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Imperial Leather Oriental Calm Foamburst Shower Gel

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Brand: Imperial Leather. / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Calms,

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2013 16:07
      Very helpful
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      A fun product to get you fresh and clean

      I received lots of different bath products for Christmas and one of the lovely ones that I received was the Foam Burst Oriental Calm by Imperial Leather.

      What does the product do?
      The product is designed to cleanse the skin in a way that is a little more fun and exciting than the average shower gel. The product which is initially a gel transforms into a rich and creamy foam when it mixes with water. Each bottle claims to give you 40 washes. I have the Oriental Calm version which promises to gently cleanse and pamper the skin using the delicious natural ingredients of cherry blossom and rice milk.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a can which resembles a deodorant can. It is pale pink in colour, with a slight curve in the bottle and it has some oriental flowers on the front. Some extra information about the product is given on the back. The product will cost you around £2 and it is available from most large supermarkets, stores like Debenhams and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      You dispense the product by pushing down on the top of the bottle. The gel comes out quite quickly so you only need to press it for a short period of time. The product comes out a gel just like promised. As soon as you start to rub it onto the skin, it starts to foam in the shame way as a shaving gel would. You can smell the product straight away. It has a sweet and creamy aroma that is slightly floral. It is a delicate one that isn't overpowering enough to put someone off using the product but it is strong enough to make the shower experience a pleasant one.

      The foam coats the skin well and makes you feel like it's doing a really good job of cleansing the skin well. It does double up well as a shaving gel for the legs too. It hasn't irritated my skin or caused me to experience any discomfort. It is easily rinsed away, although as the formula is so rich and thick, it does hang around the plug hole for a while so you'll need to rinse the shower afterwards too. It left my skin feeling fresh and clean, and my skin felt quite hydrated and not dried out at all. I'm not sure if you do get 40 washes from the product as I haven't counted but it didn't seem to last that long.

      Other Varieties
      If you like the idea of the product but not the type then there is plenty of others available. They is the Citrus Burst, Japanese Spa, Ocean Fresh, Soft Touch and a more masculine version for men to enjoy.

      All in all, this product is actually quite fun to use. It smells nice, makes you feel fresh and clean, and left my skin feeling quite soft. I'm not sure if it lasted as long as promised but then maybe I was using to much. I would happily repurchase the product and would like to try another one in the collection.


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        04.04.2012 14:52
        Very helpful



        A luxury shower product that I would recommend very highly!

        I am a huge fan of the Imperial Leather brand in general, but the selection of foaming shower gel products in the 'Foamburst' range from the brand have really proven to be a big hit with me, and I have loved most of the varieties in the range.

        Whilst shopping in a local branch of Asda recently, a new addition to the range caught my eye, namely the Imperial Leather "Oriental Calm Foamburst". As I have tried - and loved - most of the other varieties in the overall range, I had no hesitation in purchasing the canister of shower gel to try it out for myself. I paid £2 for the can, which is a fairly generous 200ml in size.

        The product's size is even more generous when you consider that I am informed on the back of the can that there are "Over 40 Showers In Every Pack". Whilst I would not normally pay around the £2 mark for a basic, everyday shower gel product, the luxurious feel of the Foamburst, together with the amount of use I can obtain from one can, do make it a fairly economical product, in my opinion.

        The Oriental Calm Foamburst shower gel comes in a container that is quite unusual for a shower gel product; there is no plastic bottle, no flip up plastic cap and no see-through plastic to see the liquid shower gel product itself. Instead, the Foamburst is packaged in a metal tin, that looks to me like an anti-perspirant deodorant or something similar. There is a plastic lid at the top of the metal tin within which there is an indent which dispenses the product when pressed. Both the metal canister and the plastic lid are coloured in a pale pink shade, giving the product a very girly, feminine image overall. The addition of 'Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk' in the product's ingredients, together with the pretty floral images printed on the packaging only confirm this theory, and I have no doubt that this product is aimed at the feminine side of the market exclusively.

        For anyone who is unfamiliar with Foamburst products, the gel is much denser than other shower gel products, its consistency being more like a sort of thicker gelled 'paste' that foams easily - and extremely generously - upon contact with water. I find that the foaming quality of the Foamburst products is extremely easy to achieve and so a very small amount of the gel product needs to be used, making the tin of product last a long time and the claims to this effect that are on the packaging ring true.

        With a little of the pale pink gel on my flannel or sponge, the addition of water really makes the 'Foamburst' element of this product come into full force instantaneously. What transforms from the thick, gel-like paste is an absolute abundance of rich, creamy, luxuriously foamy lather. This makes the product seem very rich and luxurious when I am using it and it seems to be extremely soft and gentle, fluffy even, on my tired skin. The thick foamy lather has a nourishing quality to it, or at least that is how it feels to me when I am using it, and I do not find it at all drying or harsh to use on my sensitive skin.

        The fragrance of the Oriental Calm Foamburst is very pleasant but I found it to be quite understated. Starting off with a light floral scent, there is a beautifully sweet fruit-like undertone in the product that really comes to life once the gel has been allowed to develop into its rich lather. The fruity fragrance is not at all citrus or acidic, but is very subtle and reminds me of berries, carrying a light, summery scent within it that feels very pleasant to use. I found that the subtle nature of the product's scent made it seem quite appealing for a relaxing bath time experience, rather than being a product aimed at having a 'revitalising' quality to it, quite the opposite was true, and I felt the product was quite calming and soothing to use on my tired skin.

        The sweet floral scent lingers on my skin for some time after using the gel, and its richness can be detected in the bathroom for quite a while after using it too. Whilst the fragrance is not over-powering enough to overtake the fragrances within my other products such as my scented body spray and perfume, I did like how the Foamburst's fragrance didn't disappear straight away.

        As with all the products in the Imperial Leather Foamburst range that I have tried in the past, I have used the Oriental Calm version when shaving my legs. Thanks to the thick, gel-like consistency of the product, and the thick, creamy, foamy lather that it produces, I find that Foamburst produces a sufficient lather to allow my razor to glide over my wet skin. This has proven to be useful when I am going on a short trip away as it means I only need to take one product instead of packing a separate shower gel and shaving foam. I have had no experience of any irritation to my sensitive skin when I have used the product in this way.

        Overall, I would highly recommend the Oriental Calm Foamburst from the Imperial Leather brand and it is one version of the Foamburst shower gels that I have already repurchased. I find it's light, uplifting aroma is really suited to the springtime and it feels like quite an uplifting product to use. I also thought that this version of the product was of the usual high standard that I have come to expect from the Imperial Leather Foamburst range, and I would award it top marks as a result.

        There is a whole range of assorted scents within the Foamburst range of foaming shower gels which can be purchased from good drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug, as well as supermarkets such as Asda. You can expect to pay £2 - £3 for a can of gel, but I find that prices vary greatly and so it is often worth shopping around.

        Prices as @ April 2012 are:

        Boots - £3.15
        Asda - £2.00
        Tesco - £2.99


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