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Dove Fresh Touch Cream Bar

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5 Reviews

Brand: Dove / Type: Soap / Texture: Cream / What it does: Refreshes,

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    5 Reviews
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      23.08.2012 17:25
      Very helpful



      A lovely soap that doesnt dry the skin out

      I don't often buy soap as some can tend to dry the skin out, I prefer shower creams on the body, cleansers on the face and hand wash on the hands however my mam always does me a beauty bag for Christmas and this year a had a multi pack of dove fresh touch cream bars in. I tried them last week just for review purposes really as I had the item and thought I might as well give it a try then I can review it and let others know what I thought. I put it in the bathroom to use instead of the usual products and I have done so for the last week so here's what I thought.

      The soap comes in a square cardboard box which is white and green in colour and looks rather fresh with a picture of a cucumber on. The box advises that this is a beauty cream bar which sounds nicer than soap. This bar promises to moisturise the skin with cucumber and green tea which will refresh.

      The soap inside is green in colour and the scent is very strong as soon as you open the box. It is really nice and smells rather juicy and although it seems overpowering in the box it fades once removed. I have used this product on my face, hands and body and it has been really lovely. The soap isn't drying at all in fact it feels moisturising and leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft after use.

      The soap lathers up well and leaves a lovely clean scent on the skin as well as in the bathroom. Even by the soap sitting on the side of the sink the bathroom has a lovely scent from it. You can expect to pay about £1.30 for a pack of 2 of these soaps which is very reasonable. As far as soaps go this is pretty good.


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      25.09.2008 14:26
      Very helpful



      I'll be sticking with my Dove Original lol

      I'm not huge soap fan. We've come a long way in shower gels and bath gels over the years and long gone are the days of skin drying out after using lack lustre soaps. I remember having a huge white bar in the bathroom that seemed to sit there for months on end when I was younger and I may have been clean when I had my wash but skin was dried out to the bone!

      However when I have a bath I do like a nice soap and it usually comes in the form of something Lush bound and I like their shower gels etc for of course the shower! The other soap I absolutely love is Dove. The one in the dark blue and white box which I deem to the the original is actually my all time winner in the battle of the soaps. I love it from the smell to the way it leaves my skin after using it. It's consistently excellent and I use it on special occasions! If I'm going on a big night out, out comes a new bar. Small price, big results and it never lets me down where as a bar of something Lush you haven't tried can cost 6 times more and be rather displeasing!

      So being a fan of the original bar it was a tough choice whether to dare to try 'Fresh Touch'. Sure I wanted to but so happy I am with my usual purchase that it was a struggle to try something different. What pushed me into this purchase however is this soap was in a pack of four priced in Sainsbury's at 85p (yes four bars!) so I knew I was getting a bargain and there was only one pack left as it was, of course it was a special offer.

      The Packaging...

      If you buy a multi-pack which is two or four they come individually boxed and are covered by a white, plastic wrapper which of course tells you that the products are Dove, Fresh Touch, Cream Bars and has a small silver Dove on the front. It's distinctive packaging. Each soap then comes as I said in it's own box which is a square shape and is pale green and white and in navy blue large writing on the front and the back you get told it's Dove, the little silver Dove is again on there and then you are told it's Fresh Touch, Cream Bar again and some stuff in foreign languages (I don't understand) and then there is a little silver spot on the there that has 1/4 written on it which I assume is referring to the fact that this has 1/4 moisturising cream within it. The box of course has four sides to it. On one side I'm told 'Refreshment that cares for your skin. It combines refreshing cucumber extract, calming green tea and 1/4 fresh hydrating cream and then again, I'm told alot of stuff in foreign languages. On the other sides of box I'm then told the ingredients, contact details for Unilever (the manufacturer of all Dove products), size of the soap (100g), that the box is recyclable, lots more stuff in foreign languages and a bar-code. Nice enough packaging and informative enough, it is.

      The Soap....

      Before you get the soap out of the box the smell hits your nostrils. Although very strong it somehow remains delicate and not in your face knock out smelly! It smells as described... fresh! When you read all about it on the box it of course contains a cucumber fragrance and you imagine that smell but it isn't that. It doesn't even smell of what you think green tea would smell like either! It's sort of smells of that and smells blended well with a sweetness to it and saying that still remains in my view suitable for men, women or children. It's an unusual smell which isn't like an old fashioned soap smell in any way shape or form and has a creamy tone to it that is really pleasant and and not one bit cheap smelling. This is all written by me with the soap sat in front of me unopened! Taking the soap out of the box and having a sniff of course it's much stronger than that but still nice. The only difference really being that it is alot sweeter. The cucumber smell appears to sort of run under the soap and the sweetness of the green tea becomes more apparent. It's nice and as I said fresh.

      Using the soap couldn't be easier really. It's an oval shape, thick and light green in colour (with the word Dove inscribed on both sides of it) and it isn't shiny as it's made of a cream. It isn't like a brick and hard though and although solid feels slightly dense. The shape is great because to smooth over the body you don't have to grip the soap for dear life. It rests in the hand because of it's slight curved shape.

      Every time you use this soap it's like the last time you used it so if like me you don't want to use it everyday that's fine and you can store it where you like. It doesn't dry out or crack over time and I've sometimes had a bar last me 6 weeks because of me only using it occasionally and it's been absolutely fine and kept the smell and everything. I like to keep a bar in my bathroom even if it's in the box just for it's air freshening abilities which are fabulous!

      Washing with it is great. From 'First Touch' with moist skin it gets to work gently melting it's green oils on the skin cleansing and moisturising you as go and no scrubbing is required. Not loads of the green soap comes off but as I said it does it in soft way and you don't get loads of bubbles (just a few) and bits of the soap doesn't cling to your body. It's great for shaving with, it softens the skin as it goes and feels hydrating. This one is great as a hand soap as well and it lasts ages and doesn't melt down a plug whole within three uses!

      It washes off the skin really easily leaving no residue, no harsh drying out or tightening of the skin, no oily or soapy feeling at all and skin feels comfortable.

      The Results....

      Well as I touched on there this is a great hand-wash soap and I'd like to firstly explain why. It's better at that for me! It leaves hands soft, clean and fragrant and keeps a bathroom smelling nice to. It eradicates food smells well and I love it for washing my hands with when I've been cooking with smelly foods!

      On the body it's slightly disappointing though. I do say slightly. If you haven't had the pleasure of using Dove Original soap then I'm sure you' be delighted with this soap but me, I prefer the other soap for sure. This one doesn't lather up so much on my skin and I like a lather to see where I've cleaned. The smell is an acquired taste and when purchasing it and I liked it and the price of course swung it for me but the smell once on the skin doesn't hang around for above about an hour. My skin doesn't feel as moisturised with this at all though I'm not saying it doesn't at all just as not as with my original soap.

      So in conclusion my original soap leaves me smelling nicer than this and makes my skin feel softer and more hydrated and all round I prefer it on every level

      This soap leaves me not smelling as nice and I don't feel so smooth and soft and the softness I achieve after using this doesn't last half as long as with my original soap choice. With my original soap I feel hydrated and comfortable all day long and with this I forget I've used it!

      In Conclusion...

      If my original Dove soap wasn't available to buy, yes I would buy this. It doesn't for some reason over excite me and I'm not overly keen but it if I'd never tried the Original Dove then I'm sure I'd be more than pleased with this.

      For me where my Original Dove remains a luxury item for me for some reason, this one isn't. It's an ok every day sort of soap but it lacks something special and doesn't quite hit the standard I require so I can't over enthuse about it.

      It is a nice enough soap however and fulfills it's promises!

      Expect to pay around 60p per bar in all good supermarkets.


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        06.07.2008 05:35
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended

        I really like to use soaps that smell nice. Like everybody does, I do prefer shower gels as I tend to find that they leave less of a greasy feel to your skin than soap does. However I was given a Dove Refresh Travelling Kit for Christmas which contained: Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Beauty Care Body Wash, Beauty Cream Bar and a Body Puff. It all came in the fresh touch smell of cucumber which is really nice. I finally got around to using it on holiday a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised.

        Dove has been creating soap since 1955 when they started up in the U.S.A however they have now expanded and make many more products including: deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, moisturizers, hair care and facial care products. It is a very famous brand which is known for being kind to your skin and of good quality.

        My bar of Dove soap came in a little green and white box with the Dove logo printed on it in silver and all the necessary information.

        Dove Fresh Touch Beauty Cream Bar contains pure cucumber extract and calming green tea. These are what make it smell so good.

        It's ingredients are:
        Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Stearate, Aqua, Sodium Isethionate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Coconut Acid, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Parfum, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Cucumis Sativus Juice, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Alpha-isomethyl Ionone, butylphenyl methylpropional, Citronellol, Coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, linalool, CI 47005, CI 61570, CI 77891

        The soap itself is a very pretty light green colour with the dove symbol etched into both sides of it. It has a curve in the middle so that it doesn't lay flat but, like most dove soaps is perfectly shaped to lather up with. It smells very strongly of cucumber which is a nice refreshing smell and is quite revitalising. It has a real knack of waking me up in the mornings.

        It was really easy to lather and felt smooth and silky on my skin. Best of all it didn't leave any kind of annoying residue on my skin which in my mind makes it the best soap ever! It was really easy to rinse off but doesn't wear down and go all soft and useless after a few uses. It left behind its wonderful cucumber scent for about 12 hours which meant I was feeling fresh all day.

        It only costs £1.12 for two bars from Tesco which I think is definitely worth it. Overall I think this is a really great soap and I don't think I'll be able to find a better one anytime soon. It's smell is really nice and I just can't get enough of it.


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        06.04.2008 00:27
        Very helpful



        This soap is even nicer than normal Dove

        I like Dove products because I have excema which flares up if I use body products that are too strongly fragranced and I have found that the Dove brand as a whole is moisturising enough for my sensitive skin.

        During a rare trip to Boots I saw a pack of 4 Dove Fresh Touch beauty cream bars which was priced up at only £1. 25 in the sale area so I brought couple of packs. I use normal Dove soap so I was interested to see what this new variety could offer me in addition.

        I was pleasantly surprised to find that my new bar of soap is a nice summery green colour and it has the same wavy shape as normal Dove soap with the indented Dove logo on the top. As soon as I took it out if its little box I could smell a very fresh and spring-like scent that is similar to normal Dove soap but it has a definite scent of fresh cucumber. It smells lovely and I cannot wait to wash my hands and face.

        When I wet the soap I found that it doesn't lather quite so much as the original Dove soap but the foam is thick and rich and feels lovely on my skin while I am washing. While I am scrubbing my face I can feel a cooling sensation and the soap feels lovely and moisturising. It is easy to work this into a lather and my face feels cleaner as I wash. I think the soap is very easy to rinse off with warm water and it didn't leave any residue at all even on my hairline where I think soap is sometimes hard to remove.

        After I had rinsed my face and patted it dry I could feel how moisturised my skin was and it looked and felt squeaky clean. My face looked nice and pink and afterwards I didn't have any dry patches which is a common problem of mine. The smell of cucumber intensifies when I am using the soap and it is a fresh and clean scent which lingers nicely on my skin afterwards and this is even more apparent when I have used the Dove soap to wash my hands because I can still smell the fresh cucumber for quite a while after.

        Another good thing about this soap is that it does not go all mushy after a few uses. I do not usually submerge my soaps because that is the quickest way to waste a bar of soap but when I took my Dove Fresh Touch soap into the bath it was still the same shape as when it went in just a little bit smaller, the normal Dove cream bar tends to melt and go all slimy when I use it in the bath.

        I have been using this soap for over 3 weeks now and have nothing but praise for it and will continue to use it. It is gentle enough for it not to cause my excema to flare up, but as it is Dove I would not have expected anything else. I think it is a lovely soap and worth the money even at full price because the fresh scent alone is something I have not found in any other soap I have used. I know where to buy my beautiful smelling soaps because I have The Body Shop, Lush and one of the biggest Boots stores in the country within a short drive of where I live, but the smell of this Dove Fresh Touch is a little bit different and I am a bit obsessed by the scent!


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          23.09.2007 03:55
          Very helpful



          Stick to the original formula and then douse yourself in Boots cucumber body lotion.

          Cucumber; it’s supposed to be good for your skin. Used by many holistic therapy massage parlours, it appears to be one of the better vegetables when sliced, appeals to the eyes and general facial products which use cucumber as their ingredients tend to give blemish free, soft skin. There’s definitely something in cucumber which is great for skin.

          This is why I was initially attracted to Dove’s Fresh Touch soap. I couldn’t help but notice that some other shopper before me had ripped open a four pack cellophane wrapped box to see what it smelt like on the shelf, and at £2-99 for a pack of four 100g soap bars in a pack, I was stuck for buying either my favourite original blend or this latest in Dove’s newer range of Dove Soaps with a twist. At a pound more for the original blend, I decided to go for this fruity soap instead believing that it would carry the same result as the original version.

          The advertising however would have you believe that Dove’s Fresh Touch is a cream bar which hydrates skin. Now rather unlike some other reviewers, I won’t touch the misinformed Wikipedia for finding out what hydrating for skin actually means. Instead I’ve asked a friend, a dermatologist who knows a thing about products which hydrate skin. Supposedly products which are designed to hydrate just replenish skin with normal fluid lost, but it doesn’t help anyone with very dry skin in the hope that it will cure conditions which relieve the pain of dry skin, but rather it just replaces fluid in the skin. So if it has the same amount of moisturising milk like the original version, then that means double action softness...or does it?

          ** Design & Scent **

          The design of the soap bar follows on with other Dove soaps in the same way that it is oval shaped, slightly raised like a concave from both sides and in the middle has the familiar emblem of a Dove. It is also coloured in pastel green as opposed to original white and if you find a single box you don’t even need to open it up to smell the soap as the box reeks of cucumber!

          Upon opening the box which opens up the way like a mini box of chocolates, Dove have wasted no money in heavily advertising the inside of the box with different languages to indicate what this version of Dove is.

          Outwardly the package states that it is a beauty cream bar, but the scent however is extremely fresh, full of cucumber tones and to some extent fresh Strawberries or Melon which are also great scents. It also carries Tea Tree oil but there is no woodiness to the scent here. Evidently whilst cucumber seems to be added to this product, it does appear that Dove may well be listening to its consumers if looking for a different scented product which may carry the same promise of extra moisture after showering or bathing. Or does it?

          ** Performance **

          So of course I was excited about this product because I’ve been using Dove’s original soap for years, infact when it first came out in its blue and white packaging I was first to try it. I’ve also tried their exfoliating soap but found it to be disappointing. Here however it does appear that Fresh Touch may well suffer from the same effect that the exfoliating bar suffers from; it doesn’t leave skin smooth and soft like the original blend.

          As per usual I lathered up the soap and found upon keeping the soap in my hands that it does lather up extremely well, and into a whitish light pastel green coloured cream which feels smooth and soft to put onto skin. Washing it off however reveals that heavenly scent but it left my skin feeling rough and similar to any other soap on the market which doesn’t have “one quarter of moisturising milk added.” I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my normal Dove soap bar to see the difference and by god I could feel it the moment I soaped it all over me and washed off. Frankly Fresh Touch seems to only go by its scent and nowt else. Oh dear Dove what have you done?!!

          Since this is a beauty bar, it could then be argued “oh well Nar isn’t using it right, since it appears to be a Beauty soap.” So how does it fair on me mug?

          Well, according to the packaging Dove’s Fresh Touch also includes Tea Tree oil. I’ve used Tea Tree oil in the past and find it great generally for spots. As a facial soap I found it made no difference to spots on my skin whatsoever and whatever Tea Tree oil content it has, it’s very small to detect. Usually Tea Tree oil attacks spotson contact... Whilst the soap feels wonderfully smooth on my skin when applying, washing off on the face reveals little dryness compared to the shower and bathing experience. So perhaps it does work after all!

          After towelling down my face doesn’t feel overly smooth – certainly not as smooth as it does normally when washed with Dove original soap – whilst my moustache line and cheeks feel dryer later on which is a shocker for a soap which is supposed to leave skin smooth.

          So, Round Two it doesn't leave my face smooth after towelling down then, or leaving my skin to dry to room temperature either - yep I tried that too!

          ** Price & Range **

          As previously mentioned, I paid £2-99 (from Co Op) for a 4x100g pack of Dove Fresh Touch. Prices for this four pack seem to be the same everywhere I have visited from Superdrug to Boots. There is also a lengthy range of Dove products now, which have extended their hand wash to shower wash creams, shower gels and oodles of new soaps which I have a funny feeling have either been renamed or touched up in their packaging to appear as new. One single box may cost 85p which I happened to come across in Sainsbury’s supermarket.

          Worst of all, there is nothing on the package to suggest whether the soap is hypoallergenic or not although there is a lengthy list of ingredients bigger than most shampoo products I’ve used. For a product which according to Unilever is supposed to be full of natural agents and Ph neutral, that’s one hell of a long list to get through on the back of the box and includes the usual from Glycerine right through to Citric Acid. How can acid be ph neutral?

          ** Conclusion **

          So why does Fresh Touch exist? Well I think it largely exists purely because of its “Fresh Take” on a new fruity scent with some added softness from Dove’s original formula. But of course I know why – and perhaps you know why – Dove haven’t messed about with their original formula; if they made it as good as the original formula consumers would end up buying Fresh Touch against the original version. Sadly for Dove, their test on me hasn’t convinced me and for them it’s a firm reply of staying with the original formula. Two stars for a Beauty soap which is now firmly relegated to the kitchen and bathroom sink. Thanks Dove and thank you for reading. ©Nar2 2007.



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          Dove is a soap and personal care brand (including hair care products) owned by Unilever / Dove soap is formulated to be pH neutral, with a pH that is usually between 6 / 5 and 7 / 5 /

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