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Garnier Skin Naturals Bodytonic Sugar Scrub

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Body Scrub / Subcategory: Tonic / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates,

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    7 Reviews
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      20.01.2015 18:35
      Very helpful



      One of the best I've used

      This is a little booster for your confidence for gorgeous skin. I am so glad I stumbled upon it, as usual I was last to know!

      I am so impressed by how good this was.
      This targets trouble areas of your skin. My concern was the tops of my arms and this helped and worked just before our few days of summer that came and went in a blink of an eye.
      I used this on a regular basis and must say this lasted a good 4 weeks which was surprisingly good.
      This is a sugar scrub that helps smoothe the skin by removing the dead cells that build up. Although the product was not sore or had jagged beads within, this seemed to me to really work deeply in the skin. Obviously it depends how much pressure you apply but I felt I could feel what the scrub was doing my even using this lightly and didn't feel I had to rubbed this is to hard as wth some lotions that need it.
      I used this in regular circular and upwards motions and as mentioned before by skin much better but it actually looked healthy and glowing and I felt a lot more confident to go out in the summer.
      Alongside a good diet and an arm workout this was the final thing needed to tackle the skin.
      The softness of my skin afterwards was fantastic and the scent was really pleasant. Overall the product didn't irritate my skin or leave it dry.
      This is dermatologically tested and great for anyone with sensitive skin,


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      16.08.2013 00:29
      Very helpful



      Best scrub ever!

      I think most of us girl are after a miracle product to scrub away cellulite and rough, dry skin and leave us with super smooth skin and looking beautiful. Well, this product is a step in the right direction. It promises to "exfoliate and smoothe skin" and it certainly delivers on that promise.

      I have used this product years ago in combination with the bodytonic firming lotion and what I remember from it is the heavenly smell. The product just smells so fruity fresh and lemony, I love it. So when I came across it on offer recently I had to buy some more.
      A 200ml tube will set you back around £7 which is quite pricey and I would not spend that, but at half price it's a good deal. So do shop around, it's bound to be on offer somewhere!
      What also attracted me to this originally is the bright yellow and fresh looking packaging, it screams fruity fresh at you, I almost want to eat it!

      The scrub itself is yellow with little red speckles. It dispenses easily and depending on what parts of your body you want to use it on you dispense just the required amount. I only use it on my legs so the tube lasts me quite a long time.
      I just rub it all over my thighs and give it a good scrub, then wash it off. My skin feels lovely and soft afterwards. Some other scrubs I have tried in the past have left my skin all oily and greasy and not nice at all, but this one is great. My skin feels clean and fresh.
      It is advised to use it 3 times a week and I use it every other day whilst in the shower. Just make a routine of it and you will find your skin is soft and toned and just feeling great!

      Overall I would recommend this product, it is my favourite scrub of all. So fresh and with great results. Although I'm currently using a different brand cellulite cream I would also recommend the bodytonic firming lotion as it smells just as great and feels nice and cool when applied and if you enjoy the scrub you'll love the lotion too. Great range!!


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      05.08.2011 21:06
      Very helpful



      A brillianty effective body scrub

      The Product

      Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub is part of the Bodytonic range designed to smooth and tone skin, and is available from most good health and beauty retailers. It's usual price is £7.14 for a 200ml tube.

      Why I Bought It

      For ages I've been searching for a body scrub which would do everything I required it to. Not only do I need a scrub to smooth my skin, it also needs to be effective enough to tackle the areas on my legs which are extremely prone to ingrown hairs, and the ingrained dirt which seems to amass on my forearms as a result of my job. I have actually found a couple of scrubs which met these requirements but unfortunately they were far too expensive for me to use regularly, and so the search continued. I initially chose this scrub simply because I had spotted it on a half price offer in Superdrug along with other products in the range.

      The Packaging

      The scrub comes in a large squeezy plastic tube, with a flip-top lid upon which it stands. The bottom half of the tube is transparent allowing you to see the yellow scrub inside and meaning you can always easily see when the tube needs replacing. The flip-top is convenient for use in the bath or shower, is easy to open even with wet hands, and fastens securely.

      The front and back of the tube holds all the information you would need before using the product, including directions, ingredients and general product information.

      The Claims

      Garnier claim that this scrub 'contains a unique mixture of sugar, exfoliating particles and natural fruit extract (apple)', which 'eliminates dead cells on the surface, removing impurities whilst respecting the skin and leaving it feeling smoother and more toned.'

      Suitability & Warnings

      Garnier products are dermatologically tested to ensure that they are safe for use on even sensitive skin. Please remember however that this does not mean that you cannot have a sensitivity to the product, and it is always advisable to test for sensitivity on a small area before using the product, particularly if you have sensitive skin.


      Apply 3 times weekly on damp skin, lightly rub the scrub into skin in small circular motions focusing on the roughest zones. Rinse, dry, and apply a body lotion or cream.

      In Practise

      The scrub itself is a fairly thick yellow gel full of large sugar grains which are not really noticeable to look at but give it a very dense gritty feel. Also visible within the scrub is a sprinkling of tiny red particles which I can only assume are the 'exfoliating particles' mentioned earlier, but they seem rather redundant in amongst all the larger sugar grains.

      The scent is a very fresh and zesty lemon scent which is quite strong but not overpowering. It smells pretty natural and, unlike a lot of citrus scents, does not remind me in any way of toilet cleaner or other citrus scented cleaning products.

      Applied to damp skin the gel spreads easily and quickly turns to a thick creamy lather which feels beautifully silky on the skin. As I massage the scrub into the skin the sugar grains are very noticeable and they do feel quite sharp and scratchy but only to the point of feeling like they're exfoliating really well, rather than being painful or irritating. The scrub rinses off easily leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh with no grains or greasy residue left behind.

      Obviously how long the tube will last will depend on how large an area you are using it on as well as how often you use it, but to give an idea of how far the scrub will go I find an amount about the size of a 10 pence piece is enough to do a half-leg

      The Results

      This scrub certainly lives up to it's claims of giving an immediate smoothing effect. My skin is left feeling so silky and smooth you would never guess that it had ever been rough, dry, or otherwise unhealthy. A lot of scrubs leave my skin feeling quite tight and in need of moisture, but this leaves it feeling soft and hydrated.

      The area on the outside of each of my calves is for some reason extremely prone to ingrown hairs which can be uncomfortable, itchy and even painful, as well as unsightly. Most scrubs, even if they leave my skin feeling really smooth, are not effective in tackling these areas, but this one absolutely is. After using the scrub regularly for a couple of weeks the majority of ingrown hairs had disappeared, and less new ones were appearing. I've now been using it for a few months and whilst I'm not completely free of ingrown hairs the amount I'm now getting is barely even noticeable. The marks and scars I had from previous ingrown hairs have also pretty much disappeared.

      My job involves handling things which are often thick with dust and grime, which leaves me with black dots all over my forearms, where the dirt has got into the hair follicle. Normal cleansers don't touch this, and neither do many scrubs, but this one is extremely effective and seems to simply lift the dirt straight out of the follicle with no effort at all.

      Whilst I didn't buy this scrub with it's toning effects in mind I've been very impressed with it's effects on my wobbly bits. My skin is pretty firm generally but I do have some cellulite on my thighs, but this scrub seems to have a slight tightening effect on the skin, leaving it feeling a little firmer as well as smoother. I didn't think it would have any long-term effect but I do believe my thighs are now looking smoother and a little less dimply after using this regularly. It's not a miracle cure but it has made a difference.

      The Conclusion

      All things considered this is certainly the best scrub I've used. It's super-effective and is much cheaper than other scrubs of the same quality, so I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for a good body scrub.


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        25.01.2010 23:27
        Very helpful



        Scrubs all the dead skin and dirt making you feel squeaky clean

        I never used to use the scrub things, thinking them a complete waste of my time and money. But I was in Boots one day and saw they had ths on ofer, so I thought I'd give it a go, especially as I'd been having problems with dry skin.

        This is best ot use in the shower, or you get sugar crystals in your hair and it doesn't come off the skin properly (as I found out once to my downfall and got out still half caked!) You can use it in your hand, on a puff or flannel or sisal thingum (forgot the name) and it works just as well, but with the sisal thingum it appears to work best.

        Just pop some on (you don't need too much; 2 50p splodges - one for legs and arms, one for rest of body) appears to be enough. Give yourself a good scrub, it helps get off dead skin, so by scrubbing it does get to it a bit deeper (and rinse off thoroughly, don't forget that!)

        If you scrub a bit more, it feels like it stings, but that's just because the scrub has done it's job and sloughed off the dead skin. You DO feel really smooth afterwards, and my skin is really nice and clean, and tingles a little, which for me shows it's either worked or I've scrubbed too hard. It's perfect for dead skin build up on feet (so perfect to use for a few weeks before a holiday or in summer to get that soft smooth feel) or really good to use if you do either a lot of physical work, or work in an air-conditioned space.

        I'd also reccomend to leave it a good 5-10 minutes before putting on moisturiser, as there are oils in the scrub and it also lets them sink in too, helping your skin feel even softer. I also found it good for lessening ingrowing hairs after shaving, so it's a damn good all-round product.

        At certain times of the year, it's usually put on a half-price or BOGOF offer, so it's good to stock up as it is lovely!


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        12.04.2009 01:27
        Very helpful



        An excellent body scrub

        I'm always on the hunt for new products, so when I saw Garnier BodyTonic Sugar Scrub on offer in Tesco's I had to try it. I love using a body scrub as I always feel super clean and lovely with soft and silky skin, and it also makes me feel a bit pampered to spend time scrubbing away at my skin, so I hoped this is what the product would do for me. I wasn't dissapointed!

        The product claims it will leave your skin soft and smooth as it exfoliates dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling incredibly silky and soft. It also aims to tone the skin.

        This works using a unique formula containing a mixture of sugar (to exfoliate) and natural fruit extract (apple) to remove impurities whilst respecting the skin and leaving it smooth and toned.

        On using the product the first thing I noticed was the scent. It's really fruity smelling and has a real summery feel to it. I used a 50p sized blob and worked it around most of the top half of my body, using a circular motion and concentrating on the rougher areas of the skin - elbows for example. I found it spread quite well, but I do like quite a firm scrub, so I applied a bit more to do the lower half of my body.

        The sugar is quite course, and as I rinsed away the product I noticed my skin had gone a little pink from the scrubbing action, however this faded within 5-10 minutes and my skin felt really soft and silky smooth.

        I was really impressed with the product, I felt invigorated by the scrubbing motion and the summery scents and my skin was soft and smelt beautiful. I am not entirely sure on the toning element of the product, but I was so impressed with the otherall finish that is by the by.

        The product comes in a bright yellow tube that stands on it's lid, the tube holds 200ml. It retails for around £4.99 and can be bought in all major supermarkets and shops like Boots, Superdrug etc. I spotted this when it was half price, so shop around for offers!

        The product suggests you use it twice a week for best results and thats what I intend to do, I definately loved this product and will certainly be buying it again.


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          01.03.2009 14:24
          Very helpful



          Scrub on for soft, silky results.


          To be honest, if you asked me about beauty products three or four years ago I would have told you that they were a complete waste of money. I never used to be bothered about moisturisers or body lotions. Oh how I have changed my mind since then and now spend way too much money on skin and beauty products. I received heaps of skincare gifts sets after turning 18 two and a bit years ago and now by them like they are going out of fashion.

          I happened to stumble on this product by accident. My brother's girlfriend happened to be getting ready at our house one evening and I saw her tube of Garnier Skin Natural Bodytonic Sugar Scrub on the bathroom shelf. I thought it would be rude not to try it.

          *The Claim*

          Garnier Skin Natural Bodytonic Sugar Scrub claims that it will exfoliate the skin leaving an instant smoothing effect.

          *About Garnier Skin Natural Bodytonic Sugar Scrub*

          Sugar grains, exfoliating particles and extracts of apple are in this individual formula. It works by eradicating the dead cells on the exterior of your skin and removing dirt. This therefore leaves your skin feeling softer and silky. It also states that it will leave you feeling toned, something which I was sceptical about.


          When applying the product, only a small amount is required. I use approximately the size of a fifty pence coin. Gently rub the sugar scrub onto damp skin in small round motions. I personally apply it whilst in the bath. You should concentrate on the rougher parts of your skin when you are doing this. I focus specifically on my knees and elbows. After you have rubbed the product into your skin, you need to rinse it off and dry the areas that you have used the product on thoroughly. It is suggested that you use this twice weekly to get the best results. It's extremely easy to use and doesn't take much to lather, so you don't need to rub vigorously.

          *Price and Availability*

          Garnier Skin Natural Bodytonic Sugar Scrub is available to purchase from any Boots store for £4.99. You are also likely to be able to purchase it from places like Superdrug, Wilkinsons or the bigger supermarkets like Tesco and Asda. I have paid significantly more on products that are not even the slightest bit as effective as this so I feel that the product is excellent value for money.

          *My Opinion*

          The Packaging: This product is a bright yellow 200ml tube with a lid that you flip open. This lid is also the stand of the product. The bottom part of the tube is transparent and you can clearly see the scrub. The tube is extremely easy to use so you don't make a mess and waste the product.

          Colour, Texture and Smell: The scrub is also a bright yellow colour with red pieces and a grainy texture. The gritty feel is probably because it includes sugar grains in the formula. I absolutely love the smell of this scrub. Its scent is lemony and fresh. I find that it leaves me with a real buzz after I haved used it.

          Longevity of the product: I think that this tube will last for approximately six or seven months depending on the amount of times that you use it per week. I use it twice a week and it is still going strong due to the small amount that is needed. I like the fact that it doesn't go hard around the area that it is dispensed even if you have had the product for a long period of time.

          Did it fulfil its claim? Yes and no. I was extremely impressed with this product. This natural sugar scrub claims to have an immediate smoothing effect and it delivered. From the moment that you rinse the product off, your skin feels so velvety. The impact is virtually instant. I was a little sceptical about the claim that it leaves your skin feeling toned. I'm still not sure about this statement and certainly wouldn't purchase it for the sole purpose of toning my skin. But it does leave you with a slight toned feeling, particularly on your legs.

          *Would I Recommend It?*

          I would definitely recommend this product. I believe it to be amazing value. It does exactly what it promises to do. It is without doubt a product that I will be purchasing again. It is an especially good product for exfoliating your skin before applying fake tan!


          If you are looking for a product that will give you silky smooth legs then this is the one for you. I do advise that you don't over-use the product as not only will you be getting no better results but you could do more damage to your skin than good (for example burst blood vessels). I've been using Garnier Skin Natural Bodytonic Sugar Scrub for approximately four months and love the feeling once I have used it. My skin felt smooth and silky and left me feeling great. I like to use a body lotion or moisturiser after using this product.


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            22.10.2008 12:49
            Very helpful




            I have been on a bit of a mission to find a body scrub to sort out the unsightly red blotchy patches on my upper left arm. I had found a wonderful one about six months ago but thought it had been discontinued (have since found it). Having not been impressed with the Original Source scrub and not completely satisfied with the Botanics one (see reviews if interested), I once again raided the shelves of Boots. From my first visit to Boots on the hunt for a scrub I remembered seeing this one by Garnier but I had been put off by the price and had gone with the cheaper, and on offer, Botanics scrub. I decided to give it a go, I was to be a bridesmaid at the weekend and was desperate to sort my arms out. It cost £6.99 for 200ml, and if you wish to find it in Boots I suggest you look for it in with the body moisturisers rather than the shower gels, which I find rather baffling.

            What is a body scrub?

            Body scrubs are used to exfoliate and remove dead skin, leaving the skin softer and smoother. They also help improve circulation and are essential for use before using fake tan. They are also great for unblocking blocked pores and hair follicles and shaving and waxing to stop ingrowing hairs.

            About the Garnier scrub

            This sugar scrub by Garnier contains sugar grains (you wouldn't have guessed by the name!) so it is rougher that some other scrubs and has more exfoliating power so to speak. It also contains exfoliating particles and natural fruit extracts (apple), which work together with the sugar eliminating dead skin cells on the surface, removing impurities leaving the skin feeling smoother and more toned.

            The scrub comes in a bright canary yellow tube that stands on its lid, very hard to miss. You can see the scrub through the bottom half of the tube as it is in fact transparent, and the scrub itself is indeed bright yellow. On closer inspection you can see tiny red particles in the yellowness, I can only assume that these are the exfoliating particles that are mentioned on the back of the tube. Unlike the previous scrubs I tried this one doesn't have claims of being approved by the vegan society or Kew Gardens, and from the colour you can only imagine the amount of colouring in this product. It does though say that Garnier Skin Naturals use wherever possible active natural ingredients, which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. Also that it has been formulated and dermatologically tested to ensure their effectiveness and respect for your skin.

            In Action

            The instructions of the tube say to use twice weekly on damp skin, to lightly rub the scrub into the skin with small circular motions focusing on the roughest zones. I didn't bother to read this until afterwards. I used this in the shower before applying shower gel. The cap is easy to open with wet hands, but I found that it collects water easily if left anywhere near the shower spray. This is normally cold and a bit of a shock when you come to use it and it dribbles down your arm. I squeezed a 10p sized blob of scrub into my hand and then rubbed it onto my offending left arm. I used a fair bit of pressure and basically scrubbed my arm, not necessarily in circular motions. The scrub produces a fair bit of lather and smells nice. Apple is mentioned as a fruit extract but I think it smells more citrusy, but that could be the colour making me expect it to smell of lemons. The lather is rather odd, it is not like the lather you get with soap of shower gels, I can't really describe it. On the tube it says the scrub has an ultra-melting texture, and having used it I can see what they mean. I rinsed my arm, it comes off easily but does need more rinsing than say shower gel due to the sugar grain nature of the product.

            I examined my arm, where I had scrubbed my skin was turning a pink colour, but felt silky smooth. I then read the instructions and on my right arm and my legs I followed the advice and rubbed lightly. Needless to say the skin on these limbs didn't go anywhere near as pink, but was still as smooth and silky. There is no need to rub hard as you get the same results rubbing lightly. The skin on my left arm soon lost its pinkness and wasn't tender or anything. I didn't use the scrub on my body as I have found in the past that sugar scrubs are too harsh for the skin on my belly and chest. After using the scrub I washed my body with shower gel as normal, more than anything to make sure I had got rid of all the sugar.

            After my shower I examined my arms and legs. My left arm is the problem one with all the blotchy blocked pores, strangely my right one does not suffer from the same problem. Having returned to its normal colour I looked to see if the scrub had had any effect on it. Even though I had washed the scrub off with shower gel the skin where I had used the scrub felt silky, smooth and soft. As I had not used the scrub on my body I could compare the results with none scrubbed skin. Sort of a before and after. The skin the scrub had been applied to felt so much better than the normal skin. It felt soft, smoother and less dry.

            I have been using this scrub twice a week for a month now, and the condition of the blotchy skin is improving. It certainly looks a lot better than it had before and doesn't feel as bobbly.


            I think this scrub is great, it has certainly helped improve the skin on my arm. I even enjoy using it. If you have sensitive skin then this is probably not the product for you as it is abrasive. I didn't find it dried my skin, if anything my skin felt more moisturised after using it, but I don't really suffer from dry skin.

            The scrub claims to have an immediate smoothing effect and I completely agree with this. My skin feels so my better after using this. It also claims to leave the skin feeling softer and more toned. My skin definitely felt softer and I would go along with toned, although I'm not sure how a product can tone the skin, surely exercise is needed for that.

            I love this scrub and I will certainly be buying it again.


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            Exfoliates dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft /

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