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Dove Cream Oil Bar

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Brand: Dove / Type: Soap / Texture: Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 19:41
      Very helpful



      Nothing negative about this bar.

      I rarely use bars of soap throughout the day. I will use it for my morning wash and to wash my face in the shower. If I have to wash my hands throughout the day I use hand wash and on the night time when I shower I use shower gel. So, as you can see I already find little use for this soap. However, it is crucial to my daily routine.

      I always mix between the two bars of Dove soap. The Original bar and the Cream Oil. I always used the Original bar as a child and found after a few years it was a little boring. I wanted something refreshing and I found this Cream Oil bar. As soon as I got it home I opened it up and fell in love with the scent. It is completely different to the Original bar. It is a lot more sweet and I find it as addictive as Johnson's.

      The bar lathers up well and when rubbing it between my hands in my morning wash I find that it needs little to no water to lather. In a few short rubs I can lather up enough to wash my hands and face and I think this is brilliant. I personally don't like when I use the bar to a certain stage where the Dove logo gets washed out the bar. I know this will happen anyway but I really like the bump in the soap as you rub it. I am sure this bar of soap can be used for more than just your face, but I think this bar suits my face perfectly.

      The product comes in a small cardboard box that just about fits the bar of soap. The sides of the box are peach in colour and the front of the box is white with the Dove branding logo on. The back of the box has the general guidelines in miniature writing. The box is easy to open. You simply pull one side and it clips open. After you are left with the soap. The soap is natural feeling in your hand and it has the dove image imprinted into the sop on both sides. The soap itself is in a nice shape which I associate with being feminine.

      I would highly recommend this soap as it smells nice, lathers well and does not dry skin out. I also have very sensitive skin and I have extremely sensitive skin. I buy this soap in a four pack from Poundland, obviously for £1.00.


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      11.06.2010 12:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good product - well worth a try :)

      Dove Cream Oil Bar

      I have been using dove products such as the triple moisturizing body wash (See my previous review) and the summer glow body lotion for ages and I just LOVE dove! It is such a high quality well know brand and the products smell absolutely gorgeous.

      I have recently bought the dove cream oil beauty cream bar from dove and it smells so nice like all of the other dove products and it is also really really moisturizing. Most of soaps and shower gels I have used (not including lush!) have really dried my skin out but this soap bar (and the other dove products in the range) contain a 1/4 moisturizing cream that really does intensely moisturize my skin.

      Not only does the soap on its own smell nice but the scent stays on my skin for ages after wards so I can have that yummy dove scent with me most of the day. Also it does not run out easily and it also does not disintegrate in the soap bowl either - unlike some other cheaper ones.

      Good points
      *Smells so nice
      *The scent stays on my skin for most of the day
      *The soap bar contains 1/4 moisturizing cream so my skin is well moisturized, soft and smooth all day
      *Does not disintegrate in the soap dish
      *High quality brand
      *Widely available - for about £1 I think in morrisons, But it is available in larger supermarkets
      *pH neutral
      *Did not irritate my skin

      Bad points
      *contains little/no natural or organic ingredients (this is why I prefer lush shower gels/shower jellies)

      Thank you for reading my review


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        28.12.2007 18:44
        Very helpful



        I smell and feel great!

        I absolutely adore Dove and Oil Of Olay bath and shower products. Of course it goes any self respecting lady prefers Lush but lets face it we cant afford all that stuff everyday and most of us keep the Lush for special occasions!

        In the meantime I use anything and everything. I love trying out new products but there is one soap in this fair land I can really trust and feels luxurious every day and that is Dove.

        The Soap:

        Comes in a white a peach recyclable box. Dove branding in dark blue with the gold Dove emblem underneath. Clearly states that the product is supreme silk cream oil bar with 1/4 moisturising cream on both sides of the box.
        On one side of the box it tells us it provides intensive care for dry skin for an especially silky smooth skin feeling. Mild PH neutral. Contains 1/4 moisturising cream and caring oil. It also tells us this in many different languages.
        On other side of the box it lists the ingredients and tell us who make the product and in this case its a company called Unilever.

        The soap bar itself weighs 100g. Its white and smooth with Dove engraved into it and a picture of a little Dove in it too. Its an oval shape and thinner in the middle to make it easier to hold.

        The smell is very rich and slightly sweet smelling. I had the smell down as honey but after checking out the Boots website this is infused with macadamia oil. Its rather nice and it reminds me a bit of a spiritual incense stick and a bit mystical. It contains silk and if your not aware by now it contains 1/4 moisturising cream lol

        My Verdict:

        Queen of soaps! Ok as I said earlier its not Lush but squidge it into a funny shape and colour it green it wouldn't be out of place in there! To me its up there with the Lush soaps and not even half the price!

        It goes on like silk and it lathers up extremely well. Its luxurious and gives of a gorgeous smell when using it and a smell that stays lingering on your skin for hours. My bathroom and hallway smell gorgeous after using this. I actually look forward to opening a new bar and shaving my legs isn't such a chore with this soap! I get silky smooth skin and a close shave and I feel really clean too!

        The great thing about this as well is I use it in the bath and I have noticed even when I haven't put soap anywhere near my hair that when I get out of the bath my hair sometimes feels like I've washed it with soap as its been in the atmosphere. Not with this one.

        I also notice that after using soap sometimes my skin looks like I've dusted it with talcum powder. Not with this one it leaves no residue at all!

        With some other soaps my skin has felt dry, itchy and heavy...... Again not with this one.

        Also I have noticed after using some soaps I've needed to moisturise after a shower or bath. Not with this one. I'm moisturised enough. I find if I was to fake tan straight after using this I can which makes my fake tanning routine so much quicker.

        Overall I'm a huge fan of this product, particularly this soap and yes I've tried them all. Ive had comments on how soft my skin is and I sit back and never admit its Dove and let people dream I'm using something new, revolutionary and expensive products to get these results. This product goes to show you don't have to break the bank and its not an addiction i think i shall be giving up any time soon!

        A simple must have I can't big it up enough!

        About 49p a bar in most places!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        Dove is a soap and personal care brand (including hair care products) owned by Unilever / Dove soap is formulated to be pH neutral, with a pH that is usually between 6 / 5 and 7 / 5 /