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Imperial Leather Soft Touch Moisturising Bath Cream

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3 Reviews
  • Everything really
  • its a great buy
  • Annoying lid
  • Not sure if its tested on animals
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    3 Reviews
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      25.08.2014 11:46
      Very helpful
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      • " its a great buy"
      • "Everything really"


      • "Not sure if its tested on animals"
      • "Annoying lid"

      I'm a soft touch for this!

      The one thing I find myself buying a lot of is bath products. I like a good old soak and i have to admit I am rather heavy handed on the products I use.

      For this reason I always try to go for branded products that are on offer or in a deal of some kind and this bath cream I found in my local Nisa store for just a pound.

      The Packaging:

      This product comes in a curvy shaped, tall plastic slightly frosted white bottle with a purple twist on/off cap to the top of it and on the front of it in mainly purple writing we are told that it is Cussons Imperial Leather 'Master Perfumers' Soft Touch Moisturising Bath Cream 'With Jojoba Milk & Vitamin E' and then on the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, the ingredients are listed , the size is stated which is 500ml (and the only size I have ever seen this available to purchase in) and contact details for the manufacturer are stated. The only thing I can't tell is if this is tested on animals. It doesn't say it isn't sadly and had I have thought for one second it was I would not of bought this to be honest with you.

      Using It:

      Using it is simple of course! Simply pop some of the thick white cream into the bath and just add water!

      This has a lovely, rather feminine scent to it and to me its floral with a really nice natural sweetness to it. Its creamy and not a harsh fragrance in my opinion. This give the water a nice froth to it which stays put over an hour (I tested this as I'm a lazy so and so!) and if you add more water whilst your in it it gives more froth and bubbles!

      This makes the water soft, not one bit greasy and it feels very gently moisturising whilst your in it. It gives my skin no hassle at all and is very skin friendly, even on the bottle it says its suitable for the whole family to use.

      Its said to contain triple moisturising ingredients and I have to say when I get out of the bath my skin is left looking clean and fresh, feels supple and moisturised and I'm left scented with this product for a good few hours.

      I'm never enthralled by Imperial Leather products as a rule but I rate this one very highly indeed and like everything about it....apart from the tricky shaped lid I struggled to get on and off but hey that's nothing to do with the bath cream so never mind! All in all its great, economical and I recommend it!

      Available from all good supermarkets etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        29.01.2013 00:17
        Very helpful



        Bath cream

        Imperial leather soft touch moisturising bath cream with jojoba milk and vitamin e

        I buy a lot of these imperial leather bath creams because they suit all of the family and seem to last us some time

        THE PROMISES...

        This promises to be Skin friendly pH with triple moisturising ingredients which is dermatologically tested and mild enough for the whole family. I can't vouch for many of the claims but can certainly vouch for e fact that good for the whole family.


        It contains jojoba milk and vitamin E. this is because Jojoba milk has been used for centuries as a natural moisturiser and Vitamin E is an antioxidant vital for healthy, happy skin.


        The bubble bath comes in a 500ml bottle with the information about the product on the back of the bottle and on the front a picture of a flower and the name of the product. The bottle is opened by twisting a rather large purple lid. It's isn't the easiest method of opening a bottle and its also quite tricky to close because I have to match the bottle and lid exactly before giving it one twist to close.

        The bubble bath itself is white and quite thick in consistency. This thickness means that it doesn't come out of the bottle over quickly which is just as well because the dispensing hole is large and if it was thin it would probably all come out at once. It has a pleasant and not overpowering smell which I can smell as soon as I open the bottle and which becomes more obvious when the product is poured under warm running water. It does make the bathroom smell nice and floral but although I can smell it on my skin immediately after bathing it doesn't linger too long which is good so it doesn't conflict with any other products I apply to my skin.


        The bubble bath should be poured under running water. Doing this immediately makes the bubble bath bubble, and it does produce a pleasing amount of bubbles which I like.


        The RRp is around the £1.50 mark but I frequently buy the product for £1 as it is usually on offer. It's available in supermarkets chemists and bargain stores so an easy one to
        Get hold of.

        I am currently using the jojoba milk and vitamin E version but it is available in several other smells but given that I generally like these products I usually buy whatever is on offer.


        this is a good value bubble bath product which is great for all the family and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised. When finished the bottle can be recycled so another plus point.

        Good value bath cream which I would recommend.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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        17.02.2012 13:41
        Very helpful
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        A nice bath product I would use again

        I have tried a few of the Imperial Leather products in the past and have always found them to be of good quality, as part of a Christmas present I received the Imperial Leather Soft Touch Moisturising Bath Cream with Jojoba Milk and Vitamin E, this was one product I hadn't tried was keen to see what it was going to be like, bath cream is basically like a bubble bath which is something I do enjoy from time to time, however its not something I always thing about buying for myself and often only use it when I receive it as a present, I hadn't actually had bubble bath for a while so it was a nice change to give it a try.

        The Bath Cream comes in a large clear curved plastic bottle which allows you to see the bath cream inside, it also has a chunky transparent dark purple lid which copies the shape of the bottle, this pulls on and off of the top of the bottle and I have to say can be a bit tricky to remove especially with wet hands, I have found that you need to twist it a little as you pull to remove it and it is best to have dry hands first as your hands will slip off of the lid. The bottle has a clear plastic label stick to the front of it, this has the red and gold Imperial Leather logo at the top of it and the name of the product towards the bottom "Soft Touch Moisturising Bath Cream with Jojoba Milk and vitamin E", this is written in purple to blend in with the theme of the product with the words "Moisturising Bath Cream" written within a silver rectangle, the rest of the label is taken up with a picture of 3 large purple flower heads/ buds made to look like they are dropping into the bath milk with little ripples coming from them. The rest of the product information is on the back of the bottle, there is a statement about the bath cream, along with the ingredients, cautions and a sentence about the different elements of the product, these are all written in dark purple so they stand out and are easy to read on the lighter background.

        The Bath Cream
        The two elements of the Imperial Leather Bath Cream are Jojoba Milk and Vitamin E, on the back of the bottle is a short statement about what each of these do, this includes
        * Jojoba Milk - This is classed as a natural moisturiser and will help to nourish and moisturise your skin
        * Vitamin E - This is an antioxidant to help maintain healthy happy skin
        What I particularly like about this Bath Cream is that it is demagogically tested and is mild, I have found in the past that if I use too much bubble bath it can irritate my skin, however this particular one is mild and gentle on your skin which makes it suitable for the whole family, so far I have had no problems with this irritating my skin at all. I was also interested to see how well it moisturised my skin as the back of the bottle states that it contains triple moistening ingredients, however I wasn't overly convinced that a bubble bath could actually moisturise my skin, the main thing was that it didn't leave it feeling tight and dry.

        The Imperial Leather Jojoba Milk and vitamin E Bath Cream is white in colour and inside the bottle does look like a thick milk, I was a little surprised about the consistency of this product, bubble bath style products I have used in the past are often of quite a thick consistency however this seemed a little runnier. When I first smelt this I instantly liked the fragrance, personally I have no idea what Jojoba Milk should smell like however this Bath Cream has quite a sweet fragrance to it, it is very slightly floral with a hint of what could be vanilla and musk combined. I actually have not idea what the individual fragrances in this are and there is no information about this on the packaging, however to me this has a definite sweet musk smell to it which is lovely, it is not what I would call refreshing but it is a relaxing fragrance.

        I used my Imperial Leather Bath Milk just as I would any other bubble bath style product and poured some into my bath under the running water and allowed it to lather up, I only needed a small amount to create a bath full of bubbles. Once lathered up you could still clearly smell the fragrance of the product with was quite strong yet not over the top. What I particularly like about this was that the bubbles lasted throughout my whole bath, I do not like it when you use a bubble bath type product and half way though your bath you realise the bubbles have totally disappeared, I like mine to remain to the end and with this product they certainly did. When I got out of the bath I could still detect the fragrance of the bath milk on my skin, this was quite light and delicate, however I was pleased about this as I didn't want it strong and over powering. The bath milk had left my skin feeling lovely and clean, whilst I wouldn't say it very overly moisturised my skin did not feel dry or tight and it certainly felt soft to touch so maybe it had moisturised it a little.

        The only caution on the back of the bottle is to avoid contact with the eyes and should this happen rinse well with clean water, this is common sense really, and personally I would add to that should a reaction occur when using this product stop use immediately. With it being gentle on your skin this is unlikely to happen and I personally have had no problems however everyone is different ad this may not suit everyone's skin type.

        Price and Availability
        As I have mentioned I didn't actually buy my bottle of Imperial Leather Bath Cream with Jojoba Milk and vitamin E myself, however I do know that this product is available in my local Tesco and the 500ml bottle costs £1.53, personally I feel this is good value for money as you do not need a massive amount of the bath milk at a time making it long lasting, I have used mine a few times and have only used a small amount out of the bottle. This is definitely worth the money in my opinion.

        My Opinion
        I would definitely recommend the Imperial Leather Bath Cream with Jojoba Milk and Vitamin E, this has a lovely fragrance and makes a bath very relaxing. It is reasonably priced and long lasting making it very economical. I particularly liked this product as it is ideal for the whole family, it is gentle on your skin and does not dry it out, it left my skin feeling clean and fresh as well as soft to touch. Overall I was very impressed with my Bath Cream and will definitely consider buying it in the future.


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