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J. Malki Dead Sea Bath Salts with Frankincense

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Brand: J. Malki Products / Salts with Frankincense oil and Rose petals / Type: Bath Salt

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2015 21:56
      Very helpful



      Quality ingredients

      I suffer from an anxiety disorder which means I'm often looking for different things to calm my body and mind. When I saw these in boots I thought I'd give them a go as they included frankincense oil which I know from my brief research into aromatherapy is noted for it's tension releasing properties.

      I paid £6.85 which I suppose is quite pricey for something to put in your bath but considering the quality of ingredients used I do think that this is good value.
      However, I tend to ask for this for presents for birthdays and Christmas, I do think of it as a special treat and it makes a great stocking filler or little gift for someone who would normally feel a bit guilty spending more than £1 on bubble bath!

      When it comes to actual bathing experience it's luxurious in terms of the smell and floating rose petals that come mixed in with the salts.

      Of course the downside of the petals is that you have to use the shower to rinse them all away afterwards but I think it's worth it for the pampering experience of bathing with roses.

      I don't think that I felt particularly more relaxed than if I'd had a bath in my usual brand of bubble bath labelled as having relaxing properties. But my skin does feel softer afterwards which isn't surprising given dead sea salts are definitely better for my skin than the long list of chemicals I usually find on bubble bath bottles.


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      15.02.2011 21:02
      Very helpful



      A great product I will buy again

      Alright so it's not a mountain, it's the Dead Sea.. still though, bringing the Dead Sea to you is an achievement in itself.

      I recently went to Canterbury and one of the best things to do there is shopping! So, during some retail therapy I ended up in Boots trying to spend some vouchers and came across these Dead Sea bath salts. I had never heard of the benefits of the dead sea before these but I was attracted by the rose petals and the fact that it's so natural without any harsh additives.

      Why All The Fuss About The Dead Sea?

      Either I have lived a very sheltered life or I won't be the only one who doesn't know the benefits the Dead Sea can provide. So (assuming it's the latter and not the former of those options!) the dead sea is the lowest natural water on earth and for centuries it has been known for it's health benefits. It is believed that it is the high concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea that provide these benefits. These minerals include sulphur, bromine, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, hydrogen and chlorine to name just a few! Apparently the Dead Sea has been known to cure many problems such as Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne. (Information taken from http://www.deadseabathcare.co.uk) I have my doubts about these supposed "cures" but who am I to question hundreds of years of beliefs?

      Since it is believed that it is the extra minerals in the sea that provides the health giving benefits, it is the minerals that make up the Dead Sea products.

      Who Are J. Malki?

      J. Malki is a family run business which has been creating Dead Sea products for 15 years. Their products are currently available exclusively in Boots, although J. Malki has a website to advertise their products and explain the benefits they do not sell their products from this site, instead they link you to Boots for you to purchase.

      They claim that they have taken the knowledge gained over the centuries and added this to science to create their products that mimic the health benefits provided by actually visiting the Dead Sea. None of their products contain any detergents or animal fats; instead they contain nothing but natural minerals, herbal oils and vegetable oils.


      I know this part doesn't interest everyone so feel free to skip it but I include it for those interested.

      The bath salts come in a clear plastic jar, through which you can see the salts inside and has a blue label stuck to the front, a dark blue lid and a white label stuck to the back.

      The label on the front has a picture of what I assume is supposed to be the Dead Sea. It is definitely a sea with rocks scattered through it. It tells me that they are Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense oil and rose petals and that it is a J. Malki product.

      The label on the back repeats the information about the bath salts and tells me that the Dead Sea has been a source of health and beauty since biblical times and that the minerals contained in it may benefit problem skin. It tells me that these minerals, combined with the rose petals and frankincense oil transforms my bath experience into an exceptional sensory experience. It also tells me that the addition of the frankincense oil is supposed to aid breathing and calm my mind, soothe tense muscles and rejuvenate my skin. Finally, it tells me that the jar contains 500ml.

      Using The Salts

      The directions say to put two handfuls under running water but I never bother measuring these things and so just put a relatively small amount under the water. I don't think it was quite as much as two handfuls but still plenty and we have a very large bath, it's one of those that you can easily lie back in without protruding knees or shoulders or other random body parts!

      Anyway.. on opening the jar the smell isn't noticeable unless you stick your nose practically into the salts but I assume the oils must be a part of the salts because as soon as they dissolved it was definitely noticeable giving a very strong scent, I left the door to the bathroom ajar as I came downstairs to get something and the scent was strong enough even to be smelt downstairs! This isn't a problem for me as fortunately my family like the scent but maybe something to be aware of - keep the door shut if not everyone in your house likes the smell of frankincense!

      As the water hit the rose petals they floated to the surface of the water giving a wonderful experience - both aesthetically and through the actual bathing experience. If you think bathing in rose petals is a luxury beyond your reach then think again!

      As I stepped into the bath water the first thing I noticed was how soft it was. We live in a very hard water area and although I have tried other bath salts none have ever quite got it as soft as this the rose petals floated around me and although some did stick to me this was very rare and easy to pick off if I wanted to. I usually add bubble bath but felt that this would ruin the effect of the petals and so skipped this this time but I don't feel it needed it, besides ruining the effect of the petals although I'm all for scented products the scent of the bath salts were more then strong enough to not need anything extra.

      I usually find I can't relax in the bath, I've tried the stress relief products and muscle relaxants and nothing quite does it for me. It's usually just a matter of getting in, shaving, washing my hair and getting out again; hardly the relaxing experience you hope a bath will be! However with this product I couldn't help but relax. It almost instantaneously relaxed both my body and mind and I enjoyed the simple experience of just laying back in the water surrounded by rose petals and the frankincense smell filling the room.

      When I did (finally!) step out the bath, none of the petals were stuck to either my skin or hair as I half expected them to be but all slid off me back into the bath meaning much less mess and easier clean up afterwards, always a bonus!

      On emptying the bath the smell also immediately disappeared from the room so I can only assume that it was in the water and seemed to fill the room, this didn't affect the actual experience of bathing but is actually a positive aspect to this in case someone you live with doesn't like the smell because Frankincense can be a scent people either like or don't.

      For those of you worried about the petals going down your drain this isn't a problem, they seem too big to actually go down the drain and therefore collect in and around the hole for you to fish out. Whilst this is a pain and will be going down as a negative point for this product it does mean that they don't block your plug hole which can only be a good thing. Noone wants to deal with a drain blocked with rose petals!

      The Range

      * Genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts - £3.36
      * Natural Sulphur Soap - £3.36
      * Natural Mineral Soap - £3.36
      * Black Mud Mask Soap - £3.36
      * Natural Mineral Shampoo - £8.16
      * Natural Mineral Conditioner - £8.16
      * Natural Mineral Shower Cream - £7.49
      * Natural Mineral Body Lotion - £7.66
      * Natural Mineral Facial Wash - £8.16
      * Natural Bath Salts With Frankincense and Rose Petals - £6.08
      * Natural Bath Salts With Jasmine and Rose Petals - £6.08
      * Dead Sea Body Scrub With Frankincense Oil - £7.14

      I know the prices seem steep, I'll admit that I was put off by these to start with as well but considering all these products are completely natural and free from detergents along with the other benefits they provide you really are paying for quality and I don't mind paying that little bit extra for something that really does work, helps my skin/hair and is good for me. This product does all that and I will be buying more of the bath salts and trying more of their products.

      All the products are only available from Boots but can be bought online as well as in store.

      Overall Experience

      I wish I discovered this product earlier! I highly enjoyed using these salts and can truthfully say I have never enjoyed a bath quite so much as when using these salts and considering at the end of the day all we are talking about are bath salts that really is an impressive claim.

      So, the claims the company make are:

      * Benefits problem skin.
      * Transforms my bath experience into an sensory experience.
      * Aids breathing
      * Calms my mind
      * Soothes tense muscles
      * Rejuvenates my skin

      I can honestly say that each and every one of these claims are accurate. Although I haven't had problem skin in the sense of eczema or psoriasis I do have very dry skin and acne on my face. I can't say that it's made a difference to my acne but then this is only on my face and I don't exactly make a habit of laying face down in my bath! It does however seem to have helped my dry skin. I also have mild asthma and although this doesn't usually affect my day to day life it does flare up when I'm in a hot bath and the air around me is very humid, this actually may be a reason I don't tend to relax in baths! However my breathing was a lot easier when I've used these bath salts, both during the bath and after getting out I didn't experience any problems with my breathing. In fact I completely forgot this even was a problem for me until I looked through the claims this product makes.

      It does however completely turn my bath into a sensory experience - I love being surrounded with the frankincense fragrance and the look and feel of the rose petals in the bath. It did completely relax me, both mentally and physically in a way that no other product has done.

      My skin after use did feel clean and refreshed and looked 'alive' I don't know how else to describe it! It was brighter and more toned then before use. The scent, although very subtle, did linger on me for the rest of the day.

      All in all a very good product, it looses a dooyoo star because of the petals being so awkward to get out the plug hole but otherwise an exceptional product.

      Contact Information


      Telephone: 020 8203 6643

      Fax: 020 8203 7185

      Dead Sea
      Freepost LON12116
      NW4 1YR

      There is also a form on their site to email them


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