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Cussons Pure Soothing Shower Cream

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Brand: Cussons / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Soothes,

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2010 15:25
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      Better than a lot of supermarket own brand creams with twice the amount for £1!

      I love bargains and from time to time I visit Semi Chem, our cheap Pharmacy store in the high street and one shop that can be trusted for known brands and home remedies designed to be bargain priced without paying through the nose. Whilst brands like Nivea and Radox are forever offering BOGOF ("Buy One Get One Free,") products, they seldom appear for the whole year and availability of your favourites can be hard to find. Out of all the brands that I have tried so far, Cussons is a brand that goes back to my childhood and as such I often try out some of their products with less than pleasing results in their shower cream/gel products. The last product I tried from Cussons was an Imperial Leather shower cream that smelt like pine toilet cleaner and made me return to old faithful Sanex that is more expensive on price for the same large quantity. Sanex is a good stand by however most of their products don't have a long and lingering scent.

      The Cussons "Pure" range however is a range of budget priced shower gels and cream wash products that normally sell and can be found in pound stores as well as "Savers." I've been using the "Pure" range on and off between Sanex and other brands now since discovering their Grape and Pear shower gel in 2008/9 but I wanted a change following the Autumn seasons and the cold temperatures opting for a shower cream rather than a gel for extra skin softness. The "Pure" range is available in a myriad of different versions such as a cream/peach colour in their "Moisturising," shower cream, the light clear green "Refreshing" shower gel and the "Soothing" Aloe Vera added mint green/pastel green shower cream that smelt quite fresh at the time of purchase.

      Trapped in a white coloured frosted tall bottle (sadly with no corresponding shower hook) this is a fairly large bottle and capacity of 500ml of shower cream product. Already for a £1 you can perhaps see that it is worth it on value alone. However in my experience I've had quite a few pound shop value products in bath care products before and it's either a rip off or something quite considerable worth finding out. Cussons Pure Soothing shower cream has been quite a find, so far!

      The product contains Aloe Vera and for that reason alone you'll find a pastel green coloured cream that comes out of the bottle. It isn't milky but then again it isn't thick either, reminding you that you have bought a cheap product from the way Pure Soothing seems to flow. But the scent is so lovely and fresh I can discount the gloopiness of the product when it comes out of the bottle and so far in shower cream edition, I've so far found with the aid of a shower puff or softer sponge, a little seems to go a long way as a bonus! With the aid of a puff or sponge, Pure "Soothing," works itself into a creamy lather where it is obvious one little spot of the cream seems to go a rather long way. So long infact, it has taken me two months to get through one bottle when showering every 2 days per week! The gel on the other hand isn't as economically long lasting but it's not far off from this one where longevity is concerned.

      Now, one of the aspects that I regularly try out with any shower cream is the softness test. This is no way the same as gloss test because Dove's shower cream products are excellent in applying a glossy shine to my skin once the product has been rinsed off, thus probably adding to the softness factor and moisturiser claim that Dove keeps shoving down buyers throats! Sadly for Cussons, although Pure "Soothing," feels very mild on my skin and although there is some gloss, it doesn't sit around for long - certainly not as strong as Dove - but my does skin feel reasonably soft when using this product and when it has been rinsed off not as much dryness is felt compared to cheap supermarket brands. The better news is that the whilst the formula may be mild to literally "soothe" skin with its Aloe Vera content, it isn't the kind of shower cream you could rely on for sensitive skin but rather a general all round shower cream fit for most shower purposes where you may need to apply additional creams after you towel down to retain the softness you've encountered. Often my friends who stay with me remark they love the idea of so many different products on display. I think that whilst it is prudent to be economical with your money these days, with products like Cussons Pure "Soothing," you can stretch to having a bit more variety in your bathroom/shower room without the need of wasting good money.

      Apart from a lack of gloss on my skin, Pure "Soothing," doesn't really feel soothing in my mind. Soothing for me makes Radox look like the perfect winner with its herbal, spicy backdrop and often, additives designed to calm you from a stressful situation as well as a long lasting scent. The product name that Cussons have chosen here is a bit of a misnomer unless you count in the factor that it is a mild shower cream that can be used on minor dry skin without pain. Granted whilst the product feels okay on skin, doesn't slide off quickly and freshens me, it's not a product that I would wholly trust or depend on to choose if I'm stressed out. The scent is quite fresh, similar to cucumbers (often mistaken for the Aloe Vera scent) and a mix of green apples, but it doesn't last long after I've towelled down. Another downside however is the fact that this brand can be difficult to find. When I returned back to the shop to buy more of the Pure "Soothing," shower cream I was surprised to find similarly coloured "Carex," bottles of shower cream in its place, complete with the same bottle design, slightly different label - but strangely, the same scent. Go by your instincts and your nose if you source this brand!

      For double the capacity than mass brands, Cussons Pure "Soothing" shower cream may have a strange or awkward product title in the sense that it doesn't really soothe skin in offering a relaxing shower experience. On the other hand the soothing aspect can mean mild cleansing and in this respect the product does give a relatively average softness factor. Its sparing use on a shower puff or sponge means it's a long lasting winner in my mind - particularly when it does offer a creamy lather with a good fresh scent and at 500ml, is worth looking out for the quantity, alone. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010


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