body wash.

      However in terms of its scent it is however better than the last two Imperial Leather products I've had. It is still not perfect by any means; I've yet to sample a product shower gel by Cussons that actually promises what it says. Again it appears that you get what you pay for but at the price I paid for a larger quantity I'm happy to try the Pure range again as the scents are actually nicer to the nose. All Cussons need to do now is inject a little more strength to the gel to leave skin feeling soft following by the claim on the back of the bottle. Then I'll be a happy monkey! Thanks for reading. (c)Nar2 2009


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