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FCUK Polished Body Wash

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4 Reviews

Brand: Fcuk / Type: Body Wash/Cleanser / Subcategory: Polish / Wash / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    4 Reviews
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      12.05.2011 15:41
      Very helpful



      prefer the souffle

      French Connection is a designer clothing and accesories brand. They also have a range of beauty products which are seperated into 3 collections known as Pure, Polished and Signature.

      ~~Polished Once Again~~

      The Polished collection includes a whole host of goodies to compliment each other. These is a body cream, spray, EDT, scrub, bath syrup, cleansing souffle, body butter and a body wash.

      This review discusses the FCUK Polished Moisturising Body Wash. It is described as being "a luxurious velvety shower cream enriched with natural oils for soft and supple skin". It is scented with mandarin, osmanthus flower and hints of vanilla. The body wash contains a few key ingredients :

      *Rosehip - for softening
      *Antioxidant Vitamin E - for conditioning
      *Coconut oil - for long lasting moisturisation and to leave the skin soft and supple.


      The body wash comes supplied in a tall, thick plastic tube which is a dusty pink colour with a light pink design running around it. Black writing confirms the relevant information and the tube sits on a black, flip top lid for easy dispensing.

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      As far as I know, this range is exclusive to Boots. A 200ml size is priced at £5.11.

      ~~My Experience~~

      I am a fan of the FCUK beauty products and mainly the Polished range. Whilst I have many miniatures from various gift sets, this body wash was given to me by my Mum who bought a big set just for the nice bag that came with it. I wasn't going to complain. I use this as an alternative to the souffle in the shower and sometimes after using the scrub in the same range.

      The packaging design is attractive and feminine and keeps within the design of the whole range which I appreciate. The bodywash is easy to access due to the lid being at bottom and a small hole is concealed allowing a reasonable flow of bodywash to be dispensed onto my puff. The scent prior to washing is very much like the rest of the range and is sweet and luxurious. It is almost identical to that of my body spray.

      ~~Velvety Softness~~

      The consistency of this bodywash is very gel like and is shiny and white. It is quite thick but not as thick as the souffle. Only a tiny blob is needed on my puff and as I apply to damp skin in the shower, a velvety, fluffy lather develops and feels very luxurious and indulgent. The lather is thick and creamy and I can feel my skin being softened as I stroke it with the puff. A little goes along way and I would estimate only 2 blobs for entire body cleansing.

      The scent is very sweet and I was really content with it until the lather got thicker and the scent got stronger. Now this is where I noticed a change to the scent as opposed to the other products within the range. There was a strong, floral tone running through it that I perhaps didn't notice in the other products but my nose went into overdrive and I can't say I was too impressed with the aroma of flowers as I prefer sweet and fruity washes. The lather wasned off fairly easy.

      ~~Pollshed Up?~~

      Using alone, my skin was soft and had a smooth, healthy feel about it. When used with the scrub, the dryness is taken care off but this is mainly down to the scrub with the wash simply cleansing my skin. My skin feels clean and there is a delicate, sweet vanilla scent present for a short time. This can be extended by adding the body cream over the top allowing for a stronger scent and deep moisturisation.

      ~~Recommendation and Conclusion~~

      This wash does its intended job and cleanses my skin but I don't think it provides any additional moisturisation compared to other brands and I much prefer the cleansing souffle. The floral infusion put me off the scent as it just didn't smell right and this is enough to make me not want to purchase a new tube when this one is used up. It isn't a bad body wash but it isn't the best, I still recommend this as a basic, scented wash but not at the price charged.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        20.04.2011 12:09
        Very helpful



        FCUK - a number one is shower gel

        I'm a huge fan of bubble baths and have one more or less every day but due to another operation to my knee, it is easier at the moment to step in and out of a shower. So that means lots of shower time products to test! As I am rather picky and do prefer my baths it has not been an easy task to find a shower gel to meet my needs, but this one sure does.

        FCUK - Polished Moisturising Bodywash:

        "FCUK's rich polished moisturising bodywash creates a velvety lather to cleanse your skin. Contains added rosehip and antioxidant vitamin E to aid softening and conditioning, while coconut oil provides long lasting moisturisation to ensure skin is left feeling soft and supple. FCUK polished moisturising bodywash has a warm scent that blends sparkling mandarin and osmanthus flower with creamy vanilla"

        - Boots.com

        My Findings:

        In the past I have used a lot of beauty products from French Connection and so far I have liked them all. After my Christmas spending in Boots I had built up a lot of Boots points which normally I will leave for birthdays gifts etc. But this time as this years has not been that good so far I decided to treat myself to some new beauty products and why not?

        The first time I used this product I adored the aroma just like their body cream. For me it is like a sweet mild floral fragrance with hints of mandarin followed by a subtle scent on vanilla. - Simply gorgeous. It does state on the product that coconut oil is within the gel but I really can not smell any trace of it what so ever, still this smell wonderful!

        Applying a small amount of gel to my shower puff I found it to lather up well, and created a soft cream lather which felt soft and rich against my skin. If I don't use a shower puff however you still get a nice lather but it doesn't feel as creamy on my skin. The fragrance of this bodywash also has great staying power on my skin which is fragrant all day long.

        After showering and drying off, my skin feels amazing it's cleansed, soft and moisturised feeling no need to use a moisturiser at all. This feeling last all day long too which I think is wonderful, I have dry skin and personally this product has seemed to improve it.

        This bodywash is of medium consistency, the gel itself is like a creamy pearl colour. Packaging is simple yet feminine and elegant; I don't think it really stands out among the shelf when shopping though. The bodywash is in a soft tube packaging with a flip lid top, which I found easy to open even with wet hands. Made in Thailand and can be recycled once empty, it doesn't state on packaging if tested on animals or not? (Well I hope they don't other I will not be purchasing any more)

        Price and Availability:

        This body wash cost me £5.11 from Boots (using up my boots points) however it can be found cheaper on eBay. But most places it is pretty much around the £5.00 mark.


        The FCUK Polished Bodywash has now become one of my favourite shower gels, it ticks all the boxes I want in a shower product. My skin feels wonderfully clean, soft and moisturised; it smells amazing which lasts all day long upon my skin - brilliant.

        The 200ml tube has now lasted me just under four weeks so when you break it down £5.00 isn't really that bad considering its great staying power and wonderful results on my skin.

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        FCUK - French Connection is a fashion retail outlet for men, women and children. Founded by Stephen Marks in 1972 and until a few years a go I never knew they did beauty products too. Which I'm so glad they do as they have become some of my favourite beauty must have items.



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          26.03.2011 22:23



          nice product

          I bought this at Christmas as part of the big FCUK tote bag and I love these products so wanted to review them.

          So its packaged in a 200ml pink squeezy tube and the product is really easy to get out. It has a brown flip top lid for the product to come out of. On the tube is written the name of the product, the brand and a description of the smell. The packaging is very attractive to look at and very easy to use.

          The product is a cream colour and easily comes out of the tube, it is quite runny though. It didn't lather up as much as I hoped but was very moisturising.
          The velvety texture I think comes from the rosehip and coconut oils, you can see the oils on your skin when applied but its not greasy.

          The scent is very sensual and oriental I think, it may be too strong for some people but personally I love it. My skin feels really soft after using it in the shower too.


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          18.01.2011 17:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          a lovely smell from the polished range works well when used with others in the range

          I was given a min set of the FCUK polished range for Christmas and so since using have decided to write reviews on the four products. ** Because of this some of the fragrance part will be the same in each review.

          **THE PRODUCT** - FCUK Polished body wash

          This product can be bought alone as and current prices are £5.11 for 200mls, or you could buy the product as part of the "polished" range.
          The range includes - Body spray, body cream, body wash, sugar scrub, cleansing soufflé, eau de toilette, body butter, bath syrup or a mini pamper box set.
          All of which are available from Boots stores and at Boots online.


          I have the 75ml bottle due to mine being part of a gift set. The bottle is a small pale purple plastic bottle with a grey screw top lid.
          Around the bottle writing is written, it's name and smell description which includes it's basic ingredients. Further around there is more writing which gives direction on how to use the product. Plus further details of the ingredients inside.
          Directions - Basically massage a small amount of the product onto damp skin and then rinse off with warm water.
          Warnings - avoid contact with your eyes, should you accidentally aim it in your eyes, just thoroughly wash with clean water. However, if this does not stop the stinging or your eyes become inflamed you should seek medical advice.
          It is clean and simple in design, quite modern.


          The product is a off white colour and on opening you can easily pour the liquid out. It is fairly runny and due to the large top should be careful not to pour to much. A little does go a fair way but I was expecting the product to lather up a more, as it has more of a lotion type feel rather than a soapy wash. The bottle states "luxurious velvety shower cream" It is very velvety in texture when you use it due to the rosehip and coconut oils they use for moisture. When you have used it you can see the glisten of the oil on your skin, that said it is not greasy. Vitamin E is also added for antioxidant purposes.
          The fragrance is evolved from mandarin and osmanthus flower with vanilla notes.
          Osmanthus flower (according to Google) has quite a strong smell and is naturally native to Asia and parts of America depending on the sub variety. Personally I had never heard of it until now which is why I goggled it, but I do like the combination of fragrances in this spray.
          You can smell the vanilla coming through quite nicely at the first sniff, but the mandarin you have to be a little more patient for. The mandarin seems to develop more as the fragrance sits on your skin a while.
          It may be a little strong for some as it has that woody oriental feature about it that is quite particular, but I am a great fan.
          I do think this product is made to the best of it's design when used with others from the range, perhaps the body cream so you get a more fuller affect.

          A great product with a wonderful smell.


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