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Dermud Moisturising Shower Cream

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Brand: Ahava / Type: Body Lotion / Texture: Cream / What it does: Cleanses, Moisturizes, / Type: Shower Cream

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2008 13:22
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      Ahava's shower cream for dry skin

      I love a good body wash, and I always feel patriotic when I can find one that's made here in my home country that is particularly good. After finding Ahava's shower gel to be so great, and having such dry skin - especially in the winter - when I saw this Dermud Shower Cream for dry skin, I knew I had to try it.

      I should preface this review with noting that you people will need to pay a whopping £8.70 for a 200ml tube of this stuff, which is about $12.70 (at today's exchange rates), but I paid only $6.90 (about £4.70) for the same tube in our Duty Free here in Israel. Still, that can't be considered cheap even for me, so if you're looking for a bargain, you can stop reading right now.

      The Dermud line of products are especially made for dry, very dry and sensitive skin. As noted, my skin is dry and in the winter, sometimes it feels so taut that its painful. Since I don't usually use body lotions, I thought I'd try this shower cream to see if it would help. Of course Ahava products are made with minerals found in the Dead Sea, and people all over the world use these to help cure skin problems, so I knew I couldn't go too wrong. Also, I'm not unhappy with how my skin feels after I use their Mineral Shower Gel, but it doesn't seem to leave my skin feeling all that soft when the weather is cold.

      The first thing you'll notice about this is that this really is a cream, and not a gel. This means it is very thick - almost toothpaste consistency - and you'll need to give the tube a good squeeze to get the product to come out. Mind you, this isn't very difficult and putting this into a tube that "stands on its head" certainly helps you get what you need out. The cream itself is coral coloured and looks a touch lumpy, but when you start using it, the lumps melt away and you won't feel its at all grainy or rough on your skin. You'll then notice that this is a very sweet, flowery-smelling, cream in stark contrast to their summery sea-smelling Mineral Shower Gel. I detected what seems like honeysuckle and jasmine in this cream. I also felt an undertone scent of something dry, which could be the smell of the Dead Sea mud. It seems to me that the sweetness of the flowers does a pretty good job of masking the medicinal scent of the mud - although not completely. This didn't bother me even though I'm not one for these types of girly scents. I also noticed that the perfume in this doesn't stay long on your skin so it won't clash with your favourite cologne.

      Now if you're looking for something that will give you a luxurious lather, then stop reading right now. This cream doesn't seem to give you any suds at all - not when you use it on a flannel or even a puff, and certainly not when you apply it directly with your hands. In fact, you'll almost feel like you're washing yourself with body lotion. While this isn't the most unpleasant feeling I've ever had, it certainly was unique for me and while I was using it, I almost felt like I had picked up the wrong product to wash myself with. As for rinsing yourself off, since there aren't a whole lot of bubbles on your body, you might feel that it isn't washing anything away. Still, it won't leave you feeling unclean, so this isn't really a drawback.

      This, of course, takes me to the ultimate test - how my skin feels after I step out of the shower. I have to say that my instinctive reaction was to want to pat myself down instead of rub my skin dry with my towel. This is probably what you're supposed to do anyway, and so that's what I did, without even thinking about it. Now it might be partially psychological but I must admit that my skin certainly felt very good after my shower and it felt both clean and more importantly, very soft but not at all greasy. It was almost as if I had used some kind of quickly absorbed moisturizer. What's more, I also noticed that my arms and legs didn't get that taut, scratchy feeling that I sometimes feel by the end of the day. I must admit that there was a touch of dryness on my skin by the time evening came, but on the whole, this really did make my skin feel much softer than any other shower product I've used so far. That means that this product does mostly live up to its claim. Mind you, if I lived somewhere where the winters were colder, or I spent more time outside in the cold, I'm not sure that this would be quite enough to keep my skin feeling moist all day long. Still, for my purposes, I'm pretty happy with this product.

      I have to say that I'll probably buy this product again, despite its price tag, which even for me isn't terribly cheap (and for you in the UK it is downright expensive), and because it doesn't lather up I felt the need to use a bit more product than I normally would. I (uncharacteristically) like the smell of this and was even happier that it's perfume dissipated quickly - but I doubt that my more macho readers will like how this smells at all. The texture of the cream was surprisingly pleasant, and most importantly, it did make my skin feel better than my usual shower gels. For this reason, I think I'll give this product four out of five stars (one star off for the price and lack of suds) and recommend it to all those people with dry skin that are willing to pay a bit extra to make their bodies feel better this winter.

      Thanks for reading!

      Davida Chazan © December 2008

      Technical Stuff:

      Ahava's Dermud products can be found at http://www.ahava.co.uk/rdermud/proddermud.html and you can order this on-line or ask them for their mail-order catalogue to buy it through the post.

      From their website, the Dermud fact page says:

      "Dermud - Dry & Sensitive Skin Treatment

      "More than any other skin type, dry skin requires constant and consistent hydration in order to assure its healthy function and maintain vitality. At Ahava we have leveraged the innate qualities of Dead Sea mud in the formulation of a unique line of treatments that enables even the driest of skin to retain its moisture balance.

      "All Dermud products contain Dead Sea mud in a unique patented formulation and are rich in moisture-enabling minerals and other soothing, natural agents. These hypoallergenic products have been clinically proven to renew and rejuvenate skin cells naturally. They efficiently treat all SRRC dryness parameters (Scaling, Roughness, Redness, Cracks) that affect the skin."

      You can contact Ahava by post to: AHAVA UK, PO Box 275, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 4YT or by Telephone: 01452 864574 or by Fax: 01452 862580 or by e-mail enquire@ahava.co.uk

      They also list contact through Taylormade Beauty, Kingfisher Golf and Country Club, Buckingham Road, Nr. Deanshanger, Milton Keynes, Bucks, Tel: 0870 7436991.


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      Cleans the skin leaving it soft and supple /

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