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I Love...Mango & Papaya Exfoliater

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Brand: I Love... / Type: Body Scrub / Subcategory: Exfoliator / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      17.09.2011 16:08
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      A good value product

      I picked this up the other day while in Superdrug as at £1.99 for a generously sized 200ml bottle it'd be rude to say no! This is part of the 'I love...' range which I am a fan of, and it definetly is just as good as there other products. The exfoliator comes in a transparent plastic tube like bottle which is soft enough to squeeze. When looking at the bottle you can see the grainy black bits in the orange liquid. On the front of the bottle it has the product name and brand name and on the back it reads "I know I smell delicious enough to eat, but please take my word for it I won't taste half as good as I smell. I am not a food, please don't swallow me." I thought this was really cute lol and they're right - it does smell almost good enough to eat.

      The bottle has a black flip lid which dispenses the product through a medium sized hole. As I said before the bottle is soft enough to squeeze and I have never had any issues getting the exfoliator out. The texture of the exfoliator is not as 'grainy' as I would have liked it to be and is a little on the wattery side but it does the job so I can't complain.

      The smell is pleasant - it smells just like mango with a hint of almond, and has a nice fresh and fruity aroma but unfortunetly it does have a plasticy, cheap undertone which is a little bit of a let down. Using it is easy. I used mine in either the bath or shower. I simply squeeze a blob onto my hands, a loofah or my exfoliating gloves and massage it into my body, mainly focussing on my knees as they get dry at times. The exfoliator leaves my skin feeling clean and soft and it isn't too rough as the grains are so small. The smell does linger on my skin and in the bathroom for quite a while which I don't mind as when on my skin you can't smell the undertone of plastic.

      As this is a 200ml bottle it does last for a few weeks which I think is good for the price and I would reccomend it. It exfoliates reasonably well, smells pleasant (despite the undertone of plastic!) and it is cheap enough to keep repurchasing if you do like it.


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        02.03.2010 20:23
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        DEFINITELY not recommended! x

        I received this as a Christmas present and I hope the friend who bought me this does not come across this review, but I must say I was not very impressed at all. Expect a lot more bath/body product reviews coming your way in the near future!

        ~*What Is I Love...?*~

        "I Love..." is a company fairly new to the world, it was only established a little over a year ago. It is not very well known and I had never heard of it until I received this product. They sell a range of cosmetics in different scents and claim their aim is to "make you smile".
        If you would like to find out more, visit their very well laid out and welcoming website at:

        ~*First Impressions*~

        When I saw this in its bottle, I have to admit I was impressed. The shower smoothie is stored in a clear bottle, which is handy so you can see how much you have left, and the front of the bottle had the following text printed on:

        The fruity fantastico. Feel scintillated as my tropical aromas of juicy mango fused with sweet succulent papaya leave your senses exotically exhilarated; believe me, you never thought fruits were so darn delicious
        To me, this seemed really promising. I have mentioned in previous reviews my thing about what I call "personal text" where it seems to be really talking to YOU, and this was a great example of it. Paired with really descriptive language, this drew me in and I really thought it would live up to its expectations - how wrong I was!

        The black lid balances the bottle great, and the 'soft' plastic makes the shower smoothie very easy to dispense. The smoothie itself looks an inviting orange colour, and looks great in the bottle!

        ~*Using It For The First Time*~

        I got into the shower in and having got through most of my other Christmas shower scrubs, decided to give this one a go. I squeezed a blob out onto the palm of my hand and felt repulsed at the smell. It smelt cheap and plastic-y, and just generally disgusting! I have tried tropical scented products before, particularly the Mango or Papaya ranges at The Body Shop, so I know what they are supposed to smell like and it is certainly not like this! I really found this so disgusting, and it was unrecognisable - you would not guess it was meant to be Mango & Papaya!

        However, I decided that I could cover up the smell with shower gel, and if the 'smoothie/scrub' part of it worked it may be worth buying after all. I smoothed it over my leg and it felt thick and slimy - not luxurious like I would imagine a 'shower smoothie' to be. It did not rub in well or lather at all; the awful gooey mess just fell straight off me and went down the plughole. The exfoliating seeds and whatever else they put in it did not exfoliate my skin at all - they either just scratched it uncomfortably or had no effect.
        Utterly disappointed and repulsed, I took this to the deepest, darkest corner of my bathroom and it has stayed there ever since.

        ~*So, Who Would I Recommend It To?*~

        Nobody. I thought at first of recommending it to young children, as the over-the-top, cheap smell might not affect them as much, and they might like it as it is in a grown up bottle, but then I remembered the scratchy exfoliating bits. If it hurt my tough skin (!) imagine what it would do to someone with sensitive skin!
        I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, it is a total waste of money and is absolutely vile!


        If, on the offhand, this does seem like the thing for you, it costs £2.50 and can be bought from their online store, Dunnes Stores, Au Naturale, The Original Factory Shop, Morrisons, Bodycare or Ethel Austin.

        ~*That's About It, Then*~

        I have nothing more to say on this product apart from the fact I really wouldn't recommend it. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don't know, but I found it awful - sorry!


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