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Geo Atlantic Sea Salt Bathing

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Brand: Geo / Type: Bath Salt

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 16:21
      Very helpful



      A so so product I just can't rave about it!

      A few weeks back out of the blue and for no apparent reason I came out in a really bad rash all over my body in patches. I was itchy and scratchy and as time progressed it got worse to the point I was waking up to have a scratch. I took some allergy relief tablets which helped a little but in the mean time I realised that it was probably a product that I'd used that had upset my skin and so took my skincare routine back to basics along with washing everything I owned in sensitive more pure products and the likes.

      I bath daily so one thing I bought to soothe my skin was this Geo Organics Atlantic Sea Salt. Costing £3.05 for a box of it in a local chemist I thought this would be more mild and gentle being a natural product infused with Aloe Vera (Known for soothing).

      The Packaging:

      The box this product comes in is very unisex in appearance and nothing fancy really. Its green and white in colour and on the front of it we are told that it is Geo Organics Atlanic Sea Salt For Bathing 'With Organic Aloe Vera' and that it is to Cleanse 'Tradionally harvested sea salt crystals cleanse skin while you bathe' and that it is to 'Soothe: Aloe Vera soothes and nutures skin with its natural healing properties' and there is a picture shown of an Aloe Vera plant and we are told that it meets Soil Association Organic Standards and is 250g in weight. Other information listed on the other three sides of the box includes being told a bit about the product, dosage advice is given (half a pack per pack), the ingreidents are listed and contact details for Venture foods (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Inside the salt comes in an easy to tear open white plastic bag though it isn't resealable. All in all simple but informative packaging this is.

      Using The Salt:

      Well this salt is thick white clumps of salt and of course you simply chuck half of a bag of this under running taps. It is like a rock salt and it does completely melt into the water so that means you are not sitting on sharp bits of salt thankfully that grazes your bum!

      It makes the water slightly cloudy, there is no foam and no aroma to this at all. Lick your finger after using this (by accident of course as I did lol) or splash your face with it and lick yuor lips it simply tastes really, really salty and it isn't perfumed at all.

      It felt really strange to be sat in effectively what is salty water with no fragrance and no bubbles to hide behind so on that point I didn't feel all that relaxed really. The water felt a little softer than plain water alone which was another surprise as I did think the Aloe Vera added to this would make the water feel more luxurious than it did.

      However this was soothing enough on my sore skin though didn't moisturise me as such and again I felt weird getting out the bath after using 'Simple' soap and not smelling as clean as I'm used to though I am pretty sure I was clean type of thing of course as this is meant to be a cleansing product.

      The Aloe Vera in this is meant to be great for drying, flaking, itching, cracking (skin) and fungal infections and of course I was itching prior to my bath and makin my skin really sore. I can't really agree this stopped me itching too much but it did help to quieten and settle it down a wee bit.

      At £3.05 a box and getting only 2 baths from it I would say that if you have any of the above problems I have listed then its worth a try however for long term use and me bathing daily it isn't worth the money to me and personally I find Johnson's Baby Bath to be cheaper and just as effective as well as giving me some nice foam and fragrance at the same time which this lacked of course. I expected more from this for some reason but found it boring and would have perservered with it even for the money it costs for two baths had it of been more effective but it wasn't!

      Available in all good supermarkets, chemists and online (Google it!).


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