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FCUK Foaming Body Wash

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Brand: Fcuk / Cleanser / Type: Body Foam / Subcategory: Body Wash/Cleanser / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2010 15:20



      Smells like a perfume

      This is a lovely body wash from FCUK.

      When I saw this in Boots I immediately had to get it and the smell of it is just devine. It is the nicest smelling body wash I have ever had and really smells more like a perfume and is an absolute pleasure to use. The bottle is a lovely pink and it really stands out and catches your eye.

      This is quite expensive as I think I paid about £4 for it which is more than I usually pay for a body wash but it is so nice I will definately buy it again. The bottle is a good size and because it is a foaming body wash you only need to use a small amount and it will be enough for your whole body so it does last a really long time. I really like the foamy feel of it as it feels like it cleans really well.

      One of the things I like best about it is that the smell of it lasts for hours after using it and so it really is like using a perfume. I cannot believe how nice it is and always get compliments about the smell of it. It also leave my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. It feels kind and gentle and is suitable for my sensative skin.

      I would definately recommend this to all my friends.


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      11.09.2007 12:54
      Very helpful



      Silkiness that feels like someone else is rubbing it in.

      **Pink to Make the Boys Wink**

      I’ve been a foam fan for a few years so imagine my delight when I clapped eyes on a fuschia pink cylinder screaming the words ‘Clean Up FCUK’ from the shelf at a large Boots on Market Street.

      So pleased with myself for this find, I couldn’t wait to get home to try it out and I then made a rather foolish mistake of squirting a little gel on my hand on the bus journey home. Oops, a little squirt goes an awful long way and I soon had a handful of frothy foam to deal with. Quite embarrassing, I can tell you.

      Clean Up is a foaming bodywash made by FCUK. I’m sure you’ll all be aware that this stands for French Connection UK, a clever play on words. Thankfully, the FCUK wording on the bright pink container is relatively small. If you have young kids you may appreciate this because kids often don’t get anagrams and are likely to read it as a naughty word they may be familiar with. I can just imagine my daughter telling her teacher that ‘my mum’s favourite is pink f*ck in the bathroom’.

      There are two types of Foaming Body Wash in the range; No. 1 Clean Up (the subject of this review) in a fuschia pink container and No. 2 Lather Up (pale pink). Both contain 150ml of shower gel. I was a little disappointed to note that this is 50ml less than my normal Foamburst (Imperial Leather) foaming shower gel. FCUK lose half a star for this. This product comes with a cap. This is a little bit of a fiddle when using in the shower because you need both hands to remove it. Foamburst in comparison has a squirty nozzle and no cap so is a bit easier to handle with wet hands. The metal FCUK container is recyclable.

      **Let the Foam Party Begin**

      Not so long ago, on a local radio station, there was a rather amusing breakfast phone in which focused on which body parts people washed first when in the shower. Members of the public would phone in and admit to the order of their private washing routine. I’m not telling you mine but I always do the same when I shower whilst singing a Cheeky Girls song (believe this if you will). It feels so much nicer when you use foam too. If you’ve never used a foaming shower gel, you are really missing something. Ordinary shower gels feel nice but they wash very quickly. Foaming gel is different. A small squirt of FCUK Clean Up in your hand starts off as a pink shower gel blob but within a second or two it swells up into a mass of white foam. When you rub this on your skin it feels amazing, in fact the layer of foam gives you the feeling that someone else’s hands are rubbing it in.

      The shower foam feels like silk on wet skin. A teeny squirt foams up enough to do most of my body. I suppose if you are a large person you may need a bit more. If you are feeling extravagant you can squirt a huge gelly blob and cover yourself in froth from head to toe. Let your hair down, why not, you’ll still find you haven’t used much. A small drawback is that because it feels so good, you may have trouble getting out of the shower. This is where a little self discipline is required in an effort not to run the reservoirs dry and waste precious resources.

      The fragrance of this FCUK is very light, a tad floral but certainly not overpowering. The pinkness of the can (I can’t emphasize strongly enough how very pink it is) may be enough to put most males off using it but the non lingering smell means that boys you can enjoy using this too. The foam is great for cleansing any grubby bits and I find my skin lovely and soft and silky after use. My skin is normally smooth but it it verges on slightly sensitive. I am happy to say that this FCUK product has no ill effects on my skin. It is lovely used in a cold shower in a hot country for that end of the day shower after hot sizzling on the beach but is equally good on a cold winters day back home under a hot shower. Pink FCUK in the shower is worth getting up in the mornings for.

      Clean UP FCUK is also great for use in shaving your hairy bits.

      If I can hide my FCUK from hubby and the kids, I expect this to last a few weeks and at £3.95, I consider this a bargain for such a lovely start to my day. FCUK foaming bodywash isn’t very widely available but you can usually find it in larger Boots stores (often 3 for 2 on FCUK products).

      Thanks for reading.


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