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Imperial Leather Men Shower Gel & Shampoo

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3 Reviews

Brand: Cussons / Type:Depilatory Cream / Type: Shampoo & Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body & Hair / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      15.04.2010 08:17
      Very helpful
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      excellent price for a good product

      I love shower gels as I love to take a shower instead of a bath as it is more convenient and it makes me feel much fresher and the shower gels and shampoos can be of a good variety and sometimes it is hard to choose which one is nice for a change and my wife saw this one from Sainsbury's and as it was half price of just 75p and the usual price was £1.50 for a 250ml bottle and it was a good bargain and could not be overlooked to buy at the time.

      It comes in a nice plastic bottle with a flip lid and inside the quality of the gel is very good and it has a nice smelling fragrance and it is like a nice cologne and feels very refreshing after use, it is nice and soft on the skin and it has a good lather to clean nicely.

      The lather is good for the hair as well as the body and it rinses off quite nicely and leaves the skin feeling nice and refreshed for a long time, it does not dry the skin as some other gels do, it does not irritate my skin, as I have used some other products that dry the skin as soon as it is dried but this one I do not have a problem.

      It is a nice sized bottle and can easily be placed on a shower shelf or bathroom cupboard and can fit inside a wash bag for taking away on holiday or overnight stays.

      The bottle does last a long time and only a small amount is needed as it has such a good lather, a lot is not needed.

      I just put a small amount on a sponge and wash my body and it lathers as it washes and then I just rinse it off.

      I think it is a good gel to give it a go for yourself to see if you like it, and even at the full price it is still excellent value for money and even better if it is on offer like the one my wife bought.

      I rate it 5 stars


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        18.10.2009 18:40
        Very helpful



        Not keen sadly!

        Recently I had a major stocking up session on shower products. I have been trying really hard of late to not buy toiletries as I owned so many products with dregs in them and my bathroom and bedroom was overrun with stuff so when I was in my local Sainsbury's store and saw any two Imperial Leather Shower products for the price of £1.46 instead of one usually costing that price I picked up two of them to try. I opted for a shower cream that I loved the smell of (I've done a review on this!) and my Step-Father wanted me to hurry up as he was waiting for me and so I picked up this one. I'd already spotted it was a gel and fancied it but didn't notice it was 'For Men' and hadn't smelt it to investigate. When I got it home and went to use it I did think oh well I'll give it to my Step-Dad (as I'm all woman lol) but then thought well just cos it's for Men doesn't mean a woman can't use it surely? What's the flipping difference and besides that fact I thought well even if I smelt butch after using it, it doesn't matter it's a late night shower and I'm going to bed on my own anyway so use it I did! lol.

        The Packaging:

        The blue transparent gel comes in a 250ml curvy, dark blue and tall plastic bottle which is a good design because it can be handled with ease and to the top top of it, it has a flip top plastic lid concealing a small hole. On the front there is a picture of some bubbles on there and I'm told it is Cussons Imperial Leather 'For Men' Stimulating Deep Cleansing Experience Hair & Body Wash. On the back of the bottle other information includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed and contact details for PZ Cussons (the manufacturer of this product are given). It's nice enough packaging and informative enough and I like the way it's easy to handle though it is missing a handy handle to hang this with at my shower but that's a small gripe really. It's not posh looking just functional and gives off a use me every day message.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

        Excite your senses with our stimulating shower gel. Specially made for men, with a long lasting, hard working fragrance inspired by fine male cologne.

        Dermatologically tested
        PH balanced
        Long lasting fragrance
        100% soap free

        Me Using It:

        Well I jumped into my shower clutching this bottle and got wet and dispensed about the size of a 10 coin of the light blue transparent very runny liquid gel on to my scrunchy. It really was very drippy indeed and I lost alot in the bottom of my bath and where I was standing which made my bath like an ice skating rink and I almost fell a couple of times!

        It has a lovely smell and although it is rather masculine I didn't feel too much so and if it didn't say it was for men on the bottle I'd think it was unisex. Like I say though it is more masculine than feminine but some of us ladies don't mind sort of aqua smells on our skin. I guess when sniffing it in the bottle it does have a sort of zingy aftershave smell but when put on my scrunchy like I said to me it had simply a 'blue' fragrance!

        It foamed up a little and I went to work rubbing it over my skin. I didn't find it lathered up very much at all, the smell was great and it felt ok on my skin as I used it.

        It rinsed off easily and left no residue and I was left feeling clean enough with only a subtle hint of aroma, so it really doesn't matter who uses this..... in the fragrance stakes anyway.

        When I patted myself dry my skin felt ok but then I looked at my bottle I'd used a quarter of a bottle in the vain attempt of getting lather going to wash myself with! False economy? Yep absolutely!


        It's ok but I'm not overly impressed by this at all. Sure I felt clean enough but the scent being left on skin is poor and what was initially left, disappeared to nothing at all after about half an hour. Skin was left feeling clean though not invigorated as promised and skin was left feeling normal and not hydrated anymore than before I used this gel.

        I'm not bothered and if I needed to use it again I would but it doesn't get me excited and if my bf used this it wouldn't make me wanna snuggle up to him cos he smells nice lol. Not for me and after my experience with it I did give it to my Step-Dad who moaned that he felt is was too runny and like me he used loads of it to get clean! I had a sniff of him after using it and like me he didn't smell of it either! Not a great product from Imperial Leather and I feel this is a cheap gel with too high a price tag for what it is!

        Available in all supermarkets etc and in different varieties too.


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          04.05.2009 17:19
          Very helpful



          Another let down from Imperial.

          When it comes to shower gels I like a good variety of products in my bathroom. From premium to "Man only," products to supermarket brands and more famous names, I like to find something particular to use on each day rather than just stick to the same fragrance for weeks at a time. Despite my wide range of products however I was recently accommodating a couple of friends who were staying with me and in a rush attempted to do a quick all round shopping before they arrived. Normally I'd stick to brands I know, and when it comes to soap products I like Imperial Leather amongst others.

          "Try me for £1," it shouted from its tempting red label on the shelf! I read "Buy me, " for the lack of time I had to actually read the label. Dressed in a curvy easy to hold 250ml frosted blue bottle, Imperial Leather for Men promises much for a mere pound as it is a shampoo and shower gel product combined in one. I didn't have much time when I snatched it off the shelf and headed towards the checkout in the supermarket, even though its smaller white writing on the front label promises "a deep invigorating experience," and a "long lasting fragrance."

          When I got it home and the next day in the morning before my first friend arrived, I got into the shower and applied the shower gel on my body. Now when it comes to shower gels for men, I find it funny that brands will go to the bother of colouring potions and gels with a more manly type colour than the usual snot green or pastel mint or peachy yellow shower gels and creams tend to display. So whereas I may have been expecting black with silver specks or something that looks like engine oil, I was pleasantly surprised to find a dark and blue clear gel looking up at me before I applied it to my sponge; if it had been light blue I'd have mistakenly thought I was applying toothpaste gel to my body.

          The product does claim to have a luxurious and lathering experience so I wasn't expecting much as the gel turned into a white lather, light and soapy with bubbles forming upon contact with hot water. Luxurious it isn't (but it's only for £1!) as the shower gel rinses off fairly quickly and the lather it surmounts to is too light to be taken seriously. The scent however mystifies me; it has a pine fragrance with a little extract of man's aftershave mixed in for good measure although the first hint I got was 1980's pine toilet cleaner! Let it be said that whilst I love a bargain, I'm not keen on shower products that smell like something I used to use to clean the toilet with! After I rinsed down my skin didn't feel soft or smooth, but rather just washed out of the shower and the "lingering," fragrance died down into something akin to freshness, as you would get if you had washed with normal soap. If that is supposed to create the "deep, invigorating," effect Cussons would have you believe, then I'll go back to washing with wood!

          Upon putting it in my bathroom so that one out of two friends staying could try it, I questioned whether they could recognise the scent. I couldn't work out for the life of me what this scent was until my friend nailed it! "Oh it does smell like Pine toilet cleaner from the 1980's," he went on, "but if there's anything like Pine in it, its exactly like the those Magic tree fresheners you used to see in taxi cabs dangling off the central rear view mirror." Oh wow! I smell like a Magic Tree air freshener from a mini-cab! And there you have it, folks. Not only does it wash you down and smear your skin in a Magic Tree air freshener type scent, Imperial Leather for Men will have you thinking you've stepped into time with 1980's household products!

          Sadly there are also disappointments in the other claims of this product. As a shampoo there were some startling effects. On the basis that of the hair I have left and is of a dry nature, I got a lot of dandruff following the use of this product. It cleans hair well but starts to lose its strength the moment it is rinsed off hair and no surprise really that I didn't feel as if my hair was properly washed - Imperial Leather for Men is a soap free product and is claimed to be pH skin friendly.

          All in all a lot of claims for a shower gel/shampoo combo for men and at a price that won't hurt the wallet. But if I'm ever in a rush again I know I'll be staying well away from the Imperial Leather for Men range in their shampoo/shower gel combo. Good enough perhaps for a day of sport when you need something in a hurry but the scent of Magic Tree is enough to put me off for life. If you're a man and you can put up with that, then by all means try it but it won't win you many admirers. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009



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