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Dove Body Wash Softening Silk

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8 Reviews
  • feels nice to use
  • It is moisturising
  • The bottle is very hard to use
  • Some not so great ingredients
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    8 Reviews
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      04.01.2015 00:05
      Very helpful


      • "Very soft"
      • "Lovely smell"


      • Packaging

      Lovely smell, nice to apply, long-lasting.

      I don't have a strong loyalty to any particular brand of body wash so tend to go for whichever brand is on offer in the supermarket. If you shop around you can get this product for between £1 and £2.50 which I believe to be a reasonable price.

      My favourite part of this product is the fragrance. I find many body washes smell lovely when applying them but by the time I have dried myself from the shower I can no longer smell them. This body lotion however has a very delicate, feminine smell which is pleasant and long-lasting. It smells really fresh and clean rather than overpowering and overly floral which I have found with many other body washes.

      It is a nice product to apply and is really soft on the skin and does feel very moisturising, as advertised. My skin feels really soft but I don't find that the moisturising effect is substantial enough on it's own so I still moisturise following my shower.

      My main problem with this product is the packaging. It is not the most simple design of bottle lid and it can be quite a struggle to open, particularly with slippery hands in the shower! The branding and appearance of the bottle however is pleasant and very feminine.

      I find this product to be really refreshing and has a great long-lasting scent which is the main thing I look for in a body wash. The slight lasting moisturising effect is an added bonus for me.


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      08.12.2014 16:20
      Very helpful


      • "feels nice to use"
      • "smells okay"
      • "does not affect my allergies"


      • "scent is not that great"
      • "not as moisturising as they promise"
      • "slippery shaped bottle for a shower/bath product"
      • "Some not so great ingredients"

      Soft as a Dove but not moisturising enough for me

      This is not my usual choice but I am happy to use it when i get it on an offer price. The bottle holds 250 ml and at £3.25 full RRP it think it is expensive for what it is but I have never paid more than £1.50 -2 for mine.

      Dove say :"There's nothing like the sensation of silk on your skin. Silk shower combined with 1/4 moisturising cream to gently cleanse with a rich silky lather. Protects your skin's natural moisture balance, leaving your skin feeling smooth."

      It is a moisturising bath/shower product but not so much that i do not need to use a body lotion after it but it has not made me feel dry and tight skinned nor has it ever brought me out in a rash like some things do.

      The scent is clean and pleasant but not specially obvious and hard to describe - kind of like old fashioned Lux soap is my best effort.

      The bottle is an odd shape which i find hard to open with wet hands and it gets slippery too. You have to give it a good squeeze to get the stuff out. I ended up using it as a bubble bath and adding water to the last bits to get the rest out as I hate waste. It didn't fill the bath with bubbles but as it doesn't claim to be a bubble bath I won't hold that against it.

      The bottle of course is plastic and can be recycled through your usual recycling scheme. It is not clear so you don't know how much is left unless you can guess by how it feels in weight!

      I can't say it was that special. It washes and didn't dry out my skin but it also didn't do much to moisturise it either. I prefer to wipe body oil over my wet skin as i get out of the shower or bath and that really leaves my skin well fed. This alone would not do the trick at all.


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      05.12.2014 07:41
      Very helpful


      • "Leaves Skin Soft"
      • "Smells Nice"


      • "Top is hard to flip open"

      Great for your skin....tricky for wet hands to open

      This Dove body wash is really good and I have purchased it a few times since my initial purchase. It is really reasonably priced and depending on were you buy it you should pick it up for between £1-£2.49 . Like so many of my health and beauty purchases I first bought this Dove body wash from Amazon when it was on offer for £1 (Absolute Bargain). I tend to swap and change my shower gels and body washes very regularly so I have tried a large range.I find the Dove body wash to be really pleasant to use(Although it is very hard work to ooen the flip top when your hands are wet...or even when they are dry) It has a really nice smell and it is not an overpowering smell like some of the dove soaps tend to be...it's just a nice subtle smell.You don't need to use too much of the body wash as it does lather up quite a lot.It is really moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling soft after I have used it.I am not usually a fan of Dove products as in the past I have found them to be quite overpowering with the soapy smell but this body wash is just the right smell not too much and not to little.Like I mentioned earlier the only reason I have marked this product down is because of the practicality of opening the top of the body wash while you are in the shower....it is quite tricky to open you really have to put in a bit of effort which is not what I want when my hands are wet and im trying to enjoy a relaxing shower....obviously you would think the simple solution to this would be to open it before you get into the shower ...this is not easy even with dry hands lol They really do need to look at sorting the bottle out and then I would rate it a 5 as everything else about it is perfect,


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      27.11.2014 22:13
      Very helpful


      • "Smells nice"
      • "Feels luxurious"
      • Moisturising


      A lovely body wash from Dove

      I bought dove Body Wash Softening Silk for the family’s use so it went into the bathroom rather than the downstairs shower as the bathroom seems to be more used than the shower cubicle. I knew this was popular as it didn’t last very long. This was at a time when the house was full of people.

      I suppose it is more of a ladies body wash but I think the men must have used it. Most things that I put out in the bathroom get used at least once by all and then if they don’t all like it then it won’t get used up for ages. If they don’t like a product then the reason for their dislike is usually because it is something that smells too flowery and feminine and maybe also smells too powerful.

      I really like this body wash but then in all honesty, I do like nearly all of the Dove products that I have tried. It’s very rare that I'm not pleased with Dove products in general. But I am not really particularly brand loyal either. I tend to look for offers and also will buy something that catches my eye as long as it is selling for the right price. But if it is from a manufacturer I like and sold at a reasonable price then in my shopping basket it will most likely go.

      But regarding this product it is good. I liked the feel of it when using it as it really does feel so soft and silky. It does feel moisturising on the skin.

      I would say that it cleanses well without drying my skin.

      The scent of this body wash is really nice. It’s hard to describe but I would say it smells creamy and although the smell is nice it isn't overpowering.

      When my skin was dry I could still smell this body wash upon my skin but it wasn't too cloying.

      Dove Softening Silk Body Wash is currently available from Tesco at the price of £2.55 for a 250ml bottle.


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      24.11.2014 09:56
      Very helpful


      • "It is cleansing"
      • "It is moisturising"
      • "It makes my skin feel soft and clean"


      • "The bottle is very hard to use"

      Dove Silk body wash

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is shower cream that is made by Dove. It is called Silk Glow now because Dove changed the name and the design of the bottle last year but the product is the same.


      This shower cream comes in a bottle that is very hard to use sometimes because it has got a strange shape so that when you try to get some out it gets stuck. When there is a small amount only left in the bottle it is so hard to get out of the bottle that I have to nearly bend the bottle in half to remove it.


      I am very happy with this shower cream because I like the smell and I like that the bubbles are very thick and they feel nice and soft on my skin. The bubbles feel like they are moisturising my body and I am happy about that because I trust Dove to be effective when I have got skin that needs to be moisturised and even though I still have to use body cream if my skin is dry I do not care about that because I know that the shower cream is being kind to my skin when I use this product.

      The smell does not linger for very long on my skin and that is a pity but I do not care very much because I think the smell of this shower cream is alot more oily and greasy than other Dove shower produce.

      I like how clean my skin feels when I use this shower cream and I use it with a sponge so I do not have to use very much to make my whole body clean. It has never made me have any irritation and my skin is never itchy when I use it so I think it is a very gentle shower cream that is good for my skin as well as being cleansing.


      A bottle that has got 250ml of shower cream in it costs about £3.60 and I think that is value because it is very nice shower cream but I wish that Dove would look at their bottles because it is so hard to take out the last bits that I think I sometimes waste quite a lot.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      05.05.2010 18:18
      Very helpful



      Would last ages and is lovely to use.

      I don't know how much this body wash is as someone gave it to me with some other beauty products as a gift.

      Anyway am fussy about what I put on my skin and I tend to like smelling things before I buy them, as I love Lush products as well as Boots Fresh range.
      Mine is the same as shown in the photo.

      What Dove Claim
      There's nothing like the sensation of silk on your skin. Silk shower combined with 1/4 moisturising cream to gently cleanse with a rich silky lather. Protects your skin's natural moisture balance, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

      My Opinion
      I flipped the lid and smelt it, it doesn't really smell of anything but as it doesn't contain anything to do so I wasn't expecting a floral scent or anything. I squeezed some into my hand first as I wanted to see what i felt like, rubbing my fingers into the product it is very soft.
      So I squeezed a ten pence size onto my mesh sponge and rubbed it together to lather it up, there were lots of 'bubbles' and went a long way on my skin so I only applied some more product twice, so you don't really need to use much.
      It felt lovely and soft on my skin and it did leave my skin feeling clean. It was enjoyable to use the product.

      I use products in the bath, but I think shower users would have trouble as there is no hook on it, so unless you have a shelf it would slip about.

      I think that Dove's claim of feeling like silk is bold, but on drying my skin my skin felt lovely and soft to the touch.
      I can't comment on how long it would feel like this as I always apply body lotion afterwards. I decided to try my Dove body lotion -in another review.

      The bottle shape is a good choice as it fits nicely in your hand, and the lid is a flip cap. Has a long list of pharmacutical ingredients. Back of bottle says that it lasts 12months and has the recycable logo. I wish products would be more accurate though by putting a date rather than 12months as you don't know how long its been on the shelf. I tend not to keep products for ages though.

      I would use this product again as you don't need much to get some 'bubbles' on your wash sponge and it feels lovely and I think it would last a long time.

      Would I buy?
      As I prefer scented products I think I would only buy if it was on offer.


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      31.10.2007 22:59
      Very helpful



      Great product - not so good packaging!

      I have been a great fan of almost all the Dove products ever since they came on the market. I just love the smell of the soaps and bubble baths and they all feel so soft on my skin.

      It was with this in mind that Dave bought me some of the new Softening Silk Body Wash. It was £2.65 for 250ml at the time but Boots do often do special offers on the Dove range such as two for the price of one, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open!

      I have just finished using the last of the body wash so I that’s why I thought I’d tell you what I thought of it.


      This product comes in a plastic container about seven inches tall and about three inches wide. It is only an inch or so deep, so it is quite ‘flat’ and because it is wider at the top than at the bottom it isn’t very stable when it is stood on the shower shelf – more about that later.

      The top is a bright blue flip top cap through which the body wash emerges when the container is squeezed.

      The front of the container has the Dove logo in blue and gold and the words ’Dove Shower Care Softening Silk Body Wash – Silk Proteins’

      The usual information is on the back – telling you how Dove will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.

      There is also a very long list of ingredients most of which I’ve never heard of!

      Smell and Feel (if you’ll pardon the expression!)

      The body wash is one quarter moisturising cream as are all the Dove products and it shows. It feels lovely on my skin and lathers well in the shower, mind you living on the edge of Snowdonia our water is VERY soft!

      The smell of this one is really lovely – a light flowery fragrance that lingers on the skin and in the air after the shower is finished.

      Value for Money

      The product lathers up very well and you only need use a small amount to get the cleaning, moisturising and fragrant effect. If the problem mentioned below gets sorted it will be excellent value for money.


      A problem with a Dove product? Surely not?

      Well, sadly, yes and it’s a big one I’m afraid. The design of the container is just useless in the shower, and for a shower product that’s a big problem.

      There is no way of hanging this product up in the shower. In my opinion the design needs to be reassessed and a hook put on the outside of the container so it can hang in the shower.

      As I mentioned before the container isn’t stable when standing up so in the shower, so when balanced on the little tray you get in there it is likely to fall off as mine did smashing the lid.

      It is difficult to use as you need to be squeezing the container with one hand and catching the body wash with the other, then balancing the container back on the shelf without dropping the body wash in your other hand before you can actually get the product on your skin!


      Yet again another lovely product from Dove, but I won’t be buying this one again as it is just too fiddly to use!

      Come on Dove, put a hook on the container so I can hang it in my shower and I’ll be at the front of the queue to buy this one!


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        28.04.2006 18:34
        Very helpful



        Silky smooth body wash, leaves your skin smelly lovely

        Shower gel is something I buy when doing routine shopping. I don’t usually spend ages choosing one, I tend to buy them when they are on a BOGOF offer. But my toiletries cupboard was bare, the last shower gel in use and it was a “man’s type” and although I’ll happily use it, I decided to treat myself!


        Part of Unilever, a really well known company and most people will already have something in their homes made by them. A brand therefore to trust and one I’ve already used, as I’ve tried the body lotion and deodorant. I was happy to buy a bottle of the Body wash, of which there was a choice and was tempted by the Softening Silk.
        *Your Body*
        Quote- “It's that which both protects you from – and connects you with – the world around you. It's thighs and hips, arms and breasts, hands and feet, and much, much more. It's the map, upon which all of life's travels are drawn. Your life, your travels, your body, your beauty.”
        I now see my body, which was/is tired, rather worn out and misshapen in parts, as something rather important and worth looking after. Perhaps this silk concoction will do the trick.

        *The Product*
        A pearly white plastic bottle, containing 250 ml of Body wash. Easy to hold as it is slim. Measuring 18.5 cm in height and about 8cm at its widest mid point. The base is much smaller and egg shaped. It is attractive to look at, and the cap is a lovely peachy gold pearl colour. It looks expensive, and with the attractive label, it looks good sitting in the bathroom. The Dove logo is in Blue, with a Gold dove underneath plus a little picture in gold giving a feeling of moisture and smoothness.
        On the back of the bottle, the label states the following:-
        Dove softening silk body wash there’s nothing like the light sensation of silk on your skin. Dove softening silk body wash combines specially selected pure silk with dove 1/4 active moisturising cream. Gentle cleansing with a rich silky lather Protects your skin’s natural moisture balance Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth Dove softening silk body wash - sensuous yet light, leaving your skin super silky.

        In addition, a lengthy list of ingredients, useful if you are allergic to anything. But I will not include here.

        *The contents*

        I ran my shower next morning and easily flipped the lid. Good start as I find some bottles difficult to open.
        Mmm. I could already smell the contents. This was not an aromatherapy body wash, but my nose reacted and I felt uplifted. It smelled expensive, like around the perfume counter in a good Department store. I can’t isolate the perfume, only say I love it! The wash is pearly and a medium consistency, not too thin it runs off but not too thick that it doesn’t spread easily over your body.
        I squeezed some out onto my hand and smoothed it over my body, it felt luxurious, creamy, silky, and really smooth. I squeezed some onto my body scrub/puff and rubbed it over my legs and arms, a lovely lather washed my skin.
        I could have stayed for hours, this was a good experience. The soap washed off easily and my skin felt silky smooth.


        After towelling dry, I usually smooth in body lotion, but my skin felt moisturised, and smelt faintly perfumed. Not too strong though to clash with my perfume. I decided to risk it - no lotion. I would remain naked! Well, my skin that is, I put on some clothes!

        During the day, I was aware of a faint perfume from the body wash, and my skin felt hydrated.
        I now use body lotion every other day as I’ve got 4 bottles to use from one of by BOGOF offers!

        I can honestly say the Silk Body wash did do what is claimed on the bottle.

        Gentle cleansing with a rich silky lather.
        Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
        Sensuous yet light, leaving your skin super silky.


        £2.28 at both Tesco and Boots.

        I have used very little so far and find it very economical, as a little goes a long way.

        Hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do if you decide to indulge in a little silk! Cheaper than buying clothes!


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