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Gillette Cool Wave Shower Gel

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Brand: Gillette / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      04.12.2009 10:51
      Very helpful



      Gillette best for men

      It seems to me that in tropical countries (the world over for that matter) the weather has changed drastically towards the extreme. In summer its too hot and in winter its too cold, it's because of global warming they say. To keep the mind buoyant one needs keep himself fresh and clean. In men's cosmetics or toiletry Gillette is a very respected and trusted name. From shaving brush, deodorant to what ever men require to keep them in pace with the fairer sex Gillette has them all in their repotoir of products.

      In men's toiletry, shaving cream and after shaves are probably the most important and Gillette has few competitors. The latest feather in Gillette's cap is the Gillette Cool Wave Gel, I'm calling its new because I have come across it only recently. The excellent deodorant is a very good addition to the of Gillette's range of contribution in men's fashion (hope no problems calling it fashion).

      It's extremely important especially in hot countries to keep fresh. Gillette Cool Wave Gel not only make you smell good but its smell itself gives you a terrific sense of confidence and keeps one amazingly fresh. The best part is, it not only keeps away bad body odor but also reduces perspiration drastically. After wearing Gillette Cool Wave Gel you get a great sense of relief from the heat. The gel does not stain cloths, it just melts in your skin and the effect remains for quite some time. Nivea and Gillette have their distinctive smell, which has their own appeal.

      I don't know about others but my skin over reacts and get red flare ups and itchy easily but had no problems with Gillette Cool Wave Gel.

      Gillette Cool Wave Gel helps you perspire less everywhere, specially at the wrong places. The armpit, for example, places where men crease most. The sweat leaves a stain on your garment with the application of this deodorant it is reduced to a large extent.

      I honestly believe it should do well with other deodorants. The packaging is excellent and designed for easy application. Gillette Cool Wave Gel competes at par with any other of its kind if not better. And why should it not, its got the class and of course the P&G brand image.

      At £2.00, it should suit the pocket. Even if it does not then do it. It is one of those necessary things where expenditure is worthwhile.

      (First publishes at ciao.co.uk under the same user name)


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      09.10.2009 22:48
      Very helpful



      A really nice shower gel...aimed at men!

      Firstly I feel I must point out that although I am reviewing this product I am reviewing the Triple Action version of this and Dooyoo won't list the link and have told me to write my review here...so here I am lol.

      I must also point out that I am female, however although this is directed at the male species when I'm wet in the shower and have ran out of shower gel instead of getting out dripping wet to hunt for something more feminine to use I'd rather use what is available to me and if it's last thing at night and I'm taking my shower after the gym quite frankly it's more important to me to be clean and after-all I sleep alone so it really doesn't matter too much lol.

      The Packaging:

      Dark grey plastic bottle which is 250ml in size and has a flip top opening to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle there is a dark blue and black label and on that I'm told in white and silver writing that it is Gillette Triple Action System Shower Gel 'Cool Wave'. On the back label which is silver with dark grey writing on it I'm told a bit about the product, warnings and ingredients are given, contact details for Procter & Gamble UK are listed (the manufacturers of Gillette products), the recycle symbol is displayed, the size is stated and there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough packaging, very masculine and it has lines on the sides for ease of handling though it has no handle or anything so you can't hang it anywhere and being quite large in size it's a pain to find the space to store it in my bathroom!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

      Gillette Shower Gel with this invigorating, fresh, clean masculine fragrance and the Gillette 3x triple action system:

      Gives you a fresh, energising clean
      Helps to condition your body and hair
      Makes you smell great

      Me Using It:

      Well I thought this was great and that men are very lucky to have this directed at them! I squirted a bit of the transparent turquoise liquid onto my scrunchie and was so impressed with it! The smell is great but it is very masculine and I'm sure not the way many women would want to smell lol.

      The fragrance to me is 'Cool Wave'. Its hard to explain exactly what it smells like to be honest! It has a slight sweetness to it but basically it smells very aftershavy and in a classy way. This shower gel foams up easily, I managed to shave my bits and pieces with it and it felt really smooth on my skin as I was washing with it. It rinsed off quickly and I was ready to dry! I did not use this on my hair as I would never use a shower gel to do that with though it says you can if you want to on the bottle and I'm sure for short hair it's fine (well it is on my Step-Fathers anyway!).

      My skin was left incredibly fresh smelling though not heavily so and no one made any comments about me smelling like a man or owt like that but it did stay lightly fragranced on my skin for a few hours. My skin was left feeling soft, smooth and slightly hydrated, again for hours.


      I don't think this invigorated me as such but it did make me feel clean and soft and me, well yes I would use this again. It is a quality product and I would recommend anyone that wanted to use it, to use it! Its that simple lol.


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