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Euphoria Sensual Bath & Shower Creme

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Brand: Calvin Klein / Body Care Oil / Type: Bath Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2009 13:10
      Very helpful



      A great smelling shower gel to wear with the perfume.

      Euphoria Bath and Shower Crème is the matching shower gel to the Euphoria perfume. I bought the Bath and Shower Crème when I bought the Eau De Parfum on Ebay for the bargain price of £17. The Bath and Shower Crème is a lighter version of the perfume as it does not have the initial pungent smell but is a real match for the fragrance. It is a mix of irises and dark flowery scents.

      Only a small amount of liquid comes out after a squeeze, which is great as you don't waste much. It is a good consistency, not too watery. I like a good lather and Euphoria Bath and Shower Crème is ok, but doesn't get super soapy.

      The best part of this Shower Crème is the great light scent which stays fresh through the day and when used as a base for the moisturiser and/or the perfume it lasts even longer as the scent is layered.

      I would buy the Bath and Shower Crème again but only if I bought the perfume with it - and only on sale or ebay as I don't think it is worth the RRP of £21.


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      23.01.2008 15:54
      Very helpful



      A really sensual bathtime experiance.

      <*> Calvin Klein Euphoria Sensual bath.<*>

      -Euphoria meaning a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being-

      Euphoria sensual bath is by Calvin Klein. It is an accompanying product to their sultry, and exotic perfume Euphoria. This stunning fragrance in it's beautifully designed bottle is a best selling product with the most wonderfully sensual fragrance. Calvin Klein is an innovative fashion designer, and he is also known as the supreme master of minimalism who branched out into the world of perfumery in 1980's?

      His full on advertising with sexual overtones was aimed at the young generation. His TV and magazine ads featured beautiful young models in provocative pose, and he deliberately reached out and embraced the young generation who his products are mainly marketed for. Calvin Klein unisex fragrances are the key to his success in the perfume world, being suitable for both men and woman. Euphoria sensual bath is yet another beautifully designed product that is a welcome addition to the Euphoria Perfume range.~

      -Euphoria Sensual bath-

      -The Bottle-

      The bottle of the Euphoria is made of a sturdy plastic, rectangular bottle which is 5 inches tall by 2 and a quarter inches wide roughly, and 5 inches tall, and the contents of the bottle is 100mls.. It is finished off to the top by a square, silver, plastic screw top cap. The soft plastic which is rubbery in texture feels sensual to the touch. It is made with care, and with a real flair of design. To the front of the bottle you have 'Euphoria' etched in silver lettering. Below this it states it is a sensual bath and shower crème made by Calvin Klein.

      To the reverse of the bottle in large dark purple writing is written "FOR ADULT USE ONLY"! I am intrigued, and read on to see why this is. There is no further explanation, so I can only presume it is because of the essential oils that it contains. A child's skin is sensitive and I suppose it is possible it may cause irritation, or provoke an allergic reaction in the extreme case. Essential oils are powerful compounds and should be used with care. It also gives the shelf life at 12 months, and states that this product was made in Fabrique France.~

      -The Creme-

      On opening the screw top of the Euphoria sensual bath I am greeted by a beautiful lilac pearlised cream. As I squeeze it up through the hole on the top I can smell the sensual aroma of the exotic blend of notes of the Euphoria fragrance. The soft rubbery texture of the bottle makes it very easy to squeeze out, needing to apply only the minimum of pressure. A small amount about the size of a fifty pence is adequate to soap up to a very luxurious lather. The crème is of a quite runny consistency, but with the small opening it is very easy to control the amount needed. It feels silky and moisturising between my palms, and when applied to my body the pearlised sensual crème feels very conditioning as I run it over my damp skin. I can feel the cleansing properties doing their work, and the lather is rich and thick with the most divine sensual fragrance pervading my bath. The shea butter, and honey within this product are quite evident as they cling to my skin after rinsing, leaving it feeling soft, healthy and radiant.

      Shea butter is great for your skin, it helps keep the skin soft and very supple. Shea butter is sourced from the karite tree grown in Central Africa, where it's natural fat is extracted. and it is an emollient that is known for it's therapeutic properties. It aids the healing process in aged, cracked and damaged skin, and it works by stimulating the skin's renewal process, revealing a more youthful, fresh appearance. Euphoria sensual bath contains the pure essential oils of natural botanicals to give it it's depth of smell, and after my bath the air is filled with the wonderful Euphoric scent. The essential oils have permeated my skin, and I am left feeling relaxed, and smelling absolutely divine. At this stage I would also spray the Euphoria complementary eau de parfum upon my damp skin to maximise, and lock in the fragrance. My skin feels hydrated and healthy, and very smooth... Euphoria, very aptly named, is a fragrance that will lift the spirits, and it certainly made for a very enjoyable bath time experience. ~

      -The Fragrance-

      When describing the scent of the Euphoria sensual bath I would say that it is a highly sultry fragrance. It is evocative and sensual. This is not normally a fragrance that I would go for, as I normally prefer something in my bath such as Badedas, Boots Royal jelly, or Rose Original source. All very nice smells, but non of them particularly long lasting throughout the day. There is just something about this sensual bath creme, that leaves me feeling gorgeous, and truly pampered. It's perfume is evocative, earthy, and vital. It has warm notes and a musky depth of essential oils. It's truly stunning. It's very hard to describe in print, a smell, and you really need to check this fragrance out to 'see' what I mean. As taken from the Calvin Klein website: - Euphoria is "A contrast of exotic fruits and seductive black orchid with a rich and creamy signature"-

      I personally would not say this has a fruity fragrance by any means, so don't let this put you off trying it. I would say it is dramatic aroma, with an exotic quality. It is not heavy, but it has an intense depth of fragrance. I find this a very interesting bath or shower creme, and not like any that I have owned before. Euphoria sensual bath is a high quality product, with a strong, lasting fragrance of seductive florals, sensual champaca flower, exotic fruits, and a rich creamy texture of liquid amber, mahogany wood and cream accord, which fills my bathroom with it's lovely fragrance long after my bath time is done. ~

      -My Opinion-

      I received the Euphoria 100 ml sensual bath and shower crème in a beautiful gift pack this Christmas, which also contained a 30ml bottle of the Complementary eau de parfum. The cost for the presentation box was £27.50 as a special gift pack price. I wouldn't normally buy an expensive shower crème myself, and there are many inexpensive bath fragrances out there that I like, and I swap and change between them from time to time. However, after using the Euphoria sensual crème in my bath, it has totally changed my way of thinking, and I would now pay for a higher quality crème bath as I was so impressed with the staying power, and strength of this high quality product. I like the fact that you can back this with the eau de parfum for an more intense, layered experience. The fragrance was heavenly, it had a real strength of perfume to it, and I thought the essential oils that the creme bath contained were so uplifting. I also liked the use of the shea butter and honey which is brilliant for parched skin. I found the honey in the sensual bath crème very soothing, and I liked the hydrating factor of the crème wash also. I found bottle attractive, sturdy, and the bottles rubbery texture non slip within my soapy fingers when I was in the bath.

      I would say it is pretty much essential to nourish your skin after bathing, and before applying the perfume I like to moisturise. I think in future I shall use the same fragrance moisturiser as my bath creme and perfume. This will give it layers, and produce real staying power throughout the day. There are many kinds of shower creams and washes on the market today, and I have tried quite few of them, and I would say that none of them had quite the same feel, or strength of fragrance that the Euphoria has. The sensual bath has given me a taste for the other end of the market, and because you do not need to use so much of this crème to bring forth a rich soapy lather, it will actually last longer. So in comparison I would say it is actually more economical than many of cheaper brands that are weaker in strength. Basically you pay for quality, and I think that after using the Euphoria it has definitely given me a taste for the more expensive end of the market, and I have to say I was more than pleased with my Christmas present, and I will definitely be purchasing it again after my present sensual bath and shower crème runs out. ~

      I found a special offer for the 200ml sensual bath and shower crème online at: http://www.islandcosmetics.com for the reduced price of £17.99...Normal MRP is £21.00.

      === Complementary Euphoria products===
      200ml Sensual Skin Lotion
      150ml Deodorant Spray
      200ml Bath and Shower Creme
      30ml Eau de Parfum Spray

      Calvin Kleine also does a lighter version of the Euphoria called Euphoria Blossom. As above, same Complementary products are available.

      Euphoria Blossom
      "Inspired by the delicate aura of an exquisite flower in bloom; like a precious flower unfolding petal by petal, Euphoria Blossom is a lush, fresh floral that captivates the senses with its sparkling freshness and dewy radiance."
      Calvin Klein Website address: http://www.calvinklein.com/

      Thank you for reading


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    • Product Details

      A luxurious pearlized formula that cleanses and conditions the skin /

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