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Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream

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Brand: Imperial Leather / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2012 12:33
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      Silky smooth fresh skin!

      Please note the picture is difference to the product that I am reviewing. Dooyoo said it is fine to put it up so her we go.

      I don't own a bath where I live only a shower. I get through loads of shower gel, I spotted this at my local Tesco store costing me the bargain price of a pound. I much prefure showing to having a bath as I find it more hygenic and saves energy bills and you feel more cleaner after doing so.

      The product~

      Come in orange coloured plastic bottle. Rather fancy design with the Imperial Leather logo clearly shown. It tells me that it is Blissful, contains Butterfly Lily and Amber. This is a shower cream I much prefure these, as they make your skin nice and soft. The liquid itself is ornage in with brown bits which are the Jojoba pearls. This cream is a limited edition. Contains 250 ml.
      This product is PH neutral and is dermatology tested.
      The packaging is suitable for recycling.

      Myself using it~

      I shower daily sometimes twice a day the weather is rather muggy at the moment so I feel the need to shower more often than normal.
      I was in much need of a shower when I woke up as i woke up rather sticky and clammy. I remembered that I bought this shower cream yesterday and thought I givre it a go as I had never used it before.
      The cream itself as a fruity smell to it with notes of flowers. Simply use on a flannel or a sponge and massage into skin. I found it good for using to shave my bits with lol! After my shower my skin felt smooth silky and energised. A must by for any lady to have in her bathroom.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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        23.03.2012 07:56
        Very helpful



        A fresh bright feminine shower cream from Imperial Leather which proves to be Blissful and a Bargain

        When it comes to buying shower gel I do not really have a preferred brand. I tend to find myself doing my main grocery shop in Asda and purchase what is on special offer. However I tend to like the bright fruity scented type shower gels and creams and when the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream was on special offer, not only did the very low price catch my eye so did the bright bottle.

        ***Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream***
        The description on the bottle of the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream is "Prepare for a truly blissful experience. We've combined sumptuous fragrances with our luxuriously rich moisturising shower cream, for the ultimate indulgence for your skin. Our beautiful, pampering formulations will leave your skin feeling radiant and with a renewed sense of wellbeing."

        This sounded perfect especially as I suffer from quite dry skin during the colder winter months therefore I decided to stock up.

        Imperial Leather also describe this as a "smoothing" shower cream with the Butterfly Lily having soothing properties which nurture the skin.

        Imperial Leather describes the shower cream as "family kind" and it is dermatologically tested and has a skin friendly pH.

        The Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream comes in a 250ml or 500ml sized bottle. The bottles are the same design only the 500ml is larger sized. This is a clear plastic bottle which is long and thin with a wavy shape for easy grip in the shower. As the bottle is made from clear plastic you can see the bright orange coloured shower cream inside of the bottle. There is an orange flip top lid on the top of the bottle with a small dispenser hole.

        The Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream is sold by a number of retailers including Asda, Tesco Boots and Superdrug. The price of this product varies and at full price a 250ml bottle costs £1.89 and a 500ml bottle costs £2.54 so this at full price is quite a reasonably priced shower cream. Asda and Tesco are currently both selling the 250ml AND the 500ml sized bottles for £1. This is obviously good value even for the smaller sized bottle but excellent value for the larger sized 500ml bottle which I purchased.

        ***Using It***
        Although the 500ml sized bottle of the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream was a bargain I would say because of the size of the bottle it makes it quite difficult to pick up with wet hands and the 250ml sized bottle would have been a more convenient sized bottle to use in the shower and would have fitted onto my shower shelf whereas the 500ml sized bottle had to be placed on the floor in the corner of the shower cubicle.

        The design of the bottle with the flip top lid and hole to dispense makes this shower cream very easy to dispense. However a little too easy in my opinion and I did find that because the bright orange (with black speckled) coloured shower gel is such a thin consistency I often suffered a lot of wastage as the shower cream would slip through my hands before it was applied to my body or it would spill off my shower puff.

        The scent of the shower cream is very pleasant especially when mixed with the warm water in the shower. I was slightly concerned that because of the lily the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream would be a little too floral for my liking as I do not like floral scents. However although there is a slight floral hint to this shower cream I feel it is more of a sweet fresh floral scent which is mixed with quite a spicy fruity scent which I feel is very feminine. The scent is fresh so a great shower cream to use to wake up to but because of the spicy and sweet scent I also feel it is quite a relaxing and unwinding type of shower cream.

        Because of the thin consistency of the shower cream I tended to use a lot more of this when showering than other shower gels. When applying to my whole body I probably used around 2 50p sized amount on my shower puff. This would create a reasonable amount of lather but not as much as some shower gels I have used but a lot more than the Original Source shower gels create.

        When applied to skin and when washed off my skin when wet has a lovely soft feel to it after using Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream. This is not greasy but I do feel my skin almost has a coating on it after showering and rinsing.

        Once I have stepped out of the shower and dried I do feel that the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream leaves skin very soft and moisturised. I do however feel that on particularly dry areas such as my ankles and elbows my skin still does feel slightly dry therefore I would not say this is a shower gel that has intensive moisturising properties but it is suitable for normal to slightly dry skin. I did find that the scent of the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream was reasonably strong when in the shower however once dry this was only very slightly noticeable for around 30 minutes after showering. My skin had a very sweet scent with a slightly spicy fruity aroma to it but I could only smell this once I sniffed my skin very closely.

        Because of the thin consistency of the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream I tend to use more of this shower cream when showering however I still think that this is a good value product for £1 and my 500ml bottle of this shower cream lasted 6 weeks with showering daily.

        This is definitely not one of my favourite shower creams or gels but at such a low price I was very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely purchase again (if on offer). The Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream has a lovely fresh fruity scent with a very slightly floral type scent to it but as someone who does not like floral scents I do not feel the floral scent is very strong at all because of the sweet fruity aroma when mixed with warm water. I feel this is a sweet refreshing scent but also has a very creamy rich aroma which can also make the shower an unwinding experience at the end of the day. After showering my skin felt very soft and smooth and I do feel that the Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream has reasonable moisturising properties although probably not so much so for very dry skin.

        I think the main downside to the product is that the consistency is quite runny so you do need to take care when showering that you do not waste a lot of product although at such a low price this is not as much of a concern as it is with more expensive shower products. The scent of the shower cream does have quite a strong pleasant scent when in the shower however once you are dry this is only a very light aroma that does not last very long after showering.

        At £1 for such a large sized bottle which lasted over 6 weeks when I used when showering daily I feel Imperial Leather Blissful Shower Cream is not only kind to the skin but kind to the bank balance too!


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