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Dove Pro Age' Beauty Bath

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Brand: Dove / Type: Anti-Ageing / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2010 18:23
      Very helpful



      You do not need much for a great bath and great skin!

      Ok so I am only 19 so your probably wondering why I chose Pro age well thr truth is I love the smell!!! I suffer from sensitive skin and thought this would greatly impove my skin because it is designed for the older generation! I am now addicted to this product and the other Pro age skin care range!

      The bubble bath foams right up leaving an amazing smell, it is so kind and gental to the skin. It leaves your skin with a soft scent as well leaving you with highly soft skin!

      Pro age is designed to give you what your skin really needs and that is moisture! It also improves your skin drastically!It sooths you after a hard day and it really makes you feel relaxed! As it does contain a smell it is not strong and therefore will not proceed to give you a head ache! which is always a good thing!

      As well as using the bubble bath I highly recommened that you use the other Pro Age products that are avaliable too, so you get the best results!

      The bubble bath costs £2.69 but most places have them on offer either buy one get one free or two for £2 so it is a great buy, plus a 250ml bottle lasts a really long time bonus!!!!


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      13.07.2009 18:40
      Very helpful



      Dove cater foe all ages

      Dove has become a favourite word among women, I feel that Unilever have gone from strength to strength with their range of Dove products. Not only do the Dove products regularly come into the stores offered at affordable prices but Dove also cater for all ages.
      Dove have chosen to use a rich maroon coloured packaging for their Pro-Age range, the colour is elegant, sophisticated and does stand out when you are searching for a particular product from that range.

      The 500ml bottle costs around £2 and the beauty bath does go a long way. I love the philosophy behind the range, Dove pledge to make a true difference not only for today but for tomorrow too.
      This is forward thinking, Dove realise that how we treat our skin now makes a big difference to our skin in the future.
      The attractive plastic bottle looks good sitting on the side of the bath and it has a small flip top opening which allows us to to use the beauty bath sparingly. I am not saying that you should be mean with it but you only need to use a small amount for one tub of water.

      The Dove Beauty bath is a thick rich white cream that needs coaxing out of the flip top bottle, I usually pour some into the palm of my hand and then swish it into the tub of warm water.
      When the beauty bath sits in the palm of your hand you can tell that the mixture is rich and full of moisturiser.
      As you let it flow from the palm of your hand into the warm water it starts to cloud the water making it look milky. The Pro Age beauty bath has a soft fragrance that is delightfully feminine and quite classic.
      Give the cream a moment or so to make friends with the water and then slide into the tub. I live in an area where the water is reasonably hard and the beauty bath produces little lather but it fully enriches the water with moisturisers.

      Dove mean the beauty bath to be enjoyed and encourage you to lie and soak in the luxurious water. One quarter of the bottle is filled with pure moisturiser and when you are laying in the water you can feel that it is silky and hydrating.
      A long soak is stress relieving and very calming, the beauty bath then has plenty of time to set to work on your skin.
      There is no doubt in my mind that you can feel a difference in your skin after soaking in the Dove beauty bath, it is softer, it smells good enough to eat and you yourself feel a million times better.

      The Pro-Age beauty bath mixes well with the water whereas some crème baths sit on top of the water and leave an oily film as you soak.
      But Dove beauty bath has filled the water with creamy moisturiser and when you empty the bathwater you may find a slight film that needs to be wiped away.

      Soft skin helps you to feel good and it certainly makes you look healthier. I am a big fan of the Dove products and as yet have to come across one that fails to please me.
      I feel that the Dove advertising campaign has been inspirational, so many of us get it into our heads that we are only beautiful if we are a sized ten teenager but Dove help us to understand that whatever size or age we maybe we are all beautiful in our own way.
      If you go to the Dove website and join up, a very simple process, then you will get all the latest news and updates and maybe the odd freebie now and again too.


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        01.05.2009 15:19
        Very helpful



        Do try!

        I do love a nice long bath! It's one of my favourite pastimes actually and I'll happily soak in the tub for hours upon hours lol! I love Dove products and I fell in love with the Dove 'Pro Age' beauty bar soap recently and was really impressed with it and it's now one of my must buys so as I was so pleased with that, that when I saw this on offer in Sainsbury's at £1.15 instead of it's usual price tag of £2.31 I joyfully grabbed one!

        The Packaging....

        500ml dark burgundy plastic tall bottle that reminds me of a teardrop shape lol. It has a small integrated white flip top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole and on the front in white and silver writing I'm told it is Dove (under that a small silver Dove is drawn on), Beauty Bath Pro.Age Made tt give back to your skin what it needs right now: 1/4 moisturising cream packed in rich lather for a pleasant, soothing bathing experience. At the bottom of the bottle once again I'm told it contains 1/4 moisturising cream.

        On the back of the bottle this time in burgundy and white writing I'm told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed, contact details for Unilver are given (the manufacturer of Dove products), the size and recycle symbol are displayed and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice, simple mature packaging this is and it's simple and reasonably classy to look at.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

        Pro-age is different. It's committed to making a real difference - not just today but also tomorrow.

        How It Works?

        It delicately blends 1/4 Dove moisturising cream with a calming, sensuous fragrance to help give your skin back it's softness while indulging and pampering your body and mind.

        Because beauty has no age limit.

        My Experience Using It....

        I was so looking forward to using this because one thing I do equate Dove with is quality so I knew it was going to be good. I wasn't one bit wrong in that assumption!

        The bath foam pours into the bath really easily. It's white in colour, glossy and looks like moisturising cream in it's consistency. When it hits the water the white liquid breaks apart looking like moisturiser and it takes a couple of minutes for it to sort of melt from blob form. You don't need loads of this to get a very silky, rich, white lathery bath so this is really economical to use and once you have achieved your bubbles they really do stick about and that lather isn't sticky it's actually rather moisturising!

        Smell wise like the bubbles the smell stays put in the bath until your finished and delicately fragrancing your skin for a good while afterwards. To me this just smells floral and soapy really. Nothing distinctive on the whiff front sticks out and it's just a really nice, warm, light, feminine blend of things. I love the smell of this because although it's fragrant it really isn't in your face.

        Whilst in the bath skin feels wrapped in a coat of silk. I kid you not. You can feel it caressing your skin gently softening and nourishing it.

        When I get out of the bath not only do I smell lovely I'm really glowing with clean and my skin looks healthy but not only that I feel really, really beautifully soft. I find I can shave my legs in this bath easily and I did have some dry skin that this gently hydrated and thus is now gone.


        Not just a nice bath foam, this is an excellent beauty treatment too. I find no nasty residue is left on me or the bath after using this. My skin looks great and a hell of a lot brighter. Whilst using this I've had no breaks outs of /flaky skin but also I have a greasy back from time to time and although this is very hydrating it doesn't upset that at all.

        I love this like I knew I would. It fulfills it's promises and is also a joy to use. With my skin appearing brighter, feeling smoother.... yep I do feel younger and more confident! It gives a wonderful luxurious bathing experience and continues working after you've finished using it. Brilliant and a must try ladies!


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