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Dove Relaxing Tranquility

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Brand: Dove / Type: Bath Cream / What it does: destresses

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 10:04
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      A relaxing, great smelling bubble bath

      I buy a lot of Dove products from the Dove range and I have to say that the Dove products are excellent. Not because they are reasonably priced and smell good, the reason I love the Dove products as much is because they are great for your skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturised. The reason Dove products leave your skin soft and moisturised is because each product in the Dove range contains ¼ moisturising cream, hence the reason your skin always feels soft when you use a Dove product.

      Dove Relaxing Tranquillity is the newest addition to my Dove collection; all of the other Dove products I buy are deodorant, shower gel, soap and firming lotion. So when I spotted the Relaxing Tranquillity bubble bath in Tesco's a few months ago I had to buy it because I was getting bored with Radox bath salts and bubble bath because I had been using them for such along time and I fancied a change.

      The bottle of bubble bath itself has a really simplistic design and shape to it, and I think it looks rather nice sitting in my bathroom next to all my other toiletries and perfumes. The bottle of Relaxing Tranquillity is white in colour and has the familiar navy blue Dove logo on it with the metallic gold Dove symbol below this. The bottle of bubble bath also has a flip style lid which is a deep Burgundy colour, similar to the colour of the thick creamy bubble bath inside the bottle.

      The reason the bubble bath is called Relaxing Tranquillity is because it contains the soothing fragrance of Cedar wood and Jasmine. I did a little research on cedar wood and Jasmine and this is what I found.

      Cedar wood stimulates your pineal gland which releases melatonin into your body. Melatonin is described as a regulator for your sleep and dreams.

      Jasmine is nicknamed "Queen of the night" because it is uplifting and stimulating for times of hopelessness and nervous exhaustion and it helps reduce anxiety and apathy.

      The bubble bath smells absolutely gorgeous; the Cedar wood gives the bubble bath it's warm, woody scent and the Jasmine gives it a rich, sweet floral scent. Personally I think that the bubble bath smells mainly of Cedar wood with just a little subtle hint of Jasmine, the Dove people in my opinion have got the balance of the two scents perfect. If there was too much Jasmine added to the scent of the bubble bath then it would be too sweet, flowery and heavy smelling.

      The bubble bath is really thick and creamy; it is a lot thicker than most bubble baths I have used, it is a deep burgundy pearlescent coloured bubble bath. When I added it to my bath I only added a little of it because it is really thick and I didn't want it to produce loads of bubbles. As soon as the bubble bath was added to my bath water the bathroom was filled with the warm, woody floral scent of the bubble bath almost immediately.

      When I was in the bath I was surrounded by lots of very rich bubbles and the scent of the bubble bath along with the warmth of the water made me feel so relaxed and calm. I think that the Relaxing tranquillity bubble bath is so much better than the Radox bubble baths I used to use, because it actually makes you feel calm and relaxed and it also produces lots thick creamy bubbles. When using the Dove bubble bath I only have to put a small amount of it in my bath in order to get lots of bubbles and the relaxing calming scent. I also noticed that after I have had my bath that the bubble bath leaves my skin smelling gorgeous, so I can benefit from the calming aroma from the bubble bath even after I come out the bath.

      Dove Relaxing Tranquillity isn't expensive to buy, it only cost me £2.59 for a 500ml bottle. I have had my 500ml bottle for about 6 weeks now and I have used it in my bath every night since I bought it and have only used half of the bottle. So as well as being cheap, relaxing, calming and soothing it also lasts a long time. I am sure that most supermarkets and chemists will have this bubble bath, although their prices may vary.

      Since using this bubble bath I have noticed that it helps me to unwind at night time and helps me to get a better night sleep because it leaves me feeling really relaxed and calm. I am so impressed with Relaxing Tranquillity bubble bath that it will be my permanent bubble for ever more

      I highly recommend using Dove Relaxing Tranquillity or even giving it a try, because it is a great relaxing bubble bath which leaves you feeling really calm and relaxed.

      For more information on the Dove bubble bath and other Dove products you can visit their website, which is ~

      Thanks for reading
      :o) Lisa x

      © Butterfly-Wings


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy a moment of peace to unwind and bring your body and soul into complete harmony / Dove Relaxing Tranquillity Beauty Bath contains Dove Active moisturising cream to maintain your skin's natural moisture balance, while an aromatic blend of sandalwood and ylang ylang calms and

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