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Hearts Desire Creamer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Ballistic / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Texture: Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      26.01.2011 16:07
      Very helpful



      Not one I'd use again

      I had promised myself that this year I was going to be good, and resist the temptation to spend money on things I didn't need. I was doing quite well until I spotted a huge gift box full of Bomb Cosmetics for a bargain price in the sales. I first tried Bomb Cosmetics a few years back, and on the whole wasn't really impressed with them. Around Christmas time however, I kept seeing lots and lots of positive reviews of the products and when I spotted the gift set I couldn't resist treating myself to it.

      As I got lots of bath products for Christmas I wasn't really planning on using any of these Bomb products just yet. This changed when I opened the box and found the Hearts Desire Bath Creamer was not wrapped in cellophane like the other products,. I was worried that moisture might get to it and ruin it as has happened a few times with my Lush bath bombs, so I decided it would be a good idea to get it used up.

      A Bath Creamer is sort of like a very small bath bomb. Whereas you would expect a bath bomb to be around the size of a tennis ball, these are closer to the size of a golf ball. They are hand made, and are rich in cocoa butter, and this along with the Shea butter they also contain will help keep the skin moisturised.

      Hearts Desire is certainly a very pretty little thing, and has a plain white base which is covered in red and purple hearts. It's very girly looking and I think the hearts would make it appeal to younger girls in particular.

      Bomb Cosmetics describe this as having 'a sophisticated, sensual fragrance' and the scent is supposed to be a mixture of pomegranate, lotus blossom and black orchid over an amber, mahogany base. In fact, when looking at the ingredients list, the only things recognisable to me aside from the cocoa butter and Shea butter, are geranium oil and ylang ylang oil.

      I must admit, the actual scent of this is rather gorgeous, and I would agree with their description of sophisticated and sensual, and I'd add luxurious onto the end too! It has a very sweet, floral scent and the main scent I can pick out is orchid, because I used to use an orchid fabric softener which smelled very similar! I'd say it's quite a girly fragrance, but there's something a little exotic about it, and I couldn't wait to try it out.

      When I dropped this into my bath, I expected a plume of fizz as it dissolved, as you usually get with products of this type. In fact it thudded to the bottom of the bath and seemed to do nothing. After a few seconds I started to notice a slight cloudiness to the water around where the creamer was, and when I picked it back out of the water, I could see that it was starting to dissolve - just very slowly. I would say that in total it must have taken somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes for this to fully dissolve. Obviously I wasn't timing, but it just seemed to take forever, presumably as being so small it has a lower amount of bicarbonate of sodium which is the stuff that makes a bath bomb fizz . In the end I broke it up with my hand to help it on its way a bit. Once it had dissolved a few of the sugar hearts rose to the surface which did look quite pretty, I have to admit.

      The smell from the bath creamer when in the water, was unfortunately non-existent. It was a shame really, as it smelled so nice when it was dry, but I can only assume that the bath water diluted it to the point it was too weak for me to smell.

      Another thing that disappointed me was the way this made my bath water feel. Obviously containing both Shea and cocoa butter, I expected it to have some sort of moisturising effect, but what I actually got was a bath with water that felt very greasy. It wasn't the luxurious sort of oils you tend to get with expensive bath products - just a greasiness that seemed to cling to my skin and made me feel like I wasn't very clean!

      When I got out of the bath I was pleased to find that my skin did feel quite nice to the touch. It was soft and moisturised and thankfully not greasy, which is something I'd worried about given how the product was in the water. I didn't suffer any irritation and the lovely patch of eczema on my foot that just won't go away didn't seem to be affected by the use of this either. I didn't notice the scent on my skin, but that's not particularly surprising given that the scent of the product seemed to disappear as soon as it hit the water anyway.

      One of these 30g bath creamers will set you back £2.49 from www.bombcosmetics.co.uk or you can also buy from Amazon. I've noticed a lot of independent shops - especially gift shops - now stock Bomb cosmetics too. Personally I think £2.49 is a lot for a product so small, whether it had worked or not!

      On the whole I have been very disappointed with this product, and it's actually put me off trying the rest of my Bomb Cosmetics set, in case they're all this bad! The only advantages I can think of is that it looks pretty and smells nice dry, but actually using it is not a great experience at all, and so this is not a product I can recommend.


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        22.08.2010 21:10
        Very helpful



        Not one I'd buy again.

        The Hearts Desire Creamer from Bomb Cosmetics is a small white bath creamer around the size of a golf ball, maybe even a bit smaller. It has 2 shades of pink hearts scattered throughout it like confetti (hence the name 'Hearts Desire').

        This bath creamer has a fruity fragrance to it and incorporates pomegranate, lotus blossom and black orchid, as well as hints of amber and mahogany.

        I ran my bath and dropped the Hearts Desire Creamer into the water. It fell to the bottom of the bath and slowly started to fizz into life. For a small bath bomb/creamer, it took absolutely ages to do its thing. It took so long that I'd nearly finished my bath by the time it has fizzed away and I enjoy a nice long soak in the bath.

        The water turned a misty white, but not the full on milky white water I was expecting from a product called a creamer. However, this is a small product compared to the bath bombs etc from Lush.

        Once I was in the bath, I couldn't smell the fruity scent I'd smelled on the creamer before I put it into the bath water, so I found that somewhat disappointing.

        Having looked on the Bomb Cosmetics website, I can now see that this is a cocoa butter melt, which explains why the bath water looked and felt oily, as did my skin. My skin still felt a bit oily as I dried myself, however later on I did notice my skin feeling soft.

        So, would I buy this again? Probably not. I liked the fruity smell of it, but was disappointed that the scent disappeared once it was in the water. It also took way too long to dissolve in the bath, especially as it's quite small in the first place.

        If you want to try a Hearts Desire Creamer anyway, you can find them on the Bomb Cosmetics website for £1.99, as well as in other shops.

        A word of warning, this is not a product for those of you who suffer from nut allergies as the sugar hearts within the creamer contain traces of peanut oil.


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      • Product Details

        A sophisticated, sensual fragrance incorporating Pomegranate, Lotus Blossom and Black Orchid acchords over an amber, mahogony base /

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