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Dove Pro Age' Beauty Cream Bar

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Brand: Dove / Type: Soap / Texture: Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      08.05.2009 15:29
      Very helpful



      Worth trying but didn't moisturise my skin as much as expected

      Having read a few reviews about Dove Pro-age products I decided to try them for myself. The first item on my list was the beauty cream bar, otherwise known as soap! I purchased a bar from Wilko's for 89p which seemed very reasonable and took it home.

      The bar is 100g in size, contained within a cardboard box with no other wrapping, a pinky colour and apparently contains olive oil. As per usual Dove items this is one quarter moisturiser. It smells more floral and fruity at the same time than normal Dove soap, it's a strange scent that at first I wasn't sure I liked but it's quite nice once it's on the skin.

      The other difference with this bar to normal Dove soap is the exfoliating granules contained within. A few of the reviews I'd read didn't mention these and when I first looked at the soap and these gritty bits were obvious I couldn't understand how either they'd missed them or I'd managed to somehow buy the wrong soap. Curious to see if I had the right product I checked online and indeed I have.

      The gritty bits aren't very harsh, not as abrasive as using an exfoliator and are only actually slightly useful if you rub the bar along your skin, not if you work up a lather in your hands and then rub that onto the skin.

      I used it first on my hands and it worked very well, nice soft hands with a pleasant fragrance. Then I decided to do the face test, I have dry skin so the moisturising qualities of this would be put to the test on my face. It lathered up really well, smoothed onto my skin easily and washed off with only slightly more water than I'd use for other products. My skin looked fresh afterwards but it was still in need of plenty of moisturiser so this isn't moisturising enough for dry skin.

      I've since used it in the shower and it's lovely on a body puff but I still need normal amounts of moisturiser afterwards which is a shame as I was hoping this would reduce the need for it and save me time!

      The other slight issue I have with this soap, which I found with normal Dove soap too, is the amount of mess it leaves behind on the sink. Like regular Dove soap it melts very quickly and leaves a creamy layer on whatever surface you put it on, this I'm sure is because of the moisturising cream in it and it does make a real mess over a couple of days.

      So would I buy it again? Probably not actually. It isn't moisturising enough for my dry skin and is a very messy bar of soap. I don't think the exfoliating bits in it serve much of a purpose and while I got used to the smell there are other bars of soap that smell alot better in my opinion. I will however be trying a few of the other pro-age products to see what they're like.


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        30.04.2009 18:56
        Very helpful



        A touch of class daily!

        When it comes to Dove products I really am a huge fan of them. I've used the classic original Dove bar of soap for years now and always have a bar in my bathroom and a bar in my spare toiletry drawer so I don't ever run out. I simply love it and prefer it to 'Lush' and expensive products any day of the week so much so that if I'm going on a big night out and I want to dazzle I'll use it. At about about 43p a bar it's an affordable luxury product I can use every-day!

        However the other week I went to my local Sainsbury's and they had none of my usual Dove Soap stocked! Not impressed and actually rather upset to be honest I didn't know what to buy instead. However they had this Dove 'Pro-Age' Beauty Cream Bar on offer at 42p a bar rather than the usual £1.29 price tag and there were only two left so I grabbed them both to try!

        The Packaging....

        Comes in a square, dark red box with a silver small dove on the front than in white and silver writing I'm told it is Dove Pro-Age Beauty Cream Bar (which is moisturising cream enriched with olive oil) and contains 1/4 moisturising cream. On the back of the box details for Unilever are given (all over the world), ingredients are listed, I'm told it is made in Germany, the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. On the sides of the box I'm told what the product is and overall it looks a classy product.

        The Soap....

        Is an oval shape, very light pink colour with a dove shape engraved into each side. It is gently curved to it's middle making this easy to handle and you can see very small well blended speckles of darker pink exfoliating particles blended throughout it though the soap is smooth to the touch and hard.

        Using it is easy of course. Use it on damp skin and it lathers up richly with off light pink coloured bubbles that really do feel moisturising. Lots of rich lather moisturises the body easily and the fragrance is simply wonderful. This contains olive oil to soothe the skin and help with the anti-ageing process. The smell is of the natural fruit oils... though none distinct it is. It simply smells very light and girly/feminine, clean and slightly sweet but the aroma is truly lovely and I'm sure most people would like it.

        Whilst using on the skin you can't feel any exfoliation going on at all as it isn't harsh and/or abrasive at all. You can shave your bits and bobs with ease, it definitely cleans the body and leaves a delicate lasting scent on the skin for hours upon hours.

        The best bit about this is soap is how soft your skin feels after using it. I didn't think I could like something as much as the Dove original soap but I was so wrong. This is in the same class and leaves me with incredibly soft feeling skin and no need to moisturise after this if you don't want to! It's none irritating, gently hydrating and doesn't give me overly greasy skin or anything over time. The exfoliators I can't feel seem to visually buff up my skin and I look really immaculately clean after using this. I had some dry, sore skin on my legs but after I bathed with this it completely vanished and hasn't returned.

        To me this brightens my skin making me look and feel more youthful. I love the fresh clean smell of it and the feel of my skin. Just the other day my Mother commented how soft my arm was when she brushed against it in the kitchen. This to me really is a bloody marvelous feel good product (mainly in the scent department) aimed at us ladies. I certainly will purchase it again and again and highly regard and recommend it to anyone! It's a cheap luxury for sure!


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          29.04.2009 16:21
          Very helpful



          a top class soap/ beauty cream bar

          Just before Christmas I decided to treat myself to a Dove Pro-age beauty set from my Dooyoo earnings & was able to nab it for £3.99 from 1 of the TV auction sites. It included the following Dove products - Pro-Age hand cream, a manicure set & tin plus a Beauty Cream Bar (100g). The same set is advertised on Amazon for £10.99.

          I was SO pleased when it arrived a couple of days later & have been using all the products on a regular basis.

          Although my daughters & I all use Dove products I suppose I was intrigued by the run of TV adverts which were aimed at us ladies of more mature years - I believe that when you're over 50 you don't have to look like a frump & believe it or not, we can still feel sexy!

          The range of products is packaged in deep maroon & silver which look very stylish & I don't mind at all having them on show in my bathroom.

          The Beauty Cream Bar is basically a fancy term for a very good quality soap. It comes in a box (as shown) & there's no fiddly cellophane to contend with yet the bar smells beautifully fresh when you open it.

          It's curved in shape which makes it easy to hold with wet hands in the bath or shower.

          The bar is a very pale pink & has the famous embossed dove on the front & back. It's a vey solid soap, doesn't go slimey & is still going strong even though I use it daily & have done since December.

          The smell is lovely but difficult to describe & the ingredients aren't helping me to decide - it's a fairly strong but not overpowering floral smell - maybe with undertones of rose & vanilla? - but not an 'old ladies' rosey smell - this is more modern & very fresh.

          It lathers well & makes my hands look & feel softer & works a treat at night-time if you layer it up with the Pro-Age handcream. I've never had a professional manicure/treatment to my hands but I'm guessing this would be how they'd feel only for very little time or money.

          There are loads of ingredients listed on the back of the box in very small print - most sound artificial & make no sense to me - but included is olive oil, fruit oil & glycerin which probably accounts for the nice supple & nourished feel you get after using it.

          The lovely smell stays on the body for quite a long time after use which is good & I've found that I no longer need to use a body lotion after bathing/ showering.

          - a lovely quality soap which lasts for ages.
          - even though I have difficulty describing the smell it IS really nice, fresh & floral but not 'old-fashioned' or too strong.
          - leaves the skin feeling supple, nourished & moisturised plus smelling lovely.
          - lovely as a treat & not just for us more mature ladies.


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